Just like the expression 'you spend ages waiting for a bus and then three come along together' so it has been for Owner and i this week. In short, there are three pieces of good news to impart. First, Owner passed the course She has been studying so hard for with an impressive score of 89% - She really is damn good! Second, She has received a firm job offer from another company and still has other companies interested in Her. Career wise things are really starting to look up for Her again.

Last, i passed the latest stage of Owners Plin Plan Plon training and development programme and even have this amazing certificate from Her to prove it!

Owner even gave a detailed breakdown of my performance scores against each of the main criteria of the Plan.

Needless to say i am thrilled. First and foremost i am so happy for Owner at Her passing Her course with such flying colours and securing a new job offer too. She has put a huge amount of time and effort into both enterprises and i am so proud of Her and what She has achieved. Studying and applying for jobs whilst also still working full time is not an easy task but She has pulled it off with aplomb

Second, i am really chuffed at being judged to have passed the latest phase of my development. After the punishments i received recently (see previous post) for my slip ups i wasn't sure i would make it but am delighted to have been judged to have passed by Owner. i will shortly receive the next Phase of Owners development plan and will post the details here when known to me. As has been the case with this latest phase i will be expected to continue to perform the development goals/activities to the required standard from this and the previous plan periods (Plin Plan Plon phases 1& 2) and also add on the additional development goals/activities set out in the next phase - whatever they may be. i can't wait to find out.

Life for us both truly is sweet!