Well i have finished my first ever knitting project and am quite pleased with my scarf though i say it myself

Next is the matching hat.


bob said...

Nice scarf . I enjoyed reading your previous post it's fascinating how your your younger years have shaped your older years and that is true for me too .
My mistress is looking to lock me up 24/7 and I noticed you have a jailbird how have you got on with it? We have been looking at the Queens Keep. Up to now I have been locked away for 2 weeks longest in a cb3000 so this is going to be a real step up . I am just waiting for the sizing rings to arrive ;-)

Happy pet said...

Hi Bob, many thanks. It's actually full of errors but was my first attempt at something proper so still quite chuffed. Owner has given me a new pattern for a scarf She wants so that will now be my next project.

Yes i have had the Jailbird now for just over a year. We'd struggled to find something that was a s good as we had found the CB300 to be but which was metal and created a less visible protrusion and yest allowed me to wear on a full-time basis night and day. i have to say we're both really pleased with it.

As you can probably tell the Jailbird i wear is one of the smallest size ones they do. Despite this i find it comfortable to wear. It does sometimes wake me up at night when i have a morning attempted erection (which obviously is not possible). It used to wake me up quite a bit this way but i became more used to it over time and, anyway, part of the reason for getting the small size was to ensure erections were prevented - i found the CB series still allowed an erection - albeit stretching and pulling your testicles in the process. The Jailbird doesn't do that.

The Jailbird has none of the issues plastic devices regarding cleaning and developing an odour over time. Mine is normally removed after about a month to shave the areas i cannot access and give the device a thorough disinfectant. However, the rest of the time soap and a nail brush is perfectly adequate.

i can comfortably wear my Jailbird even under skinny jeans and have no problem exercising etc in it. Being metal it obviously will trigger any airport-style body scanners so just be alert to this.

i found the ordering process to be easy though as each is custom made to the measurements you provide it takes a while to be made. After i ordered mine it arrived about 7 weeks later.

In short, yes good device and though not cheap is worth is worth the investment as cheaper devices will ultimately let you down. My only advice would be after measuring err on the smaller size - but that is just me!

By the way, is that 24/7 permanent? i wear mine 24/7 but normally for no longer than 2 months at a stretch. i would like to have that period extended further but that is obviously for Owner to determine.

Let me know how you get on.


bob said...

Thank you for the reply poppet everything I have read about Mature Metal devices have said the same as what you just said, you get what you pay for and they are well worth the extra money .
No it wont be literally 24/7 Mistress likes to feel me inside her at least once a month. Thanks again for the advice I shall keep you informed :-)

Mistress Marie said...

You did a wonderful job...just wait till you make more accessories and even gifts for your owner...so many possibilities...could even sell them.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie.