Owner is, by profession, a trainer and so it should come as no surprise that She puts quite an emphasis on my learning and acquiring new skills and abilities at the heart of my development as Her wife. Over the past couple of years i have studied and attended courses ranging from knitting, jewellery making and embroidery through to reflexology, manicures and massage.  All of these offer practical benefits to Owner in that they diversify the range of useful services i can provide to Her and/or generate things She or we both can enjoy.

In addition, although Owner has lived in London for longer than me She is Spanish by nationality and may one day wish to return to Spain. As Her wife it goes without saying that i would of course go with Her should She ever decide to make such a move. This became the spur for me to try to learn Spanish and Her guidance has helped me to progress to a level of language ability, which though basic, i had all but assumed i was completely incapable of given that every previous attempt on my part learn another language, any language had ended in utter failure.

In short, Owner has encouraged and pushed me to learn a lot and i have had tremendous fun doing so. The study has, for the most part always been enjoyable, and i have had the pleasure of meeting lots of other interesting students and teachers along the way.

However, the latest learning project that i am embarking on at Owner's request promises to take the notion of enjoying your studies to a whole new level. Owner likes to hear about and read my sexual fantasies. She also wants me to try to earn some money for Her. Owner began to encourage me to write and publish some erotic short stories last year and i have published a couple on lulu.com - to a deafening silence. Owner expects me to improve my erotic writing skills and start to sell some stories and so to achieve these outcomes She instructed me to enrol on an erotic writing course run by wade-erotic.

The course looks very interesting and i have now enrolled. One of the points that the tutor makes in the first lesson is the importance of reading other erotic fiction - which is obviously going to be a real chore to have to do! :) i will let you know how i get on and, if i manage to come up with any stories that my tutor thinks has merit, i will share them on the blog for your feedback as well.

Another recent idea of Owners is that i should start to make and publish 'instructional videos'. Her rationale is that i have learnt or acquired a number of skills over the years that others might find of interest and am also something of an exhibitionist (as this blog attests to) and like to perform. Owner would like to know if there are any particular 'instructional type' videos readers i.e. you, would find of interest?  i would 'perform' the task, whatever that is and She would film. We would both be very interested to hear of any ideas or suggestions you may have. We will also be developing some of our own and i hope we will start to make some videos available in the coming months.

i do love these opportunities Owner provides for me to learn new things and am also ridiculously excited at the prospect of being on camera!


Mistress Marie said...

What a great idea. I'd love to see how you did the deep throat training. Also how you do the butt exercises. And also some cooking videos too.

Mistress Marie said...

What a great idea. I'd love to see how you did the deep throat training. Also how you do the butt exercises. And also some cooking videos too.

Happy pet said...

Mistress Marie - thank you so much for your suggestions. i flagged these to Owner and She liked them. Based on these, any other suggestions readers may have and Her own ideas She will then decide what vidoes i should make.

Hopefully, you will start to see some videos emerge during the autumn/winter.

Thanks again