Sorry for the lack of posts of late, it's just that there has not been a lot to update about. Owner and i have both been busy with work and Owner is in the midst of studying for a work-related exam which She is sitting next week. We had a great long-weekend in Spain last weekend visiting some of Owners family and Her parents are coming over to visit for a week at the end of next week so we will be busy entertaining them.

On Thursday coming i have my all day Facials course which i am looking forward to and then a couple of weeks later i start crochet evening classes at the same place where i did my knitting classes so that should be fun. i am pleased to report that there has been no repeat of my recent misbehaviour and i am continuing to study and do my butt workouts. i hope all is well with you all


susanrhodes said...

No need to apologise, but we (at least i) enjoy reading your reports.

glad you are keeping up with your studies!!

Happy pet said...

Thank you Susanrhodes. i hope all is well with you?


bob said...

Hi Poppet I enjoy reading your blogs also and we are all human after all can't have exciting adventures every week! talking of which I am now into the 3rd week of my exciting adventure locked away in my mistress keep . It really is the best chastity device I have ever had , very comfortable I go to the gym and go swimming with it on no problems at all it does wake me up some morning's but that's a small price to pay for the marked devotion I have for my mistress now and she is loving it also I have no idea when I will be released but feeling the way I am at the moment I don't want to ruin it .

bob said...

Sorry I meant queens keep since it's been on I have had mistress on my brain ;-)