Owner has hit upon a great idea for an activity that we can both do together and which will also help to trim my waist (which has expanded a little). i confess it is not something i would have ever thought of before but as soon as She mentioned it it got me very excited - primarily at the thought of what outfit i might be able to wear! So what is this activity you ask? Well, hopefully in the not too distant future we will both be enrolling in Hula Hoop classes! Apparently, Owner used to hula quite a bit as a child. i remember giving it a go once or twice but don't recall ever having my own hoops whereas Owner did. Hopefully it will also help to trim down my waistline a bit which, as you can see from this picture Owner took yesterday of me just after my shower, needs some work to get rid of my 'love handles':)

Hopefully, hula will do the trick. i will update how we get on.

Yesterday also presented an opportunity to complete one of my dildo challenges that Owner has set me as part of my development. The challenge is that before the 1st April i must deep-throat  dildo in a number of public locations, some inside, some outside. Well, yesterday i attempted the deep-throat in a pub toilet challenge. At first i was a little shy and just fellated the dildo in the cubicle that i was in (if you are regularly kept in chastity as i am you will know that you can only pee sitting down - hence needing to use a cubicle as that is where the proper toilets are)
deep-throating in the toilet cubicle
However, i realised that that wasn't exactly a difficult challenge as, locked inside the cubicle there was no real risk of being disturbed. Far more challenging would be to deep-throat the dildo in the main urinal area where anyone could walk in at any moment. So i plucked up the courage, left the safety of the cubicle and pleasured the dildo in public like a slut
On returning to Owner with the photographic evidence She declared Herself pleased with my efforts and we returned to the main task at hand, gossipping and people watching in the pub.

The next dildo challenges will be less easy as, with the exception of one in a shop changing room, the rest are all outdoors or in front of one or two London landmarks.