Well Friday evening and Saturday morning i had my Spanish exams. Friday was the oral exam (no NOT that type of oral!) and then Saturday was listening, written etc. The exams were the DELE - Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Although mine was the basic level exam it is a credit to Owner that She has got me to a point where i actually felt that i stood a chance of passing a Spanish exam, even a basic one. English aside i have no language ability whatsoever and have been an abject failure at languages all my life. Owner has helped me to learn and develop and become more confident with Spanish (it is even part of my development plan as Her wife). She is Spanish and so rightly wants me to understand Her native tongue. As my life is devoted to Her and to going wherever She goes then should She ever one day decide She would like to return to Spain then it is important that i have a reasonable grasp of the language and can assimilate. That said, we don't have any such plans at present and are very happy in London.

Anyway, back to the exams. They were OK, i don't think i did as well as i have done in some of the practice exams i have been sitting this past fortnight. But we shall see. i will find out in about 3 months time if i passed or not but Owner has said She is very proud of my efforts and how i have tried. i will continue studying and trying and i know this is something that She expects from Her wife.

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the deepening FLR/Femdom dynamic of our relationship together. My submission to Her  continues to deepen and so too does Her control over me. i have already started o implement some of the new requirements of the next stage of my development (Plin, Plan, Plon phase 4) which officially commences on the 1st December. This has been approvingly noted by Owner.

i also love the fact that Owner can and does paddle me. Last night was a case in point. i was washing up after having done some baking when Owner sidled up behind me, took the paddle from where it hangs next to the kitchen sink for just this purpose, and proceeded to paddle my naked backside. All the while i continued washing, my voice muffled by the dildo gag i always wear when washing and drying dishes. It was just one of those 'normal' (to us) moments of domestic interaction in our flat that Owner and i love so much.
With freshly pink buttocks
Gagged as always when washing-up/drying