For what has felt like the first time in ages i actually got to work from home one day this last week. Thus, i was able to dress up in my usual home working uniform. i can't tell you how much we have both missed it (both Owner and i) but it was lovely to be able to do again. Owner remarked that She too has missed having not Her 'wife' dressed appropriately and working from home lately (even though She has to go into Her office). We had no deliveries or other visitors during the day so i didn't get to parade around in front of others but it was lovely to be back at home dressed appropriately for work. This is what i was wearing, nothing fancy, just one of my office 'uniforms',

i am working from home one day this coming week too and am looking forward to the prospect of dressign appropriately again already. Incidentally, i got my haircut yesterday so it now looks a little shorter than it does in the picture above.

This mornign before breakfast Owner treated me to a wonderful orgasm (i have been out of chastity all summer at Her request). Owner awoke and began to rub Herself against my body, touching and fondling my 'clit' and my 'pussy', caressing my nipples and stripping me out of my nightie. Next She straddled my hips and, placing Her vibrator against Her clitoris, She proceeded to rub Herself against the shaft of my excited little clit until She orgasmed. It was wonderful to lie there and watch Her as She focussed on pleasuring Herself this way. allowing me the opportunity to caress Her breasts at the same time.

After satiating Herself Owner then reversed positions so that She was facing away from me and began to gently beat and strike my clit and then masturbate it whiilst presenting me with Her anus to lick. The opportunity to do this always drives me insane with excitement and arousal and, coupled with the mild clit spanking, it wasnt long before my clit was ready to explode over my belly, which She allowed me to do.

After making breakfast i then set about doing some washing and laundry, changng the bedding and preparing dinner for later. As i did i was conscious that Owner was busy doing somethign in the loubge but did not know what. It soon transpired that She was setting up a meeting with me to formally review our 'Housewife Academy' and how to pick-up and take forward my training again after a period in which things have slipped (see previous posts). But, it is  not any old meeting. She has booked us both into a hotel for the night in a few weeks time so that we will be undisturbed and She can conduct the review of my behaviour, performance and development without distractions.

i will, of course, update you on the outcome of the meeting afterwards. However, in the meantime, it does now feel like we are starting to get back to 'normal' again.
Yesterday was Owner and my 12th anniversary. We celebrated in style, as middle aged couples do, with home-made pizza and ice cream :)

Owner bought me this lovely bracelet as an anniversary gift

She knows how much i love to accessorise and this bracelet joins the other four that i wear all the time, so i now sport three on my right wrist and two on my left.

This weekend we will be going shopping and i am hoping that Owner might let me buy some new clothes.
First, thank you to all of those of you who dropped by to ask if Owner and i were OK. We're both fine thanks and just back from a two week holiday in Denmark (see below for some pictures).

It has been quite some time since i last posted on here and i really apologise for that. Unfortunately, a combination of many things caused this hiatus. We've both been very distracted by other things of late which have been occupying our minds and which have impacted upon our usual lifestyle. The whole Brexit situation in the UK is an ongoing cause of much stress and despondency. We've been protesting against that and hoping against hope the situation reverses as it will bring nothing good with it and directly impacts upon our own future plans as a Spanish/British couple living in London. It has meant that life has become quite political and focused on bigger issues.

In the meantime, though Owner's (frozen) shoulder continues to gradually return to normal it has impacted on Her health in other ways. She is often still in constant pain and discomfort and that, combined with some work issues, has left Her feeling quite down at times. My own work is super busy at the moment with little opportunity to work from home and some long hours and a lot of travel.

As a result of the above i have been much less of the pet Owner deserves that i ought to have been and things have slipped a little on the housewife front. i have also put on some weight.

However, on the positive front. We did get a couple of weekends away in over the summer (Oslo and Bristol) and have just returned from a great two weeks away in Denmark. We also have something very exciting planned for next year - but i am not going to say any more about that for now - you will just have to guess :)

So, once again, apologies all for the long absence and thank you to all of you who took the time to drop us a line asking if we were OK? We're still going strong and still living very much with Owner in charge even if some of my own duties have slipped up of late. Hopefully, we'll be back fully on track again soon.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from our travels in Central Jutland,Denmark (and see i have put on weight)
Favourite Plastic Coat and Bikini on our Balcony in Denmark

Hello belly!

The temperature in London has been rising these past few days with a mini heatwave and then, last night, spectacular thunderstorms and lightning. The change in the weather mirrored a change in status for yours truly, from locked in chastity to unlocked - and then permitted to cum. On Thursday after work Owner instructed me to remove my chastity device and allow my little clit some time unconstrained in its tight little cage. It was the first time it had been unlocked and allowed out at all since early January. It was quite strange to suddenly be able to see and touch it again.

