Owner and i have had a busy past few weeks (hence in part the lack of recent posts) and so it was wonderful to have been able to just enjoy this past weekend by ourselves. On Sunday this resulted in Owner indulging in one of Her favourite activities, namely using me as Her sex toy.

Positioning me underneath Her on the bed Owner sat astride my face, Her thighs gripping my cheekbones tight with my mouth pressed up hard against Her delicious anus as She applied Her vibrator against Her clit. i eagerly licked my tongue around the entrance to Her pert, tight arsehole and then slipped my tongue inside Her as She tightened Her grip on my head, locking me in position between Her thighs. Locked together like this we stayed as Owner ground Her hips back and forth as Her vibrator and my probing tongue went to work. i don't think either of us will ever tire of this position. Owner loves to smother me with Her sex as She pleasures Herself and i adore the taste and aroma of her anus as, struggling to breath, i focus my effort and energies on bringing Her pleasure with my tongue.

Eventually, i felt Her thigh muscles start to contract and shudder and Her pussy ground down hard against my nose as Her orgasm built to a panting, gasping crescendo before She collapsed down on top of my face, my tongue still buried deep inside Her delicious anus. However, it soon transpired i was in for a treat of my own. Owner grabbed the leather fly swat that always hangs from the headboard for just such an occasion and, swivelling through 180 degrees She re-positioned Herself so that now She was facing down the length of my torso, towards where my un-locked clitty lay half-erect and vulnerable.

Resting on Her haunches so that my face remained buried and smothered under Her now wet pussy She took aim with the fly-swat and brought it down against my exposed and vulnerable dangly bits, my testicles. She struck hard and then again, and again, and again. i squirmed beneath Her as my thighs involuntarily parted to afford Her better access and i thrust my hips up to meet Her blows. Owner loves to beat orgasms out of me like this and i too have learnt to love the hard stinging blow of whatever implement She chooses to use for the purpose. It may sound odd but the harder She hits the more pleasurable (once the first couple of blows are out of the way) it becomes and i am now able to quickly process the pain of the blows against my testes as pleasure...a pleasure of the most wonderful kind.

Owner shifted position, moving down my body to position Herself above my hips so that my now erect little clit was rubbing against the soft down of Her pubic hair and brushing the lips of Her vagina. This was incredible, it has been well over five or six years since i have been permitted inside Owner and so to be so close, to feel the head of my clit rubbing against the forbidden entrance to Her sex was an extremely rare and special privilege indeed. As i arched my back and my clit strained pathetically to get closer to that El dorado Owner brought the leather swat down harder still against my engorged testicles. Each blow fell with exquisite intensity and in a matter of minutes, as She continued to beat my swollen 'labia', i was begging to be permitted to cum. Owner said yes and rubbed Her moist pussy lips against the swollen head of my little clit whilst continuing to strike hard with the leather swat. And so it was that with the touch of the forbidden fruit  wet against my glans and afire of delicious pain searing through my battered bits i came loudly - globules of cum spattering across my belly, some of which Owner scooped up and smeared across my face, the face of Her happy and very lucky wife.

Sadly, in less than 36 hours from now we will both be parted as Owner heads off to see Her family in Spain and i head to my Dad's for Xmas. However, we will only be apart for a few days and then we will be re-united once again. This year we are spending New Years eve together in a cottage in the countryside we have hired for a few days. We're both really excited and can't wait and hopefully we will have a chance for some more fun and frolics too.

i hope you all have a wonderful festive period and that 2016 brings you all much joy and pleasure. We're both very conscious that we have still to finish the videos we promised a few months ago but hopefully you should see the first of those sometime in early 2016. In the meantime, stay safe and stay kinky.

Owner and i have had quite a relaxed weekend. Yesterday we went to the cinema to watch The Martian whilst it is still showing on the big screen in London, it was good fun and a welcome distraction after the horror of the events in Paris on Friday night, Afterwards we did a little shopping during which Owner let me purchase a gorgeous, tarty little red 'plastic' mini-skirt that had been reduced from £35 to £2.50 - now that is what i call a sale! The skirt looks fab and i will post some pictures of me wearing it another time.

Today we've basically spent the day at home sorting out some domestic admin and discussing some travel and home improvement plans for next year. Owner did, however, have a little treat in store for me just before lunch. Rather than permit me to do my exercises before lunch She instead instructed me to go to the bedroom where She proceeded to strip me naked and then position me naked on all fours in bed and blindfold me with the waist belt of my kimono (see below)
you can see Owners favourite leather fly swat that She uses to beat my clitty bits hanging from the bed post
Owner then disappeared for a few minutes only to return with a full and warm glass of Her delicious urine which She had me drink, and which i enjoyed doing. Owner then took a pair of clover clamps that always hang from one of the bed posts and clamped one end to my left nipple and the other to the base of my unchastised clit. She then proceeded to spank my clit and their 'bits' with the red leather fly swat you can see hanging from the bed post in the picture.Owner also gagged me by pushing Her foot into my mouth but then swapped over to gagging me with the rubber cock gag - again which always hangs conveniently from the end of the bed post.

