i have been able to work from home  every day bar one this week and so it has meant that i have been able to wear the new 'working from home' uniforms Owner has instructed me to wear from now onwards. To make things more interesting, we also had a couple of deliveries this week, which of course meant that the delivery people also got to see me in my smart new business outfits.

The first of these occurred on Monday when our supermarket groceries were delivered. i swear the delivery driver was much chattier and more polite than usual, even offering to help bring the items inside for me, an offer i politely declined. Then on Friday we had another delivery. This time i got to interact with another equally friendly and charming delivery person as well as our downstairs neighbour who seemed a little surprised at what i was wearing but didn't say anything.  This is me wearing the work uniform i had on on Friday

Incidentally, i should confess that on both occasions i knew the deliveries were being made and so i wore trousers and a blouse that day rather than a skirt. However, i wore skirts the other days and, had the postman knocked or someone else come around, i would of course have had to go to the door wearing what i had on. The picture below shows me in one of my new business skirts, incidentally this is me during a work teleconference
i love now having to wear a work uniform when i am working from home. Owner has suggested that we ought to introduce the concept of 'dress down Fridays' for me when i am working from home at the end of the week. That sounds fabulously fun and i can't wait for Her to clarify quite what She might have in mind!

On a different topic it looks like i might end the month with a tiny amount of my allowance still left. Owner instructed me to purchase a new cleaning outfit yesterday which emptied out all bar about £3 of my monthly allowance. Thankfully the new month starts on Monday and so my account will be topped up again with £100. i am going to try to set aside a small amount at the start of the month so that at least i start saving for my ankle tattoo.

On a final note. Owner and i are off to Miami later on next week. i am sure we will have fun!
i thought i would update about how things are going now Owner has almost total financial control over me. As readers may recall Owner is now limiting me to an 'allowance' of £100 a month from which i must cover all of my everyday expenses. The remainder of my money stays in my main current account which i cannot access except with Her permission. To establish this new arrangement took a short while as i needed to create a new current account, then transfer the balance then remaining of my January allowance into it (£70) and create a monthly standing order for the account for £100 which kicks in from February onwards. The account comes with a basic debit card, thereby enabling the surrender of my main current account card and credit cards to Owner for safe keeping.

You may also recall that Owner also wants me to get a new tattoo (a chain for my ankle) which i am to pay for from my monthly allowance. This required the creation of a linked saving account to the account in which my allowance is kept so that i could set money aside each month to pay for it. This too has now been set-up online enabling me to start to save some money towards my tattoo.

So, how have i been getting on? Well, it doesn't look like i will be saving much at all this month! i have had to go into the office a few times and each time i go in costs money for train/tube etc tickets/ i am also in the habit of buying myself a couple of cafe lattes when i am in the office from a nearby cafe. Needless to say, this all adds up. Yesterday Owner and i also went for a couple for drinks after spending the afternoon viewing an exhibition at the British Museum. Again, this depleted my funds further. We then went for a lovely meal afterwards but Owner allowed me to pay for that from my main i.e. none-'allowance' account. Incidentally, She chose a lovely Korean dish for me to have.

Nevertheless, i am still a week away from the end of the month and i have only about £16 left. Thankfully, i only need to go into the office one day next week and so my travel costs for the rest of the month are very limited. i'll likely need some cash next weekend and so i imagine that, come the month end i will probably only have been able to save a couple of pounds towards my tattoo. Well, i suppose it will, at least, have been a start.

So, what have i learnt from my experience this month. First, i love the fact that Owner now controls me financially, it is a welcome and logical extension of Her domination of me. Second, i need to be better at financial planing in future months if i am to be able to save more. i will need to start foregoing some of the coffees i am in the habit of buying when working away from home (at £2.50 each they quickly add up!). i may also need to consider just ordering half pints rather than pints when permitted to drink alcohol by Owner. In short, i am going to need to make some spending adjustments to bring myself sufficiently within budget each month to start saving in earnest for the tattoo that Owner wants me to get and i want to have.
My trip to Rotterdam was not the only birthday gift Owner got for me. Whilst we were away She also presented me with a wrapped parcel which, upon opening, was revealed to be a lovely pink 1950s 'American diner' waitress uniform. It unbuttons completely at the front and has a small ten-pin bowling brooch pinned to the side. Owner got it from CCVintage Store on Etsy and you can see a picture of it below

This is to be my uniform for serving meals at home. Owner and i both have to thank Michel who commented a while ago with some suggested uniform ideas. It was these that gave Owner the idea. So now i have a meal serving and a home working uniform! i am thrilled.