Needless to say though there was to be no touching of a masturbatory type allowed. Friday passed without incident in my newly released state but then Saturday morning i was awoken with a surprise from Owner. As i lay in a semi-awake (in both ways) state in bed She began to gently fondle and caress me, including caressing my now unlocked clit. Then She took the pair of Japanese clover clamps that always hang from the bed post, for just such a purpose, and clamped my nipples, placed Her knickers over my head with the crutch positioned just under my nose so that i inhaled the sweet scent of Her sex, before taking Her vibrator out of the bedside table drawer, straddling my backside and riding Herself to a battery-powered orgasm. She then turned me over and started to rub Herself up and down along the shaft of my clit whilst continuing to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator. Needless to say, i was soon highly aroused, thrusting my hips up and down and rubbing the shaft of my engorged clit across the entrance to Her sex (i am never under any circumstances permitted to actually enter Her). Owner continued to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator and soon the combination of the sensation of my rubbing myself against Her sex and feeling the vibrations of Her dildo echo through me were too much. i asked for, and was granted, permission to cum and with that ended over nine months of denial. i felt a mixture of emotions when i came, pleasure yes but also a slight disappointment that such a long period of happy denial had come to a sticky end.

With my orgasm returned the unfamiliar state of post-orgasm tiredness and sleepiness on my part, to the extent that it wasn't long before Owner was forced to remark that She was regretting having let me cum at all. It was an off hand remark by Her but part of me wonders whether She might change Her mind and opt to keep me in long-term denial in future. We definitely both agree that i function better when maintained in that state.

It being the weekend also meant that there have been more treats in store for me, namely being handed glasses of Her delicious piss to drink each day. As this is a bank holiday weekend it has also meant i have enjoyed three glasses of Her wonderful nectar rather than the usual two i get on a normal weekend. The glass i had yesterday was particularly noteworthy. It was almost hot to the touch and tasted warm and wonderful. i truly am lucky to be given the opportunity to imbibe glasses of Her wine like this.

As Saturday was a hot day (Owner does not like the heat) we went to the cinema and watched a lovely Finnish film about Syrian asylum seekers called The Other Side of Hope. It is only on a limited release but if it is on near to you we would both recommend it, it is a slow and delightfully observed film with some great comic moments and a hilarious cast of characters. Then yesterday we spent the day in Kew Gardens in London. We last went to Kew over three years ago and it was lovely to go back and spend the day wandering around the gardens and the woods. i even got to complete a little public bra-wearing challenge amongst the floral displays

However, to be honest the biggest challenge i faced that day was going up the treetop walk, a walkway that wends its way around the tops of some of the trees. i am scared of heights and it left me with shaky knees afterwards, especially as the walkway wobbles!
the staircase up to the treetop walk

amongst the treetops
i was quite relieved to be back down on terra firma!

i am also thrilled to report that Owners' frozen shoulder is finally starting to recover. It has been a horrible experience for Her but She has been back working full time for a while now and we have also booked ourselves some holidays (Norway and Denmark) so in the coming months i will hopefully be reporting back on our resumed adventures abroad.

Oh, and one last thing. Owners financial domination of me is now complete. About two weeks ago the process of closing my bank account and transferring everything across into the joint account She controls was completed. It was quite a step to take but one i am really pleased we did. My salary now gets paid direct to this joint account and the only bank account i now have of my own is the one into which my monthly allowance of £100 is transferred. So Owner now controls every aspect of my finances and is free to spend my salary as She chooses, whereas i of course, cannot. This is a major change and one that i would not advise anyone enter into unless they are 100% secure in their relationship but to us it was the next logical extension of Owner's domination and control of me.

Sorry for the lengthy post, there was quite a lot to update on.
Owner seems to be really enjoying some of the recent additions to my training and development. Every Saturday and Sunday She now presents me with a glass of Her delicious urine for me to drink. This weekend She handed me a warm glass to have before my breakfast and today i received a glass mid-morning, just as i was about to commence my exercises. It is interesting how the colour and the character of Her urine differs depending on the time of the day or what She has drunk Herself. i look forward to becoming an expert when it comes to the many vintages She produces.

Owner has also had cause to make use of the new system of 'instant punishments'. Last weekend i posted about how i had been punished for not labelling food in the fridge. i drew a punishment card from the bag and which stated that my nipples had to be clamped and weighted for twenty minutes. The punishments was delivered in the kitchen with me stood facing the wall. Well, i am afraid Owner had cause to insist that i take another card today. i had been over-zealous with the use of bleach when cleaning the bathroom and made the flat smell of bleach. This time the card i drew stated i was to be spanked 40 times on my testicles. Owner administered the punishment in the bedroom, striking my exposed bits hard and painfully. But it was soon over. She then took this picture of the wooden spoon She used resting against my still throbbing bits, and then added a creative touch to it. i love the final result

Owner also received a promotion at work recently and successfully passed a course She attended, and which She had been very stressed about. i am incredibly proud of what She has achieved. She really is an inspiration.
Owner will often remind me that i am an extremely lucky submissive. When She says this She means that there are many things that She allows me to do which another, stricter dominant might not. She is of course correct. Owner regularly gives me little treats or surprises that She knows i will enjoy. This weekend i have been especially lucky in that regard.

Yesterday was the final of the Eurovision song contest, an event i always look forward to watching. Owner finds the whole show a bit of a waste of time but She knows that it is a show that i enjoy and thus it has become something of an annual fixture in our household, with us both sitting down together to watch it as a treat for me. This year Owner surprised me by not simply permitting me to watch the show but also suggesting that we go to the pub beforehand and then come home and watch the show. And so it was we spent a few happy hours having a few drinks and gossipping and people watching before returning to watch the spectacle on TV. The song i hoped might win, Belgium's entry, did not but congratulations to Portugal for a deserved success.

