i am still awaiting Owner response to my misdemeanours last weekend. However, in the meantime Owner instructed that i share with you these photos that i took yesterday . Earlier this year, whilst Owner was in the midst of Her (successful) search for a new job, i mentioned to Her how i would love to one day be Her secretary. At the time, although i was being serious, i thought Owner had dismissed it as just another 'interesting yet impractical' idea from Her wife (me).

i did not mean that i felt i could immediately become Her secretary. However, i did believe that as Her career blossomed whilst mine flatlined, and my focus was increasingly away from work and on my own development and growth as Her housewife - something i was revelling in - that there could be a time one day in the future when i could devote efforts towards the furtherance of Owners career and life goals. It would actually make me extremely happy and fulfilled to one day be in a position to devote all aspects of my life to Owner and no longer have any outside work distractions getting in my way of serving Her and helping Her fulfil Her ambitions and aspirations.

Anyway, the more i thought about the more feasible the idea seemed. Not immediately but maybe in the years ahead we might be in a position where i could  take the voluntary redundancy perennially being offered to people where i work whilst at the same time Owner may have accrued enough experience and contacts to strike out on Her own as boss of Her own business. As Her wife my role could then become both that of housewife and secretary.

Since first mentioning it to Her the idea of my one day becoming Her secretary has since been mentioned on a number of occasions by both of us, and not as something totally impossible but rather as a 'wouldn't it be nice if...' type scenario. As an idea it has been set free and embraced by us both as something appealing and maybe something to aim towards longer term. i may be being ridiculous here but i always fantasised about having a relationship as wonderful as that with Owner and of being taken by Her as Her wife. However, before i met Her i never thought such a relationship would ever be possible - but that is exactly what happened. So, never say never...maybe one day i will indeed be instructed to come into Owners office and take some notes.  i would certainly love to live full time as Owners housewife and Her secretary too.

Anyway, yesterday i did a little photo shoot for Owner with me dressed-up as Her (currently just fantasy but who knows in the future?) secretary. You can see the photos below. Oh and by the way, the glasses are new and are mine - i apparently have become short-sighted - but i think they are rather cute

and of course secretaries should be kept locked up!