After recent weekends which have been spent travelling or dealing with work being done on our flat is was wonderful to have a weekend with Owner of just doing as much or as little as we wanted and just enjoying each others company.

Saturday morning started in fine style with Owner inviting me back to bed after breakfast where She proceeded to caress me, pull and twist my nipple and spank my clitty before applying Her vibrator to Her sex and having me lick and prove Her arse as She brought Herself to a happy and shuddering orgasm. i was in heaven as She toyed with and spanked my clitty hard (i have been out of chastity since our trip to Copenhagen) and rubbed Herself against my swollen clitty but left me deliciously and deliriously denied. As we snuggled i begged Her to be left in this state of denial until at least Christmas. Of course, the decision as to whether or no i will be prevented from or permitted to orgasm is Hers and Hers alone but i have to confess to adoring the feeling of  frustrated arousal. i love watching and listening to Her cum, playing my part in bringing Her pleasure and satisfaction, being told to lick Her arse (one of my all time favourite acts to perform) whilst all the while aching and throbbing but being kept denied myself. To me sex really doesn't get any better than that.

Anyway, where was i? Oh yes, the rest of Saturday was spent with me catching-up on some overdue tasks about the flat, doing a further edit to a short story i submitted for publication via (apparently a fully naked cover image isn't appropriate :) for an 'adult' short-story) and then watching TV together in the evening.

Sunday started equally brightly. As i was washing up from breakfast Owner grabbed the paddle that hangs near to the sink for just this reason and began to paddle my naked buttocks as i cleaned and scrubbed the dishes. Owner then reached underneath me o start paddling my exposed 'bits'. This evoked happy muffled groans and grunts of delight from your s truly (i always wear a ball gag when washing up - hence the muffled sounds). i spread my thighs as wide as i could  as Owner paddled my testes hard before hanging the paddle back on its hook next to the sink and leaving me to dry and put away the dishes and enjoy the hot throbbing between my legs.

Next i cleaned and dusted the lounge, albeit this time i did so with my clitty adorned with builders clamps and weighted table cloth weights. By the time i had finished and the clamps were removed my clitty had acquired a bright shade of hot pink and was marked by a series of 'teeth' imprints from the serrated plastic clamps. Combined with the earlier paddling ensured that my clitty remained wonderfully 'hot flushed' and sensitive for the rest of the day.

The afternoon saw us both walking to Greenwich where we looked (unsuccessfully) to try and find some beads and other charms etc for me to turn into jewellery. i have ordered a load of basics from Etsy and now need to start producing some actual items with a view to potentially opening a shop on Etsy to sell them through. Then we headed to the cinema where Owner had bought tickets for us to watch a thoroughly enjoyable Danish noir thriller called 'The Keeper of Lost Causes'. Being a trip to the cinema mean that, of course, i was expected to change into a skirt to watch the movie. Here's a picture of me waiting for us to be able to go into the screening

not the prettiest of legs and not sure the socks and flats were a good idea
and inside waiting for the movie to start - and yes a few more people did arrive before the film started!
After the movie ended i headed back to the toilets to get changed back into jeans for the journey home. Unusually, all the cubicles in the gent were bust so i had to wait for a while until one become free, all the time getting some curious looks from guys at the urinals!

When Owner and i got home the remainder of the evening was spent with me doing some more cleaning whilst Owner listed to the football on the internet and then i did some Spanish studies before we both retired to bed.

It really was a very enjoyable and relaxed weekend


Kathy said...

Be proud of who are. There is no reason to change out of a skirt for the trip home.

Love, Kathy

Happy pet said...

Many thanks for your encouragement Kathy. Owner determines when and where i am to wear skirts in public. i hope one day to be permitted to wear them on a more regular basis when out in public.