The treats continued today when Owner permitted me to undertake another of my favourite activities, namely take a trip to our local garden centre and buy some plants. If left to my own devices, something that will obviously never happen, i could spend all day in garden centres and spend a small fortune. Owner ensures this doesn't happen but She does permit me the occasional supervised foray to go with Her to get some plants. However, i am only permitted to get the ones She chooses.

So, as you can see i have been having quite a weekend of treats. We have also started our new routine of me drinking a glass of Owners wonderful urine each day at the weekend. The glass i was given by Owner this morning was full of Her warm amber wine. For some reason i am always left feeling aroused when i drink a glass of Her piss, it is wonderful stuff.

However, Owner is also quick to chastise or reprimand me when i do things wrong and today She unfortunately had cause to administer one of Her new 'instant punishments'. i had just got out of the shower when She came in and demanded to know why i hadn't labelled the date i had placed a half-finished packet of halloumi cheese into a container in the fridge. i was instructed to pick a punishment from the punishment bag that now hangs from our fridge door. The card i took out stated that i was to stand for twenty minutes facing the wall with my nipples clamped and weighted. So this was how i spent twenty minutes of my day today. My nipples were quite sensitive afterwards!
nipples tweezer clamped and weighted
Stood facing the wall for my punishment, the punishment bag is the small red bag hanging to my left

This afternoon Owner and i had one of our regular reviews of my ongoing training and development. Readers may recall that Owner has developed a programme for me which She calls Her housewife Academy. This is divided into four broad training and development areas encompassing:
  • Domestic diva
  • Sex kitten
  • Submissive pet
  • Multi-tasking ninja
i am given goals to achieve under each category and, when these have either been successfully completed or incorporated into my daily life (where they require an ongoing and permanent change) new ones are added until these too have been completed, and so on and so on. Anyway, today Owner agreed that sufficient progress had been made to warrant some new additions to my learning and development.

As of today i have, therefore, had the following added;

Domestic Diva
  • research a sewing project for our flat that i could complete if i am permitted to purchase a sewing machine, now that i have completed a course on learning to use sewing machines.
  • do an audit of our houseplants and remove ones that are not looking too good and tidy up the plants we have outside
Sex Kitten
  • Drink a glass of Owners urine once a day at weekends
Submissive Pet
  • Restrict my coffee intake by only being permitted to drink coffee in the morning and to have a single one straight after lunch (this afternoon coffee to be removed over time i.e. so that i will only be permitted coffees in the morning)
  • Initiate a system of 'on the spot' punishments for any transgressions - Owner has written out a series of punishment cards (about 20 of them) which She has placed into a bag. Whenever i do something wrong i will have to take a card from the bag and complete the punishment on the card. These range from canings, standing facing the wall to being clamped on my nipples, having mini metal clothes pegs attached to my testes or adopting the plank position and combinations thereof.
Multi-Tasking Ninja
  •  Three times a week to only be permitted to read or listen to Spanish magazines or websites on my tablet in bed to improve my Spanish and create a log of all that i have read/listened to.
Hopefully i will soon have either completed or have sufficiently incorporated the above into daily life for further tasks or activities to be added. This is how Owner trains me to become Her ideal submissive wife, adding new restrictions or challenges or tasks to complete, waiting until they have been done or normalised into our relationship and then adding new ones.

Meanwhile, my testicles still throb exquisitely from the spanking they received this morning. Today has been a good day :).
This morning Owner woke me by gently caressing and stroking my body through my babydoll as we lay curled up together in bed. She focused Her caresses between my buttocks and on my nipples, quickly exciting and arousing me. i slipped my shoulder straps off to afford Her full access to my breasts and we lay together for a while with Her stroking and caressing me.

Next She turned Her attention to my locked clitty. Owner began to spank my exposed testes with the flat of Her hand, starting gently but then striking harder and harder. i adore being spanked in this way and for a few years now it has been the only method by which i am permitted to orgasm ie. through Her spanking my bits hard until the painful pleasure becomes too great and i erupt. Not this time though. It's now been well over eight months since i last had an orgasm and the last five of these have been spent locked 24/7 in chastity. Not that i am complaining i hasten to add, i actually love being kept locked and denied. No this time Owner had no plans to permit me to cum, just to make me frustratingly aroused before switching the focus to Her pleasure.

For a few minutes She repeatedly struck my vulnerable and exposed 'labia' and i felt my little clit swell and throb inside the confines of its cage. However, before my excitement became too great She stopped and instead gagged my mouth and clamped my nipples before rolling me over onto my stomach. She then removed Her knickers and placed them over my head, ensuring that the moist and aromatic fabric of the crutch was positioned just under my nose so that i might fully appreciate the scent of Her sex. Then She straddled my buttocks, took out Her favourite vibrator and rode Herself to an orgasm, grinding Herself against me as i lay helpless beneath Her, listening to Her moment of ecstasy whilst i was highly aroused but firmly locked and denied.

