Yesterday Owner and i spent an enjoyable few hours at the Victoria & Albert Museums The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 exhibition which is open until the end of this month. It was a really enjoyable exhibition with some wonderful examples of couture - it's just a pity there wasn't an opportunity for a bit of audience participation, how i would have loved to have donned an outfit and strutted my stuff down a catwalk! That omission aside :) it is a good exhibition to go and see if you like pretty clothes.

After we came out of the exhibition it was time for me to complete one of the challenges i have accrued during the current World Cup. This one was caused by Germany beating Algeria (who incidentally put up a great challenge) earlier on this week and required that i was to hold-up a sign bearing the legend 'WHORE' in public. Well, here i am next to one of the Sphinx's adjacent to Cleopatra's needle on the Thames Embankment - and of course it is i who is the whore not the legendary Queen!

Incidentally, the blouse i am wearing is the one Owner had me try on in The Gap (as mentioned in an earlier post). i really love it - especially as it is a little bit see-thru.

Costa Rica getting knocked out by the Dutch last night also resulted in a further World Cup challenge for me to complete, namely to be gagged - which i look forward to completing.