It has been a very busy fortnight for both Owner and i. Owner has been continuing Her course studies, preparing for Her final exam and also attending job interviews. Meanwhile, i have completed two additional courses and graduated with diplomas in Indian Head Massage and Manicures and Pedicures from the Beauty Academy. Both of these courses were great fun and quite intensive. On each there were between 4 and 6 students and a tutor and there was lots of practical as well as theory work. As students we all got to practice on each other. On both courses all of the other students were female. i was a little nervous at first but i needn't have been and not an eyelid was batted at the fact that i was wearing my collar, make-up etc nor that my toe nails were painted pink or that i was wearing a slip under my blouse (which became obvious when we all had to remove bare our shoulders during the massage practical).

It really was great fun and it has really sparked my interest in potentially doing a full qualification in beauty therapy - something which some of the other students also encouraged and which a number of them were working towards themselves. Owner and i have discussed the idea as well as which other courses She would like me to complete next to help me become a better and more useful wife. There is one in particular which She is enthusiastic that i complete, namely a one day introduction to sewing course (including using and setting up a machine). She has also highlighted some flower arranging courses that are available. However, Owner has suggested i wait a month or two before commencing a new course.

Meanwhile, my Spanish studies are coming along and this evening i passed an online Spanish course i have been doing. Owners desire that i be equipped with a full range of skills befitting my role as Her wife, appear, so far, to be progressing relatively well. i am now getting ready for the start of Owners formal assessment of my development over the past few months of Her second phase of Her development plan for me - Her 'Plin, Plan, Plon'. Owners assessment of my performance will dictate whether or not She regards me as having reached a sufficient standard to progress onto the next stage of my development. To that end, Owner requested ideas from me for areas/activities etc that i thought could be incorporated into my future development i.e. ideas for how i thought i could be further trained. Depending on whether i am judged to have passed this stage of my development Owner may choose to incorporate some of these ideas, or equally ignore them completely, or adapt them etc, etc. To be clear She is firmly in charge but likes to sometimes request ideas or suggestions from me for Her to consider. It is quite fun to be asked to occasionally be asked to be the potential author of your own development/training and also reduces the burden on Owner - after all the purpose is ultimately to make Her life more relaxed and stress free and to serve Her, not place demands on Her.

Owner will be conducting my performance review next month (March) and i'll up date with the outcome as soon as i find out.


Mistress Marie said...

I enjoy getting David's input too for his development and rules. I just revised his rules and rituals in fact and I included some of his ideas as well as many of my own. I am sure your owner is enjoying the benefits of your training.

I am so happy for you that you are so well accepted places where you live for just being yourself. That must feel so good :)

MistressAmor said...
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Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie and yes it is. What i have realised is that people are, on the whole, remarkably accepting.


p.s. i hadn't realised Owner had been logged into my laptop so when i first replied it appeared as Her, hence deleting the above.