It is Owners decision as to whether, when or, indeed, if i will be permitted to orgasm again and/or be unlocked from chastity. We both agree that my behaviour and performance is enhanced by chastity and i personally love to be kept locked up this way. This is now by far the longest period i have gone being locked and denied, i would love for it to become the norm but that is Owners decision to make not mine. For now i am just enjoying the afterglow of Her attention this morning and the pleasure i get from knowing that She obtained the pleasure She deserves.
Yesterday i had the second of the two sewing machine lessons that Owner had instructed me to enrol onto. Like the previous lesson this was an all day session held at a lovely place in East London called  Fabrications. Once again, i was the only non-female in the class. In this lesson we learnt how to attach zips and make button holes using sewing machines and also how to create a lined edge. In the afternoon we had a choice of making either a pair of shorts or a skirt, i chose a skirt.

Owner had permitted me to buy some fabric so i was able to choose a nice black and white one from the shop to make my skirt out of. The tutor showed me some examples of different styles of skirts i could attempt to make and i chose a less fitted design that i said i wanted to come to just above my knee. She then measured me to get the correct sizes and i was off. The first stage was to cut the fabric into two equal lengths. However, it took me a while as the fabric i had chosen was heavily patterned and i wanted to ensure that the patterns aligned on the finished product, i know Owner has an eye for such things and didn't want to disappoint Her.

Next, it was back to the machine and beginning the process of sewing the skirt together, creating the gathers and fitting the zip etc. i confess i made a number of errors and actually broke the sewing machine needle twice by running it over the zip! However, i eventually, with a lot of help from the tutor, succeeded in assembling my skirt to a point where it was almost ready to wear. She had me put the unfinished skirt on a few times to check it would fit as the skirt slowly came together. However, time passed and it was starting to get late. i was due to meet Owner for dinner and had to leave before the skirt was 100% finished in order to make my rendezvous with Owner who was taking me out for dinner and cocktails! As a result the final fitting of the side poppers on the skirt had to wait until the next day at home.

This morning i attached the popper fastenings and hey presto! What the tutor had described as my '1950's housewife' skirt was finally complete. It is far, far from perfect but i am still quite proud of my first attempt at making a garment on a sewing machine. Owner would like me to put my new found sewing skills to good and so shortly i have been permitted to buy a machine to have at home where i can practice making, decorating and repairing more items - just as She would like Her housewife to be able to.

Let me know what you think of my creation.

Modelling the skirt skirt i made

Attaching the poppers to my skirt back at home
i am lucky in that my work gives me more days of annual leave a year than does Owners' employer, ten days more to be precise. As befitting Owners' submissive housewife it has now been long established that i should use these additional days of leave constructively, such as by attending courses or some such useful activity. Well, this week i have been enjoying a whole week off from work - a week that i have mostly spent up a ladder painting our flat. i confess to being pretty hopeless when it comes to most types of DIY but i can just about cope with painting and decorating. And so this is what i have been doing all week.

Owner took this picture of me 'in action' - do you like my shower hat and glamorous decorators attire? :)

Once everything has been painted i will have provided a canvas of sorts for Owner to then decide what pictures or ornaments (if any) will go on display. All decisions relating to how our flat is decorated are made by Her alone.

i also had another job to do this week, namely to begin the process of closing down my bank account to enable Owner to exercise total financial control over me. The lady i saw in the bank was incredibly helpful in getting everything set-up so that come the middle of next month i will no longer have my own separate bank account and my salary will instead be paid direct to the joint account that Owner manages for us both. The reality has been that for over a year i have had only limited access to my own bank account anyway, Owner retained my bank card and i needed Her permission to spend money from it. But, the account still existed, as it has done since i was sixteen years old, in my name as my own bank account. In a few weeks time that will no longer be the case, ten account will close and Owners financial control will become complete. Though it felt somewhat like the end of an era to begin the process of closing it down and with it to make formal the end of my financial independence it also feels right and proper.

As of the middle of next month Owner will take total control of me financially. It feels oddly liberating and exciting to voluntarily enter into a state of financial dependence on Her. She will continue to set aside a small proportion of my salary each month for me to spend (currently this is set at £100 a month but She has stated She will review this -it could go down) as a monthly allowance that is transferred into a separate account that we set up just over a year ago for just this purpise, so that i have access to a bank card. My salary, except money that is set aside for my savings each month, will in effect become Hers to spend as She sees fit. It's quite a step to enter into but it is a good one.
So today i had the first of my two days of training to learn how to use a sewing machine. It was an all day introduction to using a sewing machine course which Owner had found for me so that i might learn another useful skill as Her housewife. There were eight of us on the course plus the tutor, i was the only non-female.

During today's lesson we learnt how to thread and operate a sewing machine and the various different types of stitches that can be created. We were then taught how to sew a simple item, i sewed this tote bag which i am really rather pleased with. i cut out the materials and did all of the sewing myself, albeit with the help of the tutor.

Owner was impressed when i showed Her the results of my efforts when i got home.

Next weekend we move onto some more advanced skills, such as fitting zips and buttons and then we all get to make some either a pair of shorts or a skirt. Guess which i will be choosing!:) The course really was fun and i think i am starting to learn a new skill that may come in use, especially if i am permitted to invest in a sewing machine.

