Owner and i are having a new bathroom installed next week so we are bracing ourselves for at least a week of chaos at home. This means that there will be a few days when i will be working from home with builders banging and clattering away in the background, days in which i won't be wearing a skirt but hopefully will still be able to wear my blouses, smart women's trousers, stockings and flats. Owner has decided that we should de-camp to a local hotel for a couple of nights at the end of next week so that we can shower etc without being surrounded by chaos.

Speaking of Owner, yesterday was Her birthday and i took Her out for a meal to a great gluten-free Italian restaurant in Soho in London called La Polentaria. Owner, of course, chose what i would eat but She did permit me to have a beer which i enjoyed as well as the meal. Now that Owner has switched to a gluten-free diet i have been learning some new recipes to prepare for Her. If any readers have any great gluten-free recipes they can recommend then i would love to hear about them so that i can add them to my repertoire for Owner.

Both of us travelled to Spain for the Easter weekend to spend it with Owners family. We had a really enjoyable time. It was also, i think, the first time that i have remained in chastity for such a trip. Previously, Owner told me to remain out of chastity for such visits but not this time and so i again successfully ran the gauntlet of airport security safely locked up and spent all of our visit locked away. Except for when i have been permitted to remove the device for cleaning i have now been locked in chastity for 41 days in a row. It is still quite a way from our previous all time record - which was over 60 days - but i am enjoying being locked-up again on a longer term basis and Owner seems to be too, which is great.

In one of my previous posts i mentioned about how Owner had found a really pretty dress She wanted me to buy but which i had not been able to as buying it would have left me with nothing left of the monthly allowance She allows me to spend each month - which would in turn have meant i would have had no money to pay to get to work on days i needed to go into the office. Well, i managed eek out the last of my allowance to the end of March and then the 1st April saw it replenished for another month. i checked that morning and to my delight the dress was still on sale, So after a quick text to Owner seeking Her permission to buy it i placed my order.  i can't wait for it to arrive. Below is a picture (and a link) from the website where i bought it

Link to dress here
i am also quite pleased with how my exercises have been going of late. As readers may recall i exercise regularly - with a focus primarily on my butt and abs. Owner has commented a few times that She likes how my body shape has changed - i can, for the first time in my life, now see my abs! - and i have also lost weight. i am now consistently down at just over the ten stone mark (circa 140-141lbs). My goal is to get below 140lbs and keep my weight consistently just below that which would bring me back the weight i was when Owner and i first met over a decade ago, which would be nice.


Anonymous said...

First, congratulations on your weight! Excellent work!

i do love that dress -- it's gorgeous! You'll look great in it. i see why Owner wanted you in it.

Hopefully the construction won't be as bad as you fear. And hope you can get some femme shorts/slacks on underneath a sweater, at least! i'm not sure back-zipper would be the best thing, though, lol...too distracting for the workers!

Happy Birthday to Owner! Sounds like you had a nice time.

hug, sara

Happy pet said...

Thanks sara. Yes the dress is lovely and arrived super quick. i can't wait to do a photoshoot in it. The construction work has, however, not been a good experience to date and can't wait until it is over.