This morning after breakfast Owner and i retired back to bed. Owner started to caress me and had me strip-off out of my teddy before getting up and briefly leaving the room. When She returned She was carrying a glass of Her fresh, warm golden nectar which She presented to me and which i eagerly drank down.

Refreshed Owner commenced spanking my exposed clitty until it was hard and then ordered me to hump the pillow. She watched amused as i enthusiastically rubbed myself against the pillow. Then, for the next ten to fifteen minutes She had me move around the bedroom and rub my clitty hard and repeatedly against a variety of different objects which attracted Her attention; first the mattress, then headboard, the radiator, Her slipper, Her bra, a cupboard drawer, a bag full of clothes due to be recycled and then a hairbrush.

Owner seemed to delight in watching me rub myself against this succession of objects. As i followed Her instructions and rubbed my way from object to object She clamped my nipples and then spanked my derriere with Her fly swat whilst instructing me to spank my clit in time to the same rhythm using Her slipper.

The sight of Her slutty whore humping herself against all these objects had clearly both amused and aroused Owner who then took out Her vibrator, placed Herself on all fours on the edge of the bed and had me lick Her delicious anus as She masturbated with the vibrator. All the while She had me simultaneously spank my clitty with the hairbrush as my tongue probed and explored inside Her. Owner pleasured Herself with Her vibrator and my tongue until She came and then She pushed my face forcefully down into the mattress and instructed me to spank my clit hard with the hairbrush until i too came, adding that She expected me to cum loudly like a whore.

Owner pulled hard on my nipple chain and repeatedly told me what a dirty whore i was rubbing myself against objects and spanking my clitty with a hairbrush as i brought the brush down harder and harder against my now very swollen and engorged clit. It is amazing how the repeated heavy blows from the plastic spikes of a hairbrush can give so much sexual pleasure! As Owner watched and continued with Her verbal encouragement i hit my exposed bits and clit harder and harder, moaning and groaning until i exploded and i came noisily and messily.

Owner proclaimed Herself delighted at watching me rub and hump my clit against anything She pointed to and stated how much She had enjoyed our morning fun. i too was very lucky to have been permitted to cum by Her (although as readers may have noticed i am not often in chastity these days my orgasms remain under Owners complete control). 

It was a wonderful way to start a day, i hope your Sunday morning equally enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Always good to start with a refreshing drink! :)

i've always thought one of the most humiliating things is being given a 5-minute period to find objects in the house to hump, and try to get off. Good fun for Mistresses, though!! sara

Happy pet said...

Yes indeed sara, good fun for both!