Just a quick update to say that Owner and i have both had a very good end to the week. Yesterday Owner sat the exam for Her work that She has been studying hard for over these past few months - and She passed with flying colours. i am so proud of Her, She truly is a woman of many talents.

Meanwhile, i also had a studious day yesterday, albeit more of a practical one-day course rather than a formal exam. Yes, yesterday was the day of my one-day facial course. Just me, the tutor and five women, all of whom were working in the beauty industry in some shape or form. Anyway, we all seemed to get on together well and, most importantly, we all passed the practical test! i even have the certificate to prove it;

i am now fully accredited to give facials. Owners parents arrive for a week later today but as soon as our household returns back to normal you can be certain that i will be testing out my new skills on Her. After all, these courses i have been doing are supposed to be for Her benefit!.

Last but not least. Owner and i celebrated our ninth anniversary this week. It really does seem that we have been together for longer than that and i struggle to recall how life was before i met Her. i love my Owner with all of my heart and thank Her for the best nine years of my life and look forward to many, many more years to come with Her.


susanrhodes said...

congratulations on passing the facial course and your wedding anniversary - as i have said before you are very lucky.
i keep smiling though thinking about you talking about giving your wife a facial while other men will be thinking of something else.!!

Happy pet said...

Susanrhodes you are a naughty one! Ha, ha - maybe i should just say that i can both give or happily receive facials!?