This morning Owner sprang a wonderful surprise on me. Next week marks my 45th birthday and Owner and i will be celebrating it with a little trip to Munich and Bavaria. However, Owner suddenly announced that She had three additional ideas for presents for me and that i had to choose which one i would like.

Owners' first suggestion was for me to be taken out to dinner by Her to somewhere special, Her second that She book us both into a night at a hotel somewhere in London or nearby and Her third was that She get me a new tattoo. i confess that Owner hadn't even finished saying the word 'tattoo' when i already knew that was what i would most like. i currently have five tattoos, three of which were all done in the nearly ten years we have been together and which are all designs She chose, each of which is symbolic of an aspect of our relationship.On one hip i have an old-fashioned 'skeleton' key - which symbolises my chastity and Owners control, on the opposite hip i have a serpent which forms the shape of the initial of Owners first name and on my shoulder i have a large cat (no it is not a reference to the size if my 'pussy'!) which symbolises my status as Owners 'pet' - or Her 'fluffy pet' to be more precises! i instantly leapt at the opportunity to acquire an additional mark of Her choosing.

Recently, Owner has taken to describing and calling me as Her 'princess' - something which is very flattering. Owners choice of the new tattoo i will be getting reflects this perfectly in that She has chosen a princess crown design for me to have done on my ankle. The crown is even pink! You can see the design She has chosen below;

i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of soon being adorned by my very own princess crown! i think this is such a wonderful idea for  a design and i cannot wait to be able to be once again permanently marked by Owner and with a design that so perfectly encapsulates who i have become. We have already contacted the tattoo parlor and hopefully i will be getting inked the week after next.

Why leave it until the week after next i hear you ask? Well, next week we are heading off to Munich for my birthday. Whilst we are there we will also hopefully pay a visit to the fairytale castle created by King Ludvig II of Bavaria - Schloss Neuschwanstein

This is the castle which Disney famously modeled his sleeping beauty castle on, in that sense it is a castle perfectly suited for a princess. i couldn't think of a more appropriate place to go :)

i love the fact that Owner thinks of me as being Her 'princess' as well as Her 'slut' or Her 'whore' and i can't wait to be able to show the world what a little (ageing) pink princess i am!