Owner and i have just returned from a long weekend in the sunshine state. Though we stayed in South Beach in Miami we actually managed to get to see quite a bit of the city too as well as getting down to the Keys (as far south as Long Key to be precise) and into the Everglades National Park. We really had a great trip and would love to go back one day.

Ironically the weather was more 'English summer' than we had expected so i only got to parade in my shorts once but i did enjoy perusing some of the South Beach fashions in the shops and Owner even allowed me to buy a cute little pair of shorts (see below) as well as a lovely skirt which was on sale in Macy's and a pair of pretty knickers.
Posing in my new South Beach shorts on our balcony
 i had read that driving in Miami wasn't that great, though having now experienced it it isn't that bad and can probably be accounted for by two things. First, driver frustation/boredom at the constant stop-start from all the traffic lights and second, the virtual total lack of signage to places you want to get to (i can see the airport i am driving along parallel to the runway so why are there no signs for how to get to said bloody airport!).

But, i digress. The places we loved were the wildlife in the Everglades, the art and graffiti in Wynwood Walls, the waterfront in the Bayside/Brickell Park district (though could somebody please open a cafe here), the middle Keys (why would anyone choose to holiday in Key Largo?) and the art deco in South Beach. i loved the South Beach styles (oohh to parade in one of those teeny weeny bikinis) and Owner marvelled at the fact that everyone speaks Spanish by default (note - Owner is Spanish).

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from our trip
down at the beach - though sadly not in my bikini
South Beach
Long Key State Recreation Park
Watching Me Watching You in the Everglades

Calle Ocho
Miami Skyline
Ocean Drive, South Beach
Wynwood Walls


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good vacation!
i luv your little short shorts! :) i, too, buy alot of my lingerie at Macy's, so can picture that well!

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara, the holiday was fab. The sale at Macy's was a good one, i could have spent a lot more time in the store!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee.. couldn't we all! hugs, sar