i thought i would update about how things are going now Owner has almost total financial control over me. As readers may recall Owner is now limiting me to an 'allowance' of £100 a month from which i must cover all of my everyday expenses. The remainder of my money stays in my main current account which i cannot access except with Her permission. To establish this new arrangement took a short while as i needed to create a new current account, then transfer the balance then remaining of my January allowance into it (£70) and create a monthly standing order for the account for £100 which kicks in from February onwards. The account comes with a basic debit card, thereby enabling the surrender of my main current account card and credit cards to Owner for safe keeping.

You may also recall that Owner also wants me to get a new tattoo (a chain for my ankle) which i am to pay for from my monthly allowance. This required the creation of a linked saving account to the account in which my allowance is kept so that i could set money aside each month to pay for it. This too has now been set-up online enabling me to start to save some money towards my tattoo.

So, how have i been getting on? Well, it doesn't look like i will be saving much at all this month! i have had to go into the office a few times and each time i go in costs money for train/tube etc tickets/ i am also in the habit of buying myself a couple of cafe lattes when i am in the office from a nearby cafe. Needless to say, this all adds up. Yesterday Owner and i also went for a couple for drinks after spending the afternoon viewing an exhibition at the British Museum. Again, this depleted my funds further. We then went for a lovely meal afterwards but Owner allowed me to pay for that from my main i.e. none-'allowance' account. Incidentally, She chose a lovely Korean dish for me to have.

Nevertheless, i am still a week away from the end of the month and i have only about £16 left. Thankfully, i only need to go into the office one day next week and so my travel costs for the rest of the month are very limited. i'll likely need some cash next weekend and so i imagine that, come the month end i will probably only have been able to save a couple of pounds towards my tattoo. Well, i suppose it will, at least, have been a start.

So, what have i learnt from my experience this month. First, i love the fact that Owner now controls me financially, it is a welcome and logical extension of Her domination of me. Second, i need to be better at financial planing in future months if i am to be able to save more. i will need to start foregoing some of the coffees i am in the habit of buying when working away from home (at £2.50 each they quickly add up!). i may also need to consider just ordering half pints rather than pints when permitted to drink alcohol by Owner. In short, i am going to need to make some spending adjustments to bring myself sufficiently within budget each month to start saving in earnest for the tattoo that Owner wants me to get and i want to have.


Anonymous said...

hun, thanks for the update! Well, looks like you'll have to be slimming down in more than one way now (reminds, i need to do my situps!) :)
i'm guessing those lattes are going to have to go! Glad Mistress let you buy some Korean from your main account. Remember, save save SAVE!! :) hug, sara

Happy pet said...

Thanks Sara and yes, saving is the order of the day!