As i alluded to in my last post the works being done in our flat had a negative impact upon my development over this summer. i have been on a development programme devised by Owner since becoming Her wife and i am currently on level three of that programme. That phase of the programme began back in April (when i was adjudged by Her to have successfully graduated from level 2) and ran until the start of this August - when i was expected to have either demonstrated how i had completed this next stage of my development or be judged to have been a failure. Progression onto level four of my development programme cannot occur until i have successfully completed level three and maintained the delivery of levels one and two.

Whilst i had maintained my core domestic activities and duties i knew that, in terms of some of the specific development goals i had been set for this phase - for example, completing a facial course (to compliment the massage, manicure etc courses i completed earlier in the year), extend my Spanish knowledge further and sit a course, and make some soft furnishings etc for the flat had all not happened. Some of that was down to the distraction of the work that took place in the flat over the summer, but not all. i would have to wait to see how Owner would react to this failure on my part.

Well Owner has been exceedingly generous and forgiving and has graciously extended the period of the current phase of my development until the start of November to allow me time to still catch-up and implement the training i should have completed over the summer. i am extremely grateful to Her for giving me this extra opportunity to prove myself and have already made good use of some of this extra time by registering for two new courses. At the start of October i will be undertaking a one day facial beauty course (which again is accredited and so could count towards a beauty qualification alongside the massage and manicure/pedicure courses i did earlier this year) and i have also registered for a introduction to embroidery series of evening workshops - again starting in October. This latter will compliment the knitting classes and knowledge i acquired earlier this year and is being run by the same local venue. i am really thrilled at the prospect of doing some new courses and extremely grateful to Owner for having given me an 'extension' to prove myself capable of delivering the learning and development expected of me under this third phase of Her 'Plin, Plan,Plon' development programme for me to become Her perfect wife.