Owner and i enjoyed a wonderful night dancing at the ever excellent Magic Theatre last night. This is by far and away our favourite London club and it is held in a fantastic old art deco ballroom that is only about 2 miles away from where we live. It is a great night of dressing-up fun with people of all persuasions and ages, straight, trans, students and pensioners letting their hair down and their inhibitions go. Here are pictures of the two of us getting ready to depart for the evening;

Owner striking a suitably stern pose

Me looking more gurly - and yes, i am wearing my wedding dress
Owner has a new camera which we are both still getting to grips with so we didn't come away with any really great pictures at the event but the one below does gives a 'somewhat impressionistic' sense of what a gorgeous venue the event is held in, the magical Rivoli Ballroom
Anyway, we both danced our proverbial tits off and had a wonderful night.

Last week i spent three days off sick and, as often seems to happen to me, this made me feel hornier than usual. We have concluded that this may be a seasonal thing as Owner has noted that this often seems to happen at this time of year, namely i have a couple of days when i don;t feel well but do seem to be super horny. i tried to make constructive use of my over-sexed state of mind by channelling my arousal into writing another erotic short story. In truth, the end result was a bit of a dog's dinner. It is over-long and not that coherent and so i do need to re-visit and edit it before publishing. However, one aspect of it seem to have struck a chord with Owner.

In the story i made a number of references to sniffing Her used knickers and how much pleasure this gives me (which is very true) and then coming up with some imagined scenarios involving some element of this. Well, this morning after breakfast we both retired back to bed whereupon Owner almost immediately retrieved a pair of Her worn knickers and draped them over my nose. Over the course of the next ten to fifteen minutes Owner then teased and taunted me with a series of ideas and suggestions for how She might incorporate my love of Her scent into aspects of our lives and routines. Ideas such as having me sniff Her used panties on a regular basis, be made to sit between and Her legs when She returns from work and just sniff Her sex, having Her wet Her panties and them me suck them dry or having to spray my face with a perfume diffuser filled with Her piss before going out.

Of course, the more such ideas and suggestions Owner whispered to me the hornier and more aroused i became. Owner then proceeded to clamp my titties before commencing some intensive flogging and spanking of my clitty and then having me lick out Her wonderful arsehole as She pleasured Herself to an orgasm with Her vibrator. Then to my surprise and delight Owner fisted my pussy and permitted me to cum, to a loud shuddering climax which She then scooped up and fed to me.

It was a wonderfully dirty start to the day to top off a great evening spent dancing the night away.


Anonymous said...

"both danced our proverbial tits off"...hee hee!! sara e