This morning as i was coming to the end of my morning abs and butt workout Owner stuck Her head around the door and announced that She had prepared a drink for me, and placed a glass of Her warm, fresh pee down on the worktop. What a wonderful surprise! Less than a minute later, with the last of my exercises completed, i eagerly swallowed Her drink down in one. Personally speaking i can't think of a better way to end a workout.

Meanwhile, i have also acquired a new skill which Owner seems to be pleased with, namely hair dyeing. Owner has very long hair and sometimes struggles when touching up Her roots. However, on the last few occasions i have dyed Her hair for Her and She seems pleased with the results. She has even asked me to investigate a basic hair cutting course for me to complete so that Her wife can help Her maintain Her style.

As i draft this (for Her later approval or otherwise) Owner has gone out to meet-up with former colleagues for lunch. In the meantime, i have some knitting to keep me occupied and then i need to do a couple of errands in the shops before i head across town to meet-up with Her again. i hope you all have enjoyable weekends.