This afternoon Owner and i ad a fun time with some heel training for your truly. Although i wear kitten heels regulalrly at home and normally also wear low heels if we go out dancing, it is not often that i wear very high heels. Owner decided that as part of my development She wants me to become fully competent in wearing high heels, hence the training,

A few weeks ago Owner permitted me to purchase a pair of these chunky 6 inch heels to start practicing in

  (TIP - with high heels start chunky, maybe even a wedge, and then progress to ever narrower heels). Owner also researched some online tutorials for me to practice dancing in heels. So this afternoon we spent quite a bit of time with me walking around the flt and going up and down the stairs in the heels and also trying our some dance moves. We had great fun and i look forward to more practice until i am fully competent in wearing killer heels in all situations.

Here are some pictures from the training session

This is one of the online 'how to' videos that Owner found, this one being a 'How to walk in 6 inch heels' guide (p.s. i adore the shoes in this one):

 And this is the dance tutorial video Owner found - there are actually quite a few in the series


Anonymous said...

Wow... thank your Owner,please, for those videos...the first one was excellent!! A huge help!
sara elise

Happy pet said...

Thank you Sara and glad you found useful.