This morning after breakfast Owner took me back to bed whereupon She stripped me and began to softly caress my pussy and titties. Of course, no sooner did She start doing this than my little locked clitty began to pulse and throb in response to Her touch. Owner then permitted me to suckle briefly on Her wonderful breasts, which only served to increase my desire and excitement still further.

However, Owner had no intention of permitting me to enjoy Her body for long. Instead, She pushed me away and gagged me with Her dildo gag, advising me as She did so that She wanted me sucking cock. Then She retrieved Her vibrator from Her bedside drawer and informed me that as i was Her sex toy i should become adept at using Her vibrators for Her pleasure and focus my efforts exclusively on Her enjoyment. With that She handed the device to me with an instruction to bring Her pleasure. For the following 15-20 minutes i performed my task of  sex toy holder/manipulator. Owner lay with on Her side with Her legs parted and i manipulated the vibrator and responded to Her verbal instructions, adjusting the vibrators speed and intensity when She wanted it changing, re-positioning it, pushing it more firmly against Her sex and so forth. All the while i lay curled behind Her, mouth gagged and sucking on cock, clitty throbbing helplessly in its cage, its tip moist and glistening slightly in helpless, happy arousal.

Later, when Owner was lying spent by my side and my head rested on Her shoulder She said that She realised that too many of our sex toy collection had been purchased with my own enjoyment in mind and that that had to end. Owner rightly stated that as Her wife my duty was to focus solely on ensuring Her sexual desires were satisfied and that our toy collection should reflect that. To that end Owner has set me the following task to be completed by the end of the month.

i am to present Owner with a detailed written report which itemises each of our current sex toys. Each toy should have a detailed description of its potential uses together with an analysis of how and whether it can be used to provide Owner pleasure. Toys which offer no potential pleasure or service for Owner are to be identified and recommended for disposal in the report. Equally, i am to ensure that i  include a full assessment of how i could better use each remaining toy in order to maximise Owners pleasure/enjoyment. i am also to  practice using the toys more so i am fully familiar with their function i.e. so i can still use/change settings etc even if blindfolded for example. Last, as well as recommending toys for disposal (i.e. those which i would be the only beneficiary of their use) the report is also to contain recommendations for any additional toys that could be purchased which might add a new pleasurable/useful dimension for Owner. In other words, toys which might fill any existing pleasure gaps for Her in our toy collection.

In short, Owner reinforced the fact that my sexual role is simply one of ensuring Her pleasure and sexual satisfaction. As such our sex toy collection should fully reflect that. She is, of course, quite right.


Mistress Marie said...

This is a great idea...

Does indirect pleasure count, if it brings her indirect pleasure through your suffering or such?

Happy pet said...

Mistress Marie - that's a very good question. i checked with Owner this morning and She advised that, yes it does include in-direct pleasure. However, She made it clear that She will be the judge of whether that is genuinely likely to be the case or not.