Oops, i have managed to do it again. As you know i am solely responsible for all of the meals at home, Owner can cook and is an excellent one but part of my role as Her wife means that every meal, from breakfast to dinner, is my responsibility to prepare. Well, during the week i accidentally under-cooked one of the meals and this has resulted in an immediate and thoroughly deserved punishment. Owner has extended the period in which i am not permitted to wear feminine clothes or make-up by an extra week. Whereas i had been looking forward to returning to 'normal' on Monday it will now not happen until the following Monday. Assuming, of course, no further muck-ups on my part!

i am. of course, grateful that Owner holds me to high standards and will punish me when i slip up. Of late, She has also become more vocal in Her demands and expectations of me and more ready to criticise my lapses. To me these are welcome signs of Owners growing confidence in Her control and domination of me and i love and adore Her all the more for that.

i do not want, however, to give the impression that Owner is in anyway cold or unloving. In fact, She is the total opposite and is the most loving and caring person i could ever have hoped for. She regularly showers me with love and affection alongside the control and firmness and discipline that She exercises in our relationship. It is the perfect combination and one i am eternally grateful and thankful to Her for. My desire to submit further, be controlled and dominated more by Her has grown ever stronger over the years. Gradually, under Her care and guidance this has happened, at times almost without me noticing. Aspects of our relationship that to me are completely normal would to others probably be quite shocking or surprising. But because we have gradually changed and evolved in our respective roles i also believe we have established a far more sustainable, deep-rooted dynamic. But crucially, we both love each other today more than we have ever done. Owner makes me feel the most special and precious person in the world and as i slide ever deeper under Her control i feel nourished, safe and cocooned by Her love.

[edit - Owner just discovered a vegetable that had gone rotten in the fridge without my noticing and disposing of. Not acceptable and thus an additional week of punishment ordered]