Talking of money, tomorrow i go to the bank to start the process of transferring my finances across so that they are under Owners control. As Owner's domination of me deepens,hopefully my skills as a Her housewife will continue to increase.
Owner and i are both really enjoying the long Easter weekend. After going for a woodland walk on Friday yesterday saw us at the movies to watch 'The Handmaiden', a film adaptation of the book 'Fingersmith'. The film really is well worth seeing. Afterwards we went to one of our local pubs and Owner let me have some alcoholic drinks.

Today we headed west by train to a part of London little explored by either of us. Our destination was Strawberry Hill House, former home  Horace Walpole and the birthplace of the Gothic literary genre. He wrote 'The Castle of Ontranto' there, regarded as being the first Gothic novel. The house has been largely restored and is well worth a visit.

Channelling the disco spirit in Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House and Grounds

On the train journey home Owner treated me to carresses of my chastised 'clitty' and repeatededly spanked my testes through the fabric of my jeans. i sat on the seat in the carriage with my legs spread wide open to afford Owner an easier target and 'enjoyed' the feeling of being left excited and aroused by Her as i watched London pass by out of the window. Needless to say it was a wonderful, albeit frustrating, journey and one i did not want to end!

Yesterday was also quite a big day in terms of Owners control over me and its further strengthening. For just over a year now i have not been permitted access to my main current account bank card without asking first asking Owner for permission to use them. Instead, we created a new account with a different bank into which i transfer a set amount each month (£100) which was to be my allowance for the month. This system worked well but it still meant that Owner had only partial control of my finances, i still maintained a separate bank account which my salary was paid into, albeit an account i needed Her permission to access.

Anyway, as of next month i will be closing that main account of mine down. Instead, my salary will be paid direct into the joint account Owner and i already have so that She can control and use the money accordingly. i will be restricted to accessing ans spending  just my 'allowance' monthly allowance, whatever She determines that to be in future, except for household purchases such as food etc which will come out of the 'joint' account. This way Owner will now have full access to, and control over, the money i earn and can completely control and monitor my expenditure. i am really pleased at the prospect of this new arrangement and of Owner exercising such a degree of financial control over me.

i should add a health warning to anyone reading this who is considering having their partner take total control of their finances. i have known Owner many years and we have complete trust in each other. I will also still have a separate account for my savings and will continue to pay into that. Neither of us would suggest entering into a financial control arrangement such as the one we are unless you are completely sure of things with your partner and have some form of independent finances you could still access if everything goes wrong between you both.
Sometimes it is only when you look back that you see how far you have travelled. It is certainly the case that with Owner and i, and specifically with the nature of our Female-led relationship and my submission to Her, we have indeed journeyed a long way.

Anyone who has followed this little blog of ours over the years will know by now that our story began just over twelve years ago when we met each other for the first time online. We were both emerging out of divorces and looking for new friends and companions. Neither of us was looking for romance. After getting to know one another in cyberspace we met for the first time in May 2005 at Bond Street tube station and went for lunch to a pizza restaurant, we still go to that same restaurant on the same day every year. For months we were 'just friends' until one day in October that same year Owner, bored of waiting, kissed me in London's Charing Cross station. We have been together ever since.

However, at first ours was very vanilla relationship. That changed when i nervously wrote Owner a letter inviting Owner to move in with me and asking to be allowed to submit to Her and for Her to dominate me (or words to that affect). To my delight She said yes.

Those first few years we played a lot and tried many different approaches before we found an approach that worked for us as a couple whereby i could truly began to fully submit to Owner. In those same years we also started to experiment with 'forced feminisation'. Once opened that particular Pandora proved impossible to go back into its box, and i am eternally thankful to Owner that She took my 'unlocked' femininity in Her stride.

We are now in a place where i live my life in a way that i could never have dreamt would be possible all those years ago and we do so in a way that is not a game that we dip in and out of, we live this 24/7 365 days a year. Owner is not your fantasy dominant wielding a whip and wearing heels. She is most likely to be found at home in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and slippers and spending Her time reading or researching something or other whilst i try to busy myself around the flat. If there was a live webcam of us it would most likely be as thrilling as watching paint dry much of the time, we live much as i imagine many other couples do, except that Owner is 100% in charge.