Owner kept spanking my testicles hard with the swat, the painful assault soon had me aroused and Owner then had me kneel up and positioned herself in front of me and rubbed and caressed Her pussy against my hard clit and Her vibrator, Rubbing Herself up and down and applying the vibrator to Her sex and the tip of my clit whilst still reaching down and simultaneously continuing to spank and slap and beat my testicles.

We bucked and rocked for sometime, me frantically rubbing myself against Her clitoris and labia with my own swollen clit whilst She pleasured Herself against the shaft of my clit and Her vibrator. Eventually Her orgasm began to build and as i helplessly dry humped against Her pelvis Owner came. However, it transpired my luck was in and that Owner was going to permit me to cum as well, only that my own orgasm would, literally be beaten out of me, or more precisely out of my clitty.

Owner set about beating and slapping and spanking my testicles hard again whilst also rubbing the shaft of my clit. As i have previously posted about Owner loves making me cum by spanking my testicles hard and it does produce some very powerful orgasms when She does so. This time was no exception and soon i was begging to be permitted to orgasm. Owner gave the OK and i came messily all over the bed. Owner kindly scooped up some of my mess with Her hand and fed it to me before pushing my head down into the duvet for me to lick and suck up the rest. It was a wonderful pre-lunch bit of fun.

i am pleased to report though that a few hours later i did get my exercises done and i was also returned to chastity by Owner.

Owner often states that She regards me as being Her slutty sex toy and She likes to use me and my body in whichever way She sees fit for Her pleasure. This weekend was no exception. On Saturday night Owner advised that i could be temporarily released from chastity as we were both visiting somewhere the following day that required passing through a metal detector (not something you ideally want to be doing when wearing a metal chastity cage). Thus, on Saturday She instructed for me to be unlocked in readiness.

That night Owner reached across a few times in bed and played and fondled with my clit before going to sleep. However, in the morning She decided to use me (as She often does) as Her human sex toy. She took out one of Her vibrators and then took the cord from Her dressing gown, tied it tight around my clit and then in turn tied it tightly wrapped part of the cord around her vibrator. positioned it between by butt cheeks and then tied the two ends of the cord tight around my waist. Owner then instructed me to lie flat on my stomach whilst She 'mounted' my buttocks and proceeded to masturbate Herself against Her vibrator as it buzzed merrily away between my butt cheeks.

Owner rode me like that for a good while, letting Her orgasm build, whilst i rhythmically gyrated my hips and pushed my buttocks up and down so that Her vibrator  provided Her with the pleasure She deserves. In short, i was Owner's human sex toy, my body used by Her in conjunction with Her own actual sex toy to bring Her pleasure.

The whole episode was also very arousing for me, especially after having been locked up in chastity for about a month. Owner decided that She wanted to make me orgasm like a whore and used one of Her favourite methods to do so. This involves Her spanking my testicles as hard as she can whilst i kneel on all fours. She started off spanking them with Her hand and then moved onto using Her leather paddle. It is a deliriously painfully pleasurable experience.

It always takes me a short while to start to process what, initially at least, is just pain into pleasure. However, once i get into the 'zone' it is truly the most amazing sensation in the world. My thighs can't help but part to afford Owner the best access possible and the harder She strikes the more intensely pleasurable the sensation. It's normally not long at all until i am moaning loudly and thrashing about it pure ecstasy begging Her to be allowed to cum and this time was no exception. As Her blows rained down hard against my very exposed and battered (by then) bits i cried out and buried my face in the bedding as i bucked and heaved and emptied my clit all over the bedding. Owner then scooped it up with the end of Her vibrator and fed me my warm cum. It was a most memorable and intense orgasm.

