i am currently about mid-way through the current stage of the development programme (Plin, Plan Plon II) Owner has created for me to develop me into Her ideal wife. Today i submitted my regular monthly self assessment to Owner and was delighted to receive the following comments back from Her on the evaluation form;

'Pet continues to do well, he is doing better than he thinks...He is now much better at working without supervision and has become much more proactive.'

i was really thrilled to receive such feedback from Owner. This past month has been a busy one for us both, Owner has been studying hard for Her latest professional qualification and is also in the midst of trying to find a new job whilst continuing to work full-time at Her current workplace. In the meantime, i have been busy learning new skills. The knitting course i enrolled on has now ended but i am continuing to practice. Owner and i are going to Canada towards the end of March so i am trying to knit some pretty warm scarves to take with us and keep us warm.

Yesterday i also completed a one day introduction to reflexology course. i really enjoyed the course. With Owners permission i had removed my toenail polish the night before as i knew we would be practising and i wasn't sure how the rest of the students might react to me turning up with my bright pink toenails. i was, however, wearing make-up and my collar etc.There were 13 women and me on the course and i needn't have bothered taking off my nail polish as during our first practice session the student i was working with took one look at my feet and said.'you've been wearing some bright nail varnish haven't you?' - it turns out i hadn't got rid of all the varnish the night before. She also complimented me on my nice 'necklace'. In hindsight, i think i'd have been fine with my bright pink nails! Anyway, the course was great fun and Owner is looking forward to me practicising my newly acquired reflexology skills on Her later this evening.

Later this month i have my Indian head massage course and then my manicure and pedicure course. i am really grateful to Owner for encouraging and motivating me to study in order to become the wife She deserves. Combined with my Spanish studies and my usual household chores and duties it is keeping me busy, happy and contented.