Owner and i had a wonderful bank holiday weekend break in Copenhagen and Malmö. Both are wonderful cities which are very easy to explore on-foot and, being only a 30 minute train ride apart are both easy to visit when staying in either one or the other (Copenhagen airport is equidistant between the two by train). Both cities have some beautiful old and modern architecture and fantastic waterfronts and canals, Malmö even has a beach. We spent most of the time walking around or pausing in cafes, restaurants and bars for some refreshments - i particularly enjoyed the danish pastries! We both love Scandinavia anyway but this was our first visit two these two particular cities, i suspect we will be going back. Anyway, here are a few pictures from our weekend;




Malmö beach


And the following are some pictures of me out and about in both cities

Windy day on the beach at Malmö

Permitted to have a beer
There was one amusing incident at the end of our holiday. Our plane had landed back at Heathrow and all the passengers were getting up and removing the luggage from the overhead lockers when a little girl who had been sitting in a seat in the opposite aisle stared long and hard at me and then enquired 'Are you a boy or a girl?'. On hearing her daughter's question her mum turned scarlet and quickly told her daughter to be quiet which was a shame as it was a reasonable question. However, it did make my day and made me smile, especially as it was the end of a long day and i was certainly not looking my best!

Meanwhile, back to my training and development. Things seem to now be back on course and now that the works to our flat have been completed Owner seems to be happier with how i am progressing and is pleased to see me enrol on additional courses, including registering to sit a formal Spanish exam later this year. Owner has also identified a potentially useful new tool to help with my development and Her monitoring of my progress. The new tool is called Trello and is an on-line tool that enables people to set and view and share tasks between themselves and monitor the progress being made. i currently fill in and complete a series of spreadsheets for Owner where i record my daily activities and progress in completing tasks She has set for me. Owner reviews these regularly. However, Trello offers the opportunity to develop a live on-line tracker which Owner can dip into and out of at Her leisure, set tasks etc when She chooses. She has indicated that if i am successful at completing this stage of my development She will move to using Trello for he next stage so we will hopefully have an opportunity to test out how useful a tool it is.

Last, and i know this seems incredibly narcissistic and probably is but i just wanted to update on how i am getting on with developing my butt. As i reported a while back i began an exercise regime designed to try and develop and enhance my glutes to give me a shapelier and more rounded butt. i did a lot of research on Youtube to identify some routines to do and since then have progressively incorporated weights into my exercises. All of my exercise is done at home rather than at a gymn but i have become quite religious about ensuring i complete them. In addition to my daily 10 minute stretches routine i now do between an hour and an hour and a half of focused glute work using  ankle weight and dumbbells about 3 to 4 days a week. Using weights are important to help build muscle and add bulk, but whereas guys tend to focus their efforts on their upper body i have no interest in building that up, i just want o develop a bigger, more attractive and more fuckable butt.

Owner has expressed Her delight at my developing 'pillows' and i have really started to notice that my jeans are now tighter and snugger around my butt and that it has started to take on a more rounded and firmer shape. My ambition is to develop wider hips and a big, round, butt. Of course, ultimately your anatomy determines what shape you can/will develop so i will just have to see how mine develops but i am very happy with my progress so far. You can see how my butt currently looks in the photo below

Incidentally, i was thinking of maybe making a workout video, would anyone find that of interest?


Amber Wolfe said...

Sounds wonderful. I've never had a chance to travel out of the states, I so hope to do so one day,though. :) Love the pictures! :)


Happy pet said...

Hi brat - i hope you get to travel out of the states one day, meanwhile i'd love to travel around the states a bit more too. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hon, did you ever make a workout video? Nice job... your butt (er, pillows!) look great!
sara elise