Owner and i are back together again after our enforced Christmas absence spent visiting our respective families . We both hate such enforced periods of separation so it is wonderful to be reunited again. This year we again decided not to get each other presents and instead take ourselves away on a little trip. This year was no exception and in a few weeks time we will be off to Munich to enjoy a bit of Bavarian culture and hospitality. That trip also happens to fall on my birthday (whisper it quietly....45...oh my god!) and i am secretly hoping that Owner might let me buy and model a traditional Dirndl which i think would make for a wonderful photoshoot opportunity :)

Talking of photoshoot opportunities Owner asked me to design and produce a 2015 calendar for Her to hang in our bedroom, specifically one with some photos of Her wife (me) appearing in it. Well, i rummaged through our photo archives and managed to find a seasonally appropriate photo for each month of the year. The next stage was a simple case of develop an online design with the images and then get the whole thing ordered. Owner's 2015 calendar of Her wife arrived in the post today. i must say the paper and image quality is very good. We used vistaprint and the whole process was very easy - though i am intrigued to know what they made of my photos. Here are a selection of shots from the calendar

front cover
January 2015
October 2015 (our anniversary month of my becoming Owner's wife) 

The company can also print images and designs onto lots of other things as well and that was what proved to be my undoing. i thought it might be a nice idea to also make a mug for Owner with a picture of Her wife on it with the legend 'Owners wife' written underneath (see below)
That was my big mistake. Owner, though Spanish, is an English language scholar and has a far, far greater grasp of English and, more importantly, the rules of the English language than do i. i had, as i now know, missed out the saxon genitive. i fear that mistake could have repercussions!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful festive season and best wishes for the New Year. It has been quite a quiet time here as Owner has not been very well and i have been busy with work and travelling. However, this morning Owner started Her day by fucking me with one of Her dildos whilst masturbating Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator before then masturbating me to orgasm afterwards whilst continuing to fuck my pussy - so hopefully She is starting to feel a bit better :).

Unfortunately, we will both be apart for Christmas visiting our respective families but will be re-united again shortly afterwards. We both hate being parted. Hope you all have a great time and that Santa brings you something nice and naughty.