Owner treated me to a wonderful feast this morning. After i had served Her breakfast She instructed me to return back to bed and wait for Her there. When Owner climbed into the bed beside me She immediately started caressing and teasing my titties and derriere before stripping me out of my nightie.

'i want to sit on your face' She suddenly announced.

This, of course, was music to my ears as i adore nothing more than the opportunity of licking Her anus. Owner took out Her favourite vibrator from the bedside cabinet and then squatted down astride my face so that Her delicious backside was positioned just a few centimetres from my mouth. As She brought Her vibrator into position between Her thighs i craned forward and began to eagerly lick and lap Her backside with my tongue. Soon She was pushing down with Her hips whilst i grasped Her thighs and buried myself in Her place of joy and wonder.

i was not in chastity and Owner began to slap and toy with my clitty as my tongue searched and probed inside Her anus, all the while Her vibrator buzzed happily against Her sex. As Owners orgasm approached She fully buried my face in Her lovely behind as my tongue feverishly explored inside Her and Her scent engulfed me. Then as She came She did a truly wonderful thing. i was not in chastity (at Her request) and She applied the vibrator to the tip of my free and exciteable clitty. i pleaded to be allowed to cum which She agreed to ensuring that it wasn't long before copious quantities of cum leaked out of me and poured across my belly. i scooped up handfulls and eagerly swallowed like a good slut but still some of it ran down my belly and onto the bed sheets. It really was a heavenly way to start the day.

Fun over Owner has instructed me to go back to chastity. i really am a very lucky slut indeed to have such a wonderful Owner.