As a birthday/new job present for Owner i booked the two of us in at the lovely Apex Temple Court hotel this weekend. We both had a wonderfully relaxing time which included Owner giving me a wonderful spanking on my derriere with our hairbrush.

After She had warmed my bottom up Owner then rolled me over and positioned Her vibrator at the base of my unlocked clitty and then proceeded to spank my clitty too with the hairbrush and Her hand. It wasn't long before my hips were bucking and shuddering and i was begging to be permitted to cum as Owner spanked away at my 'bits' whilst the vibrator buzzed away against my swollen unlocked clitty. Owner granted me permission and began to rain down heavier blows against my wonderfully pummelled clitty. As She did this my legs locked straight, my knuckles whitened as they gripped the bed sheets by my side and my whole body stiffened and then spasmed and shuddered as my well and truly spanked monkey squirted across my belly. It really was a wonderful orgasm.

You'll be pleased to know, however, that immediately after Owner pronounced that i had enjoyed far too much fun and freedom this past week and that i was to lock myself back up as soon as we go home, which i have now duly done.


Mistress Marie said...

Wow your owner has been very generous to you. I am sure you loved all the cumming, but will also he happy to get back to chastity too.

I must say, I had no idea you have such a sexy, curvy ass. Very nice ans slutty and sexy. I enjoyed.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie and for your nice comment (blush).