Owner and i have just returned from our all too brief visit to Montreal. Although our visit had been cut short by 24hours for a family funeral we still managed to pack-in visits to the Old Town, The Village, Quartier Latin, the Underground City, the Place des Arts and Mont Royal. In short, we had a busy but highly enjoyable time - even getting a chance to see 'Songs of the Wanderers' by Taiwan's Cloudgate Theatre Company - which was superb.

Owner unlocked my clitty for the duration of our visit, and She had fun masturbating me and encouraging me to cum 'like a whore' for Her - which i did, loudly and copiously - after She had first taken Her pleasure with Her vibrator. Indeed, on one occasion Owner placed Her vibrator up against the base of my clitty and then just held it there until i begged Her for permission to cum. i made quite a mess of the sheets when She granted permission and i again groaned and heaved as i came. It was a wonderful treat to receive!

Owner also had me model the Kimono She requested that i order to replace my last dressing gown. You can see what it looks like below;

Tomorrow the next phase of my development starts in earnest with the commencement of Plin, Plan, Plon phase 3. i really do need to start to get my act back in gear because with the funeral, other work and family related events that have been going on and our trip to Montreal i have become in danger of becoming somewhat unfocussed, which is not something that either of us want. i need to knuckle down and focus on Owners needs and my own development again.

In the meantime, i'll leave you with some images from our little trip to Montreal.

Some of Montreal's great street art

Inside the Place des Arts

Cross on Mont Royal

Mont Royal
me having fun in the snow
Oh, and we also came across these - which looked fun and i would love to have been able to try them all!


Mistress Marie said...

Looks like you had a lovely trip.

I am sure now that you are home and things are settled you will be able to get right back in the swing of things :)

That was sweet of Owner to unlock you and give you some orgasms, how many times did you cum while away?

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie, indeed it was good of Owner, i was very lucky. In total i was permitted to cum twice whilst away and once just after our return.