Owner and i have recently introduced some changes to my routine and how i spend my time which we hope will further increase my productivity and output for Her and, in turn, enhance my development as Her ideal wife. The changes are quite simple but we both feel they could have a very beneficial effect. 

To explain, my average weekday is characterised thus. We get up, i do my exercises then make Owners breakfast, prepare Her lunch, pack Her work bag, clean in the bathroom then see Her off to work (if She is working early that day i will accompany Her to the station and carry Her bag for Her). Then i get ready and start work – i work from home most days now. At the end of the day i then meet Owner at the station and carry Her bag home, prepare and make dinner, wash-up, clean in the flat, study etc and then prepare things for bed. In short, my evenings can be quite time pressured and i noticed that i was not always spending the time or paying the attention to Owner that i ought to be. i was focused on my chores and tasks but, as a result neglecting Her. 

Added to this, i also would dip in and out of the Internet a lot of the time. We have tried in the past to reduce the time i spend distracted on-line and, whereas i have got better than i once was, i still spend a lot of time quickly checking things because my laptop is generally always on. Like in a bar with a TV playing (a pet hate of mine as a result) i find it very difficult not to get drawn to the little flickering screen to the detriment of what and who is around me.
Accordingly, as of now we have implemented some changes that we hope will address these issues and also enable me to take on more activities and duties. The first change is a simple one. As i work mostly from home there is  no reason why i should be leaving most of my cleaning duties to the evening when my time is tight. Instead, i could do them during the window of time between when Owner leaves for work or i start working. Equally, i can dust/clean etc during teleconferences (of which i have a lot!) or during my lunch break. That way i am in less of a rush to get things done in the evening and can spend more physical time with Owner or be available for other tasks She may require.  

Secondly, apart from to access my Spanish learning materials, to play an exercise video on Youtube or to undertake any specific research Owner requests, my laptop now gets switched off and packed away at the same time as i go and collect Owner from the train station. This ensures i have no social or other media distractions during the evening and can instead focus my energies and time into other, more productive activities,  activities more becoming of a wife, such as knitting, massage etc. The plan is also that at weekends i will pack my laptop away after lunch each day. It is early days but i am quite excited about these new ways of organising my time and use of resources (laptop) and i feel that it could help further improve my productivity and development as Owners wife.