Owner is clear that my sole sexual purpose is to provide Her with pleasure and if She chooses to permit me such pleasure i am expected to respond in a manner befitting an utter slut. It has been over 5 years since i last sexually penetrated Owner. Instead She periodically fucks me, uses me as Her sex toy, controls when and whether i may orgasm and whether i am allowed out of chastity or kept locked up. And truthfully, i couldn't be happier.
This afternoon Owner and i ad a fun time with some heel training for your truly. Although i wear kitten heels regulalrly at home and normally also wear low heels if we go out dancing, it is not often that i wear very high heels. Owner decided that as part of my development She wants me to become fully competent in wearing high heels, hence the training,

A few weeks ago Owner permitted me to purchase a pair of these chunky 6 inch heels to start practicing in

  (TIP - with high heels start chunky, maybe even a wedge, and then progress to ever narrower heels). Owner also researched some online tutorials for me to practice dancing in heels. So this afternoon we spent quite a bit of time with me walking around the flt and going up and down the stairs in the heels and also trying our some dance moves. We had great fun and i look forward to more practice until i am fully competent in wearing killer heels in all situations.

Here are some pictures from the training session

This is one of the online 'how to' videos that Owner found, this one being a 'How to walk in 6 inch heels' guide (p.s. i adore the shoes in this one):

 And this is the dance tutorial video Owner found - there are actually quite a few in the series

Owner and i had a fabulous Halloween. We carved our pumpkins in the afternoon and you can see the results of our efforts below, ten points if you can guess which is mine and which is Hers :)

Then in the evening we returned once more to one of our favourite events, The Magic Theatre for a night of dancing and entertainment. It was a great night and there were some fabulous (and some hilarious) outfits. Both of our feet were sore from so much dancing when we returned. You can see below our own Halloween outfit efforts, i loved my tail!
Getting ready to head out
at the venue
Owner looking fabulous
Me with my tail
Today we are relaxing before heading to the cinema later in the afternoon. It is a lovely weekend and i hope your Halloween has been a good one too.

Incidentally, you may also be interested to know that, after a hiatus of many months, Owner has now placed me back into chastity. It's been three weeks now since i was once again locked up. i have to say that it is nice to be back under such overt control.

This week Owner has asked me to deep-throat (or at least attempt to) a variety of objects, ranging from dildo and banana through to wooden spoon, flip-flop and a clothes lint remover. It has also been a week that has involved a silly amount of work-related travel for me (Cumbria and back on Tuesday, Manchester and back Wednesday and Birmingham and back Thursday). As a consequence, many of these deep-throat challenges have occurred in the toilets at Euston station in London whilst i was waiting for a train - so if you had cause to use such toilets this week and found yourself having to queue up in the morning, i apologise the delay may have been due to me!

Anyway, today was the last of the challenges and it involved deep-throating a banana (much easier than a flip-flop - though the latter did go a surprising way in!). Here are some pictures showing me starting to swallow, swallowing it all and then bringing back up:

i'm sure if people combined the campaign to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day with an element of deep-throat practice it would prove very popular! The banana was delicious afterwards.

In other 'loosely' fitness related moves i have joined Owner in having purchased a Vivofit2 fitness device to wear everyday to track my steps, sleep patterns, heart-rate etc. Owner bought hers the other week and regularly clocks jover 20,000 steps a day. Mine arrived today.

Actually UPS tried to deliver the device earlier this week but Owner was at work and i was out due to work too. i had arranged for the device to be re-delivered today. However, when it did come it wasn't exactly at the most opportune moment. i had just finished showering after my exercises and was about to shave. i was wearing nothing more than my towel and a face full of shaving foam but i knew that i wouldn't have time to wipe the foam off or put something else on so i just answered the door as i was. Luckily the towel stayed up as otherwise the delivery guy would have copped a flash of my chastity device too! As it was he just got to see my new pretty nipple ring Owner allowed me to buy the other day and my red painted toe-nails. i suspect, however, he has seen far worse.

Anyway, back to the fitness device. i like the idea of Owner being able to monitor and track my own levels of fitness and activity whenever She wishes. Just another area of my life She can keep control over. The version i bought one has a separate heart-rate monitor so that i can measure how much effort i am expending when i do my abs and butt-building exercises. It did occur to whether any Mistresses or Owners use these devices to monitor their stables of subs?

A crappier, vaguely health-related, occurrence today was that i had to get a tooth removed at the dentist. It is a tooth that had root canal and a crown fitted about 5 years ago but that has now failed so had to go. i will be getting an implant fitted instead - albeit for a horribly large amount of money just to replace one tooth! Unfortunately, i have to wait at least two months between having the tooth out and the implant fitted - at least i'll not need to worry about what to wear for Halloween - i can just smile! On the plus side the dentist mentioned that there are a variety of different teeth i can choose from to attach to the implant once it is done, such as a gold one. i don't think that would suit me but i did wonder whether they have anything in pink? - lol!

