The start of this week found me on tenterhooks as i awaited the outcome of Owners latest appraisal of my development and, whether or not i would be deemed to have made sufficient progress to proceed to the next stage of my development as Her slut and wife. Readers of this blog may be aware that Owner has developed what is referred to as Her Plin, Plan, Plon. Essentially, this is a training programme devised by Her (albeit one which i am permitted to make suggestions) designed to help stretch and develop me and help me become a better wife and slut for Her. The way the Plan works is that at the end of each phase of the plan i am assessed as to how well or not i have performed and completed/internalised the activities or duties set down for me to perfect in that phase. Only if Owner adjudges during the review that i have passed that Phase am i permitted to move onto the next, more challenging Phase. In a way it is a bit like a computer game where you are trying to make progress onto the higher level. If judged to have made sufficient progress to move onto the next phase i am still expected to maintain the standards/delivery/goal established in the proceeding phase i.e. the difficulty levels build incrementally with progress. However, there is always the risk of being judged a failure - in which case i would need to re-start from Phase 1.

Anyway, Monday this week was the day in which Owner would review my progress in Phase 3 - a phase which had already been extended due to some performance issues on my part in the autumn which i needed to address. Anyway, i was absolutely thrilled to receive the following from Owner
This certificate was accompanied with a detailed breakdown of the scores i had been awarded in each category of the Plan. As you can see below, there were some areas in which i did really well - for example i can now finally properly deepthroat (something i could never do before). However, letting Owner down this summer by having an alcoholic drink without Her permission scored very lowly as, although there has been no repetition of this episode since, it was a serious failure on my part and highlighted some major performance and obedience issues which i needed to address and rectify. There has been no repetition of this since so Owner was gracious enough to score me enough to scrape past that particular objective. You can see how i did in all of he categories set out in that phase of the Plan below

i was relieved, thrilled and excited to have been judged to have passed. i really do believe this is helping me o become a better, more useful and more productive wife and slut for Owner.

Owner is in the process of finalising the details of the next Phase of my development i.e. Phase 4 of the Plan. She has said that She will let me know the details at the end of this coming weekend but that that Phase will not commence until the start of December. i am guessing it will probably run through to the end of the Spring. i am nervously excited to see what may lie in store for me in Phase 4. Meanwhile, i need to ensure i maintain the standards i have now reached and that i continue to address those areas where i scored less highly in my Phase 3 review.