Talking of my home working uniforms. On Monday i unexpectedly had the opportunity to work from home rather than have to go into the office. It meant that i could start wearing an office uniform this week rather than next as we had originally thought would be the case. It is very cold at the moment in London and so Owner decided that i should wear my Zara suit trousers rather than a skirt with my blouse and stockings. She of course demanded a selfie from me to check that i had my uniform on. These are the pictures i sent Her:

In addition to this, here are some pictures of some of my other work uniform items that Owner chose for me to purchase. These will compliment some existing smart blouses and skirts which i have as well as the trousers and blouse shown above.

Our return from Rotterdam also marked another significant milestone in the expansion of Owners control over me, namely financial. Before we went away i set-up a new 'monthly allowance' current account with a bank into which £100 is transferred each month from my main current account.  The bank card for this 'allowance account', and our joint account card that i use to do out food shopping with, is the only bank card i am now permitted access to, When we got back i surrendered my current account and credit cards cards.  Owner is now restricting me to a monthly allowance of £100 (to be monitored by Her and potentially further reduced if found to be excessive). From this i must pay for all my routine expenses i.e. travel, haircuts, make-up, clothing, entertainment etc as well as saving some money each month to allow me to pay for a new tattoo Owner has chosen for me. Groceries and bills will continue to be paid from our separate joint account. i still have my original current account and credit card but i am no longer am allowed to use these (and access to the cards is restricted) unless Owner explicitly permits me too. These'main'  cards are, however, not kept locked away, i  will still need them when we hire a car for example, or in an emergency etc. However, the principle and practice is now in place that from now on Owner controls my money and i am restricted to receiving a monthly allowance. 

For my 46th birthday Owner took me to Rotterdam for the weekend where She spoilt me rotten. We stayed in a lovely hotel right in the centre of the city near to centraal station which was super quick to get to after our short flight across from London. We explored some of the sights of the city and Owner took me for lunch at the top of the Euromast tower which offers panoramic views stretching for miles and miles.

As it was my birthday Owner let me choose what to eat from the menu (shoulder of lamb) and also to have a beer, well actually a few throughout the day, and She also let me have a desert (tiramisu). That evening the hotel left a complimentary bottle of wine in our room as it was my birthday and Owner even let me have a glass and order a small tub of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream from room service. i truly was treated like a princess for the day. This is me at the end of the day enjoying my birthday wine and ice cream

The centre of Rotterdam was largely flattened during the Second World War and so the city centre is very modern. It also has a lot of public art scattered about, including a giant statue of a gnome holding a butt plug (officially it's Santa with a tree - yeah, right)! What a fun city it is. Here i am interacting with public art
Wow! Now that is some butt plug!
And here are some more images of the city
A chilly morning in the park
Towards Centraal Station
View from the Euromast
One of the old harbours
Cool building
Lovely food market with bars/cafes
View from the Erasmus bridge
Art and buildings
The morning after my birthday Owner continued giving me treats. This time after first gagging me she sat astride my buttocks in bed and used me as a human pillow whilst She pleasured Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator. Then She positioned me on all fours and, after instructing me to make my clit hard for Her, proceeded to start to spank and slap my clitty with one of the hotel slippers. Then She had me kneel on the bed and manouvered Herself on all fours in front of me so that my clitty was rubbing up against the Her pussy. Then She had me rub myself against Her moist sex, obviously not letting me inside Her, whilst She reached down between Her thighs with the slipper and continued to spank my clit and my exposed 'labia' hard with the slipper. It wasn't long before the spanking of my bits made me want to cum which Owner permitted, telling me to 'cum like a slut'. i did, copiously, and Owner ensured that i orgasmed all over the sole of the slipper which She then handed to me to lick clean.