Anyway, hope all good where you are. Owner has given me the night off this evening as my mouth is painful from the dentists so i have a nice relaxed evening to look forward to.
Owner and I had a great weekend, rounding off what was a really enjoyable week. With no more travel plans for a while now and Owners exam out of the way it means we can properly get back to our normal routines and activities. For me this has meant not just ensuring that i try to keep on top of my expected duties and task but that i also make some progress with new things too, like writing a new short story, working-up ideas for videos to make and developing a comprehensive forward travel planner for Owner.

For Owner it has meant having Her time back to do as She pleases and this, in turn, has led to Her having some fun with Her wife. Last week She set me the daily task of spanking my clit hard for a minute each day and recording  the results to show Her. i used a different implement each day, paddle, hair brush, wooden spoon etc, etc and produced a one minute video of each for Her. They were fun and enjoyable to do though Owner concluded that they were too easy and enjoyable and has said that my next tasks will be more demanding (see further down).

During the week Owner also selected some amazing high heels for me to start my high heel training with, as part of my ongoing training and development in the housewife academy. The heels arrived today and are amazing! i adore them. You can see them below:

Anyway, where was i? Oh yes. On Saturday morning after we both completed our respective exercises (we do different routine) Owner delighted me by handing me a glass of Her delicious urine to drink before having me join Her back in bed. It was wonderful being able to not only drink Her lovely pee but to also then worship Her wonderful post-exercise sweaty body. Owner allowed me to suck and worship Her breasts before She had me roll onto my stomach so that She could straddle my buttocks. Then She took out Her vibrator and used a combination of the vibrator and the action of Her grinding Herself against my glutes (something She greatly enjoys doing) to enjoy some pleasurable orgasms. I too love being used as a sort of human sex-toy in this way.
Whilst She was fucking Herself against me Owner kept teasing me about how the following week She wanted me to fellate different things every day like a slut for Her. After Her orgasm Owner decided that I should start straight away and show Her how i loved to suck and try to deep-throat anything by handing me one of Her shoes and telling me to get on all fours and lick it all over inside and out and fuck my throat with it. As i readily obliged Owner reached between my legs and began to rhythmically masturbate my clit.

By the time Owner told me to 'cum like a slut for Her' her shoe was rammed so far down my mouth only the heel protruded and saliva was running freely from my mouth. Unlike some people i have never really had a big thing about shoes but i have to say that being facially fucked hard by one, the heady smell of the shoes leather and the wonderful odour inside the shoe from Her feet filling my nostrils as the shoe itself filled the back of my throat, combined with the actions of being vigorously masturbated by Her after weeks of denial, whilst being told what a slut and whore i was, led to one of the most intense orgasms i have had in a long time - OK so i know i am not permitted to cum very often but even so this was an especially memorable one. Owner then immediately told me that i would be returned to chastity on the Monday as i was enjoying myself too much, which was true :)

Later that day we went to the cinema where we watched a great film called 99 Homes  and then we went to one of our favourite pubs afterwards for a drink before going to a Korean restaurant we've not tried before. It was great and, as is now the norm, Owner chose my meal for me.

Yesterday we went for a 6 mile walk through a part of London we've only partially explored previously before heading to one of our favourite shopping centres for some ice-cream and retail therapy. It was a lovely day.

Then today i was put back into chastity and later had the opportunity to deep-throat my dildo for Owner for a minute. i do love gagging on it :).

As i said...good times!
Owner and i have just returned from a short trip to Rome where we celebrated our tenth anniversary together as a couple, about nine and a half years of which have been spent in an evolving FLR relationship. i am so lucky to have met such a wonderful person as Owner and with whom i have had the honour and pleasure of spending the best ten years of my life with.

To mark the occasion Owner bought me a lovely new house collar to replace the one i have worn for many years as it was getting a little long in the tooth and suede lining was starting to fail. The new collar was custom made for us by some lovely people at dvnt leathers and we are delighted with it. Here it is on me, minus the cuffs that i usually wear attached at home:

As you can see i have also had a new haircut. My usual hairdresser is on maternity leave and so i used the occasion to try something different, needless to say it is taking me a while to get used to it although Owner loves it.

Anyway, back to Rome. We had a fantastic 4 days in the eternal city. We last visited 5 years ago and vowed to come back for our tenth anniversary. Needless to say we fully intend to return again, although probably later in the year as the weather was still a little too warm for Owners liking. For Owner the visit also gave her an opportunity to unwind and relax. As previosly mentioned She has been studying very hard recently for some exams for Her work - which She of course passed with flying colours. So She was able to enjoy the trip without having to still worry about Her studies.

Here are a couple of photos from this beautiful city;

Owner also took some pictures of me posing in one of my summer dresses (i said it was still warm!) both inside the gorgeous little apartment we stayed in and outside in the street

We really did have a great time.

