Owner arrived safely back home on Friday after Her extended stay with Her family. It was wonderful to have Her back and i am pleased to say that, although we were apart, i kept up with my duties and studies whilst She was away. As mentioned in my last blog also Owner ensured that, although we were apart for a few days i was kept fully occupied by completing some additional activities and learning whilst She was away. The first of these was the jewellery workshop i attended one evening.

The second task set by Owner was also very interesting and has provided us with a number of ideas to help my continued development as Her wife. Owner told me to study a very interesting blog whilst we were apart about a woman in Toronto who documents Her attempts to live as a 1950s housewife with Her partner for two weeks. The blog can be found here and makes for a very interesting read. Owner requested that i read the blog in Her absence and then email a 1250 response to Owner documenting what i had learnt from the other woman's experience about life as a housewife in the 1950s and what ideas these had prompted that could be incorporated into our relationship and my service to Her as Her wife. i will post in more detail in future about this but needless to say Owner was delighted by my suggestions and has told me to start implementing some of them now.

Then over the weekend Owner treated me to a an overnight stay at the Morton Hotel just off Russel Square in London that we had never stayed in before but would highly recommend based on our own experience. i had bought us tickets to go to see the new Vikings Exhibition at the British Museum today and the hotel is just around the corner. Owner and i spent the evening in a local pub gossipping about the clientele   (our favourite activity) - though to be honest as the only male there who was wearing full makeup, dark nail polish and a pretty cardigan with a t-shirt with jeans, i suspect i was probably also the subject of gossip too!

This morning proved a real treat though. After breakfast Owner and i returned to our room where She promptly bound my wrists and then secured me to the bed before paddling me and then flogging my bits dangling from my chastised clitty. i confess that i absolutely adore being spanked and flogged on my testicles and Owner really gave them a good working over before She then pulled down Her own knickers and positioned Her backside just in front of my face for me to lick Her wonderful arse as She used Her vibrator to against Her clitty. i was in heaven as Owner buried my face in Her bottom and rode my tongue and vibrator to a powerful orgasm, whilst i remained securely bound and in chastity.I was a wonderful pleasure and treat to have an opportunity to taste and inhale Owner whilst my bits still throbbed from their flogging. Indeed, so arousing was the experience that i am still aching with pleasure now, many, many hours later! Here are a couple of pictures Owner took of me just before She rode my face.

the paddle Owner used

the impact of this flogger on my 'bits' was amazing
Flogging and paddling over Owner had me pose for Her. The hotel is themed on the art of the Bloomsbury set and Owner sought to take a few suitable shots of me posing with some of the prints etc in the room. As you can see the room was beautifully decorated.

Posing completed it was time to check out and head off to the Museum and the exhibition which was packed but very interesting.

It really has been a wonderful weekend and it is great to have Owner back. Incidentally, She starts Her new job tomorrow so wish Her well.


Mistress Marie said...

I am glad you two are reunited and making up for lost time with a night away. Its nice you guys get out and do so much traveling and staying in new places. Very sexy pictures too.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Mistress Marie and, yes we do love hotels and new places!