Incidentally, the nightie that i am wearing in the first photo is a new one Owner also bought me. It is beautiful. Owner took some other pictures of me wearing it in the hotel room as you can see

Owner truly gave me a birthday weekend to remember and i have a very exciting year ahead of me as She continues to extend Her control over every aspect of my life.
First a big thank you to those who commented via the blog or direct with ideas and suggestions for uniforms i could/ought to wear at home. Owner really loved some of the suggestions and they gave Her food for thought. She also sought ideas from me. Owner is still mulling some of the uniforms but She has determined what the first uniform i should wear on a regular basis is, namely my work uniform.

As many of you may know i work a lot from home, unlike Owner who has to go into an office every day. i do sometimes have to work at an office but i try to keep this to a minimum as much as i can. Owner believes my place is at home and we try to ensure i work from home as much as possible. Normally when i work from home i wear jeans and a top, actually i also often wear the same when 'in the office' - my organisation is quite relaxed. The only time i am semi-smart is when i am going to external meetings or giving presentations. Of course, at all times my attire is feminine in that all my work clothes are women's albeit i don't wear skirts/dresses at work. i also wear make-up at work and of course my collar is always on. i have never once received any comments from colleagues about this nor has my clothing, make-up or collar ever caused any adverse reaction in meetings/presentations.

However, Owner has decided that, when i work at home i am to wear a uniform. i have a number of smart blouses that very rarely get worn. i also have some smart skirts and a pair of women's suit trousers and a jacket. In addition, this weekend is my birthday - my 46th! i know i am getting some clothes store vouchers from members of my family (i always do) and Owner has chosen a smart skirt, a pair of women's business trousers and some blouses for me to buy with my vouchers. These, together with the smart items i mentioned i already have. will form my working uniform. They will be paired with a pair of ballet flats, that i also currently don't wear very often, and stockings.

i will wear my 'office uniform' at home throughout my working day, only getting changed when i head-out to go and collect Owner from the station when She returns from Her work. This may sound like my blushes will be spared and that people won't see me in my business skirt or in my plunging blouses. They will. First, i often bump into our downstairs neighbour during the day (we share a communal entrance) and second we regularly receive deliveries that need signing for and sometimes have bits of work being undertaken on the flat. All of this happens and is scheduled around when i am working from home. So in short, there will be plenty of people who will get to see me in my new business uniform and whom i will need to interact with.

Unusually, i am actually 'in the office' most of next week and so i will not be able to commence the home uniform wearing until the week after. i will post some pictures of me in my new office uniforms then.

i am really excited at this new development, though also a teensy bit nervous as well at the prospect of meeting people in my smart blouse and skirt. i can't wait to find out what uniform(s) Owner will decide She wants me to wear when my working day is done and i return to being Her housewife.
David Bowie died today and with his passing the world has lost a truly legendary artist and inspiration to generations. i loved him, Owner loved him, millions of others loved him too. He leaves behind a lifetime of memories and a belief to be true to oneself, whatever that might be or whichever direction that might take you in. He inspired and influenced me and countless others. 

Thank you David, for everything and may the stars be out for you, forever

Owner and i have just returned from a lovely romantic break over the New Year. We rented a wonderful little cottage in a small village on the edge of the Chilterns. We had planned to do a few walks but the weather was fairly lousy (rain - constant) and so instead we spent our time snuggled up in front of the log fire in the cottage and exploring pretty little neighbouring towns and villages and in the Cotswolds (about an hours drive away from where we were staying). Some of the places had delightful names, like Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter.

This is a picture of where we were staying:

and here are a couple of shots of some of the places we visited

Chipping Camden
Lower Slaughter
Bourton on the Water
The little cottage we were staying in had both a wet room and also a lovely old -fashioned roll-top bath which i couldn't help but lounge in (with Owners permission of course!). Here i am enjoying some quality time with bubbles
The beautiful bath in the corner of the bedroom

Fun with bubbles
Of course, we also had time for a bit of naughty fun whilst we were away too. This morning Owner brought me a small bowl of Her delicious pee for me to drink from in bed (it was super tasty as always) and then She had me kneel on all fours on the bed whilst She tested out a lovely new leather fly swat that we bought in one of the village stores (it was actually marketed in the shop as a 'fly swat/weekend paddle' :) - a kinky lot these villagers!). Owner had me fellate a dildo whilst She spanked me.

