For my 46th birthday Owner took me to Rotterdam for the weekend where She spoilt me rotten. We stayed in a lovely hotel right in the centre of the city near to centraal station which was super quick to get to after our short flight across from London. We explored some of the sights of the city and Owner took me for lunch at the top of the Euromast tower which offers panoramic views stretching for miles and miles.

As it was my birthday Owner let me choose what to eat from the menu (shoulder of lamb) and also to have a beer, well actually a few throughout the day, and She also let me have a desert (tiramisu). That evening the hotel left a complimentary bottle of wine in our room as it was my birthday and Owner even let me have a glass and order a small tub of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream from room service. i truly was treated like a princess for the day. This is me at the end of the day enjoying my birthday wine and ice cream

The centre of Rotterdam was largely flattened during the Second World War and so the city centre is very modern. It also has a lot of public art scattered about, including a giant statue of a gnome holding a butt plug (officially it's Santa with a tree - yeah, right)! What a fun city it is. Here i am interacting with public art
Wow! Now that is some butt plug!
And here are some more images of the city
A chilly morning in the park
Towards Centraal Station
View from the Euromast
One of the old harbours
Cool building
Lovely food market with bars/cafes
View from the Erasmus bridge
Art and buildings
The morning after my birthday Owner continued giving me treats. This time after first gagging me she sat astride my buttocks in bed and used me as a human pillow whilst She pleasured Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator. Then She positioned me on all fours and, after instructing me to make my clit hard for Her, proceeded to start to spank and slap my clitty with one of the hotel slippers. Then She had me kneel on the bed and manouvered Herself on all fours in front of me so that my clitty was rubbing up against the Her pussy. Then She had me rub myself against Her moist sex, obviously not letting me inside Her, whilst She reached down between Her thighs with the slipper and continued to spank my clit and my exposed 'labia' hard with the slipper. It wasn't long before the spanking of my bits made me want to cum which Owner permitted, telling me to 'cum like a slut'. i did, copiously, and Owner ensured that i orgasmed all over the sole of the slipper which She then handed to me to lick clean.

Incidentally, the nightie that i am wearing in the first photo is a new one Owner also bought me. It is beautiful. Owner took some other pictures of me wearing it in the hotel room as you can see

Owner truly gave me a birthday weekend to remember and i have a very exciting year ahead of me as She continues to extend Her control over every aspect of my life.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I'm sure Owner really enjoys your cute little ass showing, like in that last shot :) sara

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara, and i love showing it off :)!