So what, you might ask, does that mean? Well, in case you are reading this blog looking for ideas of how you too could submit to your better half and what such a relationship might practically consist of (as we both spent years researching ourselves online and in forums when we first set out) then here are some examples of what my submission to Owner and Her domination of me looks like on a daily basis;
  • i prepare all our meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), i bake and i try to offer Owner meal choices - incidentally Owner is a great cook and She does occasionally cook 
  • i am responsible for all grocery and household shopping and for ensuring we are fully provisioned and keep a track of what needs using/replacing (i do not always get this right and am punished if and when i cock-up)
  • i do all the household cleaning (i have a daily rota), clothes washing and ironing etc
  • i am encouraged to learn new and practical skills and sometimes get sent on courses to learn - for examples so far courses i have completed have included massage, manicure, flower arranging, knitting etc
  • the flat is decorated etc entirely according to Owners taste, we disposed of the things i once owned and i no longer have any possessions
  • i may only purchase clothes that Owner approves of, must seek Her approval for what i can wear on weekdays and She chooses what i wear at weekends
  • Owner controls my finances. i still have my own bank account but need Her permission to use that bank card, instead i have a separate account in which my monthly allowance of £100 is transferred - this is to cover my monthly costs (minus travel which is not included)
  • i have no say in what i eat when we go out, Owner chooses my meals for me and will tell me whether or not i am permitted an alcoholic drink
  • my social media access is restricted to stop me time wasting
  • i am encouraged to use my free time constructively i.e. to learn new skills, practice my Spanish (Owner is Spanish) etc
  • i must never under any circumstances initiate sex, my role is that of Owners sex toy to be used if and when She chooses.
  • Owner and i last had 'tradional' i.e. me penetrating Her sex, over eight years ago. She can and does penetrate me and is in control of whether or not i am permitted to orgasm. i last orgasmed over 8 months ago and am regularly locked in chastity, this year i have been locked without release since the 10th January.
  • i have been collared for most of our time together, i wear a metal 'public' collar all day (including at work) and at home also wear a leather collar and cuffs connected by a chain.
  • Owner has supported my feminisation and i have been allowed to become increasingly feminine over the years. i now wear make-up daily (including to work) my wardrobe is entirely made-up of women's clothes and i am allowed to wear a bra, including a padded bra, on certain days
  • i have a 'smock uniform' that i am expected to wear at home when cleaning, when i work from home i dress like a slightly saucy female secretary and can dress more illiberally for 'dress down Fridays' when i work from home. i am now accustomed to taking deliveries, talking to our neighbour etc wearing stockings and skirts (whether they are or not is another matter!)
  • Owner makes all decisions. She decides where and when we go on holiday, what furniture we need, what we will do for the weekend etc. She does, however, expect and encourage me to provide Her with suggestions but the actual decision is Hers alone.
So, as you can see, there are many and varied ways in which i submit to Owner and She dominates me. i am Her housewife and Her sex toy. ours is not a Femdom relationship we dip in and out of, it IS our relationship and we live it everyday. Yes, there are times when things slip-up or when life gets in the way, but i would say we have got to a point where Her domination and my submission is the norm and it covers all aspects of our life together.

None of this would be possible were it not for the fact that Owner and i are best friends and love each other deeply. Her domination and my submission is built from an already strong relationship where we talk and share and communicate openly with each other. It has strong foundations from which we are building a strong Femdom/FLR frame.

So, why have i entitled this post 'The View From The Foothills'? Because, ours is a journey and we keep evolving, strengthening and deepening Owners domination of me and my submission to Her. i hope, and we strive, to keep strenghtening it further. As a professional trainer in real life Owner knows that i can sometimes get carried away and have unrealistic hopes/fantasies about what might be possible for us. Her style is gradual, to slowly, incrementally change and increase so that i normalise and get used to a new reality before the screw tightens a little further. She is an expert and highly adept at knowing how to have me sustainably submit completely to Her in a way that becomes embedded and lasts. We have, i hope many, many more years of growth and development still ahead of us, there are beautiful mountain peaks i would one day long to scale, we have come a long way but there is much fun to be had on the path ahead.
Owner and i went for a walk in one of South London's myriad woods. We took some sandwiches and snacks with us for nourishment. We had a lovely spring walk observing all of the trees coming into leaf and seeing birds foraging and building nests.

But what was missing from this scene was the sight of a nearly naked (i can't believe i forgot to take my socks off!) submissive hiding in the undergrowth wearing just their bra and a butt plug with a furry tail attached. That was until Owner spotted one of these strangely ellusive creatures and was able to take a quick photo as it took cover inside a natural bower

Spotted and flushed from in its lair and out into the open woodland the beast threw on a jacket to protect its modesty and posed for a quick photo
Before it fled down the path and into the depths of the wood beyond :)

We hope everyone had as fun a start to the long weekend as we had in the woods this morning.
The weekend of the 1st April was Owners actual birthday. For Her present i bought Her some earrings and  took Her out to celebrate with a birthday meal at a gluten-free restaurant in Central London we haven't visited before. We had a very enjoyable evening. The second part of my present to Her was a return visit to the Bermondsey Square hotel and its private rooftop hot-tub (which is where Owner took me for my birthday a few months previously). The weather in London was glorious and we got to lounge around in the hot tub once again enjoying the views of this great city. i even got to get in a bit of  sunbathing as well on the terrace outside our room.

Although the hotel visit was part of my treat to Owner She also used it to give me some treats of Her own. This morning She administered the most wonderful of clit-spankings and nipple tormenting which left me highly aroused and wonderfully frustrated (i have now spent a glorious 4 months being locked up 24/7).

Owner also used the opportunity to take dome pictures of me, with me very happy indeed to pose as Her muse (i am a complete tart when it comes to Owner and Her camera). i really liked posing for this 'Athena' style picture of me with my butt plug in place looking out from the hotel balcony.
Locked and plugged and very, very happy

 Owner permitted me to buy a new bra the other week from Little Women (our favourite shop for bras for me) the photos.