Having warmed-up my backside Owner then positioned Herself on a trunk at the foot of the bed and presented Her wonderful pussy at nose height to me for me to inhale. She permitted me to lap Her clitoris whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. As i sniffed and licked Her Owner instructed me to hump the pillow and mattress with my hips and make myself hard. When satisfied that i was indeed nice and aroused by the combination of Her scent, taste and humping the bedding Owner then  turned around and presented me with Her anus to lick. As my tongue went to work, delighting in exploring and tasting Her backside, Owner continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst insisting that i continue to dry hump the duvet.

Owner brought Herself to orgasm and then clambered back on then bed between my legs. Utilising the new leather fly swat Owner then started to spank my exposed testicles with it and masturbating my clitty, all the while commenting and reminding me what a pathetically small clit i have and how dirty i am. My excitement quickly grew and i was soon begging to be allowed to cum. Owner gave Her consent and i came over the bedding as She continued to spank my testicles with the paddle. It was a wonderful way to start the day, though i am sure these orgasms are not good for me!

You will have seen from my last post that we have also established some new rules by which i am to live which will see Owner further extend Her control over me and increase my submission to Her. We are both really excited and pleased by these. i have now applied for a new bank account in order to be able to set it up as my 'monthly allowance' account. It will be topped-up each month with £100 from my main account and that £100 will be my allowance from Owner for the month. The rest of my money will now be controlled by Her and i will be surrendering my other current account card and credit card to Her safe-keeping.

i am also really excited at the prospect of developing ideas for uniforms for me to start to wear. i will submit some ideas to Owner but She also really liked the 1950s suggestion from one of our readers called Michel who left a comment earlier today with some suggested ideas.

it has been a great start to 2016 and i can't wait to spend another wonderful year with Owner.

Owner and i would like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year, we hope you all had a great New Year's eve and that 2016 brings you joy and happiness. Having been apart at Xmas we are spending a wonderful time together in a little cottage hideaway, it really is wonderful.

Today, to mark the start of the New Year, Owner sat me down to review how my development is progressing and to agree how my submission to Her and Her domination of me will further intensify over the next few months. All of this as part of Her training me to become Her perfect wife. i wanted to share with you the outcome of this discussion as there are a number of new ways in which Owner will be further extending Her control of me.

In summary, Owner has decreed the following:

Financial Control - Owner already has significant control over my expenditure. All main purchases i make must be approved by Her and i need to document everything i spend for Her to review. However, Owner will be moving towards assuming total control of my finances (with my full consent), in many respects taking a leaf out of how Her mother completely controls Her fathers finances. Owner suggested moving in stages to this point and so, as an interim measure from now She is going to permit me £100 a month 'allowance' to spend on necessities like travel, going out, clothes etc. This does not include major item expenditure like holidays. Any amount i wish to spend over the £100 in an individual month must be approved by Her. We are looking into getting me a card that can be charged with money for me to use so that i do not need to keep access to my bank card.

New Ownership Tattoo - as a symbol of Owners continued and growing domination of me She has asked me to get a new Ownership tattoo. She has advised that this will be an ankle chain tattoo design. The catch is that i must save up for it from my monthly allowance.

Audit Remaining Household Items and Recycle - we have agreed in the past that our flat will be decorated to Owners taste and that She will be the one who approves what may or may not be bought for the flat. However, there are items that we have which were bought before then and things that Owner no longer wishes for us to have. Accordingly, She has asked me to produce a full audit of all we have which She will the use to identify everything She wishes to have removed and recycled.

Design Household Uniform(s) - Owner wants me to start to wear uniforms at home and has asked to produce ideas for uniforms i could wear when completing/undertaking specific tasks/activities i.e. cleaning, cooking etc. All my ideas are to be submitted to Her for approval and She has encouraged me to consider ways in which i could up-cycle items of clothing i don't often wear into uniforms.

i am really excited at how Owner is continuing to further Her control over me and can think of no more wonderful a way to start a new year than to do so with a discussion about how She plans to increase Her domination of me. i am a truly lucky wife, and a very happy one!

Happy New Year to you all.