i am continuing to try to build my butt so that it is bigger and firmer for Owner to enjoy. Owner likes the idea of my having a good sized bubble butt that She can play with whilst i hope to develop a backside that looks big and inviting for Her in a pair of tight jeans or a skirt.

i mentioned in a previous post that i had researched and developed a regular exercise routine based  on some great exercise videos and advice available on Youtube. Well, i have now started increasing the intensity of some of these routines every couple of days, for example some days doing 300 squats and 75 repetitions of some of the moves instead of 50, and have also started adding weights as well to help build muscle. It remains early days still but Owner seems pleased with how my butt is developing, you can judge for yourself below


i hope over time to develop broader thighs and hips and a big firm and full backside. i am also doing core
and abbs exercises to try and take some of the weight off my waist (which Owner highlighted a while back had grown too fat). i hope that a narrower waist combined with a bigger butt will look pretty and feminine.

Meanwhile, in amongst exercising and completing my expected household etc duties i have also been watching some of the World Cup with Owner - who is much more knowledgeable about the game than i. Now that the matches are entering the knock-out stages Owner is re-introducing our football world cup challenge game - essentially where the outcome of a game determines whether or not i will have to select a random challenge to complete. To get into the spirit of things Owner tasked me with selecting a challenge when England got eliminated from the pre-stages of the competition, i was to crawl on all fours in our local park and fellate a dildo at Her feet. You can see me completing my challenge below

i can't wait for the knock-out stages to begin in earnest and to see what challenges i end up having to complete. This last one was quite straight forward, i suspect some of the others may well be a lot less so!