New 'Heidi' bra from Little Women

 In fact, She took so many pictures of me posing just in the bra that Her phone created this little GIF of me, which we hope you enjoy

In the meantime, in addition to the sewing course which Owner had me enrol on, and which starts later this month, She also instructed me to enrol on some Spanish evening classes. My first session starts on Tuesday.

Owner also stated that She thinks (correctly) that my life is too easy and that She will be looking for additional ways to deepen Her domination of me and make my life less relaxed. i really welcome Her taking such an active interest in further extending Her control and domination of me and know that, in doing so, it makes me a better and more useful person for Her. One day i hope to get to a point where Her control of me is absolute and each step we take closer towards that point the happier it makes me. The latest small example of this is that although i already needed to seek Her permission before i could post anything to facebook (where my/our vanilla life plays out) Owner has now stated that from now on i will also be restricted posting a maximum of two posts per week. She has also begun to research ways to deepen Her control over my finances.

With each turn of the domination screw by Her the more complete and fulfilled She makes my life. here was a moment today in the hot-tub when, thanks to the buoyancy afforded to our bodies when in water, She was able to cradle me in Her arms like a child with my cheek nuzzled against the small of Her neck. It was such a perfect little moment and one which felt physically how i feel emotionally all the time with Her, that is to say loved, cherished and nurtured and this feeling deepens and strengthens with each passing year and as Her control of me becomes more total.

Gracias mi amor.
Today it is my wonderful Owners birthday. The past year has not been the best She has ever enjoyed as a result of Her frozen shoulder, Brexit and the various other bits of nonsense we have collectively had to put up with. However, hopefully things can, as the song says 'only get better' and She will enjoy a wonderful year. i baked Her favourite cake (gluten free marble cake) and am taking Her out for dinner tonight and then next weekend we make a return visit to a hot-tub, which will hopefully be both fun and therapeutic for Her.

In the meantime, there is not much to report. i am nearly finished editing what started as a new Femdom short story and ended up as a bit of a novella! i have been writing it for the past couple of months in between my day job and my home duties and now am just editing etc. Owner keeps hoping that one day i will write a bonk buster that will enable Her to retire but i don't think i have the talent. Still, they are fun to write and any monies earnt do go straight to Her. When completed it will be on my short stories page (though it is quite long!) on this blog and available from the usual online outlets.

Last week Owner took what i think is this rather good 'action' shot of me cleaning the floor in our lounge
Check out my slippers!
Contrast the above outfit, me wearing one of my domestic cleaning ones, with this Fridays dress down Friday outfit which i wore whilst working from home
Hope you all have a great weekend and that your Spring or Autumn, depending on which half of the hemisphere you are in, is a great one.
Owner is a firm believer in Her wife (yours truly) having a range of practical and useful skills becoming of her station in our relationship. Thus, so far i have undertaken a range of different short courses and classes encompassing knitting, massage, manicure, flower arranging etc. All have been great fun to do, a chance to learn some new skills in the company of others and then apply them at home for Owners benefit. Owner has now identified a new skill She would like me t learn and some courses for me to do, namely sewing using a machine. Accordingly, over two weekends next month i will be attending some beginners sewing classes, learning how to use a sewing machine and progressing through to being able to make a basic skirt. i am excited and grateful to Owner for encouraging my continued development in this way.

In other news, my ankle tattoo is healing nicely and we're both very pleased with it. i have also been continuing to enjoy some days working from home with Owner, which has been a real pleasure. Owner took this picture of me wearing my glasses - my eyesight is not quite what it once was but Owner and i both think i look quite secretarial in these.

Meanwhile, it has now been well over seven months since i last had an orgasm and i have been continuously locked 24/7 in my chastity device since early January without release. i am really enjoying my new totally chaste state :)

Well the day finally arrived today when i got my new tattoo done. Regular readers may recall that at the start of 2016 Owner advised that She wanted me to get a new tattoo done BUT that i was to save up for it out of the monthly allowance that She allows me each month. That allowance restricts me to a tight monthly budget so i was only able to save the odd £10 or so a month towards the tattoo. However, just over a year on and i had enough money saved to pay to get it done. Yippee! You can see it below (it was only done an hour or so ago so is still wrapped up)

not the most glamorous of images!
The design is of a half moon to represent the moon goddess (which Owner states illustrates my feminine character) set as a pendant on a beautiful rosary style ankle chain. i can't wait to show it off this summer.

The tattoo was done at Good Times Tattoo in London, not a studio i have used before but one i would highly recommend.

Meanwhile, the weekend just gone saw a season of Women of the World (WOW) events taking place at the Southbank Centre in London. Owner and i went along to a discussion with Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel for the launch of their new book entitled 'We: A manifesto for women everywhere' which was interesting. And then last night (Sunday) we enjoyed an evening of Nordic inspired women's music, comedy and politics, all part of the same festival, hosted by Sandi Toksvig. It was an enjoyable and inspiring weekend and one in which i also got to wear my padded bra out in public too for our pre-event dinner at a restaurant and then to the book discussion on the Friday night.

On the Saturday Owner also treated me by taking me out for drinks and letting me have a few pints of cider - what a classy gurl i am :).

