i submitted my application form as requested by Owner to apply to be enrolled on the next, stage V, of Her training programme. My application was quite detailed and i waited to see whether or not i would be accepted for further training by Her. i always feel a little on edge at time like these, waiting to hear what might come next. However, the response i received from Owner took me somewhat by surprise. Owners' response to the application i submitted to Her was as follows:

Dear pet,
Thank you for applying for Plin Plan Plon V. Unfortunately, I regret to tell you, there will not be a Plin Plan Plon V and therefore I cannot accept your application.
However, I am currently working in a new development programme: Housewife Academy. It is similar to Plin Plan Plon as it focus on a number of different development areas, but the structure is slightly different.
If you are interested in this new development programme and you wish to find out more, please contact the Housewife Academy Director (me) in writing.
Kind regards

i immediately replied to Her that, yes i was very interested and requested further information so that i might apply. i can't wait to find out more. It was an initial shock to hear that She has shelved the training programme that has been going for a few years now but i am very excited at the prospect of a 'Housewife Academy' and can't wait to find out more. i will keep you posted.