In the meantime, i am continuing to try to live up to Owners expectations of me as part of the new Housewife Academy training regime She has started me on. i will update on how i am doing on this in a later blog post.

Until the next time, ciao!
Owner has officially now started the next stage of my training and development, She has started me on Her Housewife Academy training programme. i am thrilled, honoured and excited. The Academy builds upon my existing training and is an evolving programme of learning and development designed to further develop my skills as Her wife, slut and whore and deepen my submission to Her and Her control over me.

It is naturally expected of me that i will continue to follow, perform and obey all of the previous rules, behaviours, chores etc that Owner has trained me in over the years. However, the Academy will, over time, introduce a whole new series of skills, behaviours, tasks etc that Owner will expect me to complete. Rather than having a formal review at the end of a set period my performance in the Academy will be continuously reviewed by Owner and new elements may be added by Her at any time.

Owner has broken down the Housewife Academy syllabus into 5 core areas:
  1. Domestic Diva
  2. Sex Kitten
  3. Submissive Pet
  4. Multi-tasking Ninja
  5. Happiness Fairy
Each area has a description and an initial set of tasks/expectations for me to complete. These may and will be added to whenever Owner feels it is appropriate to do so. The following are the descriptions for each area and the initial tasks She has set me to complete. 

Domestic Diva

This instructs me to:

'Create a comfortable home for Owner
Keep all areas of the flat clean and tidy
Cook healthy recipes
Manage any refurbishment/repair projects
Manage pet and Owner's diet'

The first tasks i have been given in this category are to:
  • Get quotes for bathroom refurbishment
  • Reduce pet and Owners sugar consumption
Sex Kitten

This instructs me to:

Look sexy and desirable
Be ready to follow orders
Behave like a whore when requested
Able to endure pain and humiliation

The first task i have been given is to:
  • Learn how to walk in high heels
Submissive Pet

This instructs me to:

Follow rules properly
Always ask for permission for agreed activities (if in doubt, always ask for permission)
Major decisions (and even some minor decisions) to be ultimately taken by Owner
Hand control over to Owner

The first change Owner has introduced is:

  • Owner will choose pet's food and drinks even when they are apart (e.g. if i am going for a meal and Owner is not there to choose what i will eat or drink in person for me She will provide general instructions via text i.e. Vegetarian and an orange juice).
Multi-tasking Ninja

This instructs me to:

Be ruthlessly organised
Develop superpowerful skills
Make unproductive time productive
Learn it, try it, get it done! KAPOW!

The first task Owner has assigned to me in this section are:

  • Become a travel planner for Owner
  • Complete list of potential instructional videos for blog
Happiness Fairy

This final area instructs me to:

Provide Owner with unexpected entertainment (either at home or outside)
    Provide creative surprises
   Remember: a little effort goes a long way
   Be ready to entice and enchant

It is for me to come up with creative ideas to deliver as part of this

The above 5 areas are the main themes of the Housewife Academy. In addition to these i also have a long-term project area as part of the Academy programme. At present there is only one project in that area which is to study for the next level Spanish exam.

Owner has also established a set of over-riding rules that govern all aspects of the Academy. These over-arching rules are as follows:

  • MASTER RULE: A housewife must be the perfect combination of all of these in equal proportions: A domestic diva, a sex kitten, a submissive pet, a multi-tasking ninja and a happiness fairy 
  • Follow all tasks/procedures as stated in each current focus area 
  • Clarify any queries immediately 
  • Inform of any potential delays/issues/obstacles immediately 
  • Aim for consistent behaviour all the time for all the focus areas 
  • Strive for excellence 
  • Punishments will count negatively and will be graded 
  • Achievements will count positively and will be graded 
  • Do not forget about your long term projects 
  • Challenges will be related to any of the focus areas and considered high achievements
  • Each area together with challenges, long term projects, punishments and achievements will be reviewed every month
All of the is captured and needs to be followed and reported on to Owner using Trello. This is a section of what the Housewife Academy looks like on screen:

 As you can see, Owner has designed a very attractive dashboard for the Academy.

i am very excited and thrilled to be embarking on this next stage of my development. This weekend i had to travel down to my Mum's without Owner who is currently studying hard for Her exams. i was delighted to be able to put Owners' new rule into action when i advised Owner that my Mum wanted to take me out for a meal. Owner texted me to say 'fish and apple juice'. So whilst my Mum perused the menu and ordered herself a glass of prosecco and then some white wine i ordered the one fish dish on the menu (seabass) and an apple juice. i love the fact that Owner will now always decide and choose what i eat and drink, even when She is not there. It is a small increase in Her control over me, but a further increase nonetheless.