Hoping all is well with you.
Today has been a working from home 'dress down Friday'. As you can see such Fridays are a welcome chance to wear a more informal outfit. A case of; laptop (check), mobile phone (check), see-thru top and padded bra (check)

Contrast this with an example of my home working outfit from earlier this week, more formal and more chins and belly too! :)
But whether formal or not it is great to be able to spend days working from home with Owner here with me as well. This has been one of the very few positives that have arisen as a consequence of the ongoing problems She has been having with Her shoulder - the fact that She now officially works from home Herself three days a week. One of the other benefits (for me at least) being that i get to massage Her scrumptious body every night.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable and fun weekend.
Today i was working from home when i took a break to do some housework, hoovering and floor mopping to be precise. As i am now expected to clamp my nipples a few times a week whilst i am doing my cleaning chores i thought i would clamp myself whilst i mopped and hoovered. i used our adjustable tweezer clamps and these are some pictures that i took before i got started;

in my home working office uniform + clamps and hoover
i texted the second picture to Owner, who was working from Her office today. Needless to say, half an hour later when i had finished all the hoovering and mopping my nips were quite sensitive!

i have now also agreed with Owner that i will start sewing lessons. There is a course She found that is fairly local to where we live that offers a beginners course of 4 x 2 3/4hour sessions during which you first sew a cushion cover, then a  tote bag and then finally your own A-line skirt. i am now just waiting for the course dates for April/May to be announced in order to book myself on and make my own skirt! Owner has stated that, assuming i do OK on the course, i can then do another so that i can become adept at making alterations and buy a machine to use at home. Which would be another practical skill i will have learnt as Her submissive wife in training. i can't wait to book myself on and get started.
Owners review of my performance got a little delayed but has now been completed and She has started to identify some new tasks, behaviours and areas of learning for me to complete. Overall, She adjudged that all that i could do, from my previous review, had been done. There were a couple of outstanding items but these have gone on hold as they will not be possible to fully implement until Her shoulder is fully recovered (such as receiving weekly canings).

Meanwhile, Owner has started to identify some new things for me to undertake, including to book myself onto a course from a list of suggested options She provided. These included a lingerie making workshop, a dress making workshop and a handbag making workshop amongst others. i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of doing another course as it has been a while since i last did one (flower arranging back in the autumn). They are always good fun to do and they help build up my portfolio of useful and practical skills. i will, of course, keep you posted on which course i end up doing and report back on how it goes.

Owner had also requested that i make a flower arranging tutorial-style video and has also stipulated that She would like me to put on a monthly show for Her, which She may video. These shows are to be varied and not all should be stripteases. i used to put on shows for Her in the past but then rather got out of the habit, it will be fun putting them on again.

Owner is still adding items of learning/development for me for this next stage of Her 'housewife academy' as She describes it and i look forward to seeing what these might be as they are revealed to me.

Meanwhile, i was the lucky recipient of a lovely treat this morning. Owner used the leather fly swat to spank my breasts and then repeatedly spank my testicles (or labia). My little locked up clit got very excited by this and i eagerly spread my thighs wide open and lifted my hips  to afford Her an easier target. Owner then had  me rub myself against Her foot with my pussy. i was soon on all fours eagerly spreading my cheeks and rubbing my pussy all over Her wonderful foot whilst Her toes pushed hard against and pleasured the entrance of my sex. All the while Owner continued to spank my dangling labia with the fly swat. At one point i was told to suck and lick Her foot and i revelled in taking it completely inside my mouth and moistening it thoroughly before She once again explored the entrance of my pussy with it whilst continuing to spank me hard on my bits. By this point i was starting to really get excited and, sensing this, Owner brought proceedings to a halt, having me lick and suck Her foot and toes clean before dispatching me to prepare breakfast. It was wonderful to be aroused and denied this way and my little clit bulged happily in its cage.

It's now been well over six months since i last had an orgasm and i have been locked away in my xtra small nano chastity device continuously since the early January. It may sound an odd thing to say but the longer i am denied and kept locked up the happier and more focused on my daily duties i become, and with that hopefully i continue to become a better wife to Owner as well.
The times they have been quite easy the past few days. Yesterday i was working from home and, it being dress down Friday, had Owners permission to wear a more informal outfit. This is what i had on, as you can see i was in my element

Then today, Owner and i went to a great exhibition of kinetic artworks in London after which we went fro lunch and then had drinks in a local pub. This is the first time we have gone out for a Saturday afternoon drink in, well months really. It was lovely to do and we both had a really enjoyable time. Here we are relaxing in the bar
Tomorrow, i have my review with Owner during which She will give Her assessment of how i have been performing as Her submissive wife over the past few months. Although there was a period towards the end of last year where i freely admit i was not performing at my best i think i have got into a much better groove since Xmas. i feel my performance has been much better and also feel happier in myself as a result. i guess i will discover tomorrow whether or not Owner concurs.
Tomorrow marks six months since i was last permitted an orgasm, it is probably the longest i have gone without cumming since i was in my early teens - three decades ago. How do i feel? i can honestly say that i have never felt happier, hornier or more thrilled.

This morning Owner woke me by spanking my full and heavy 'labia' whilst my clit remained safely and tightly locked up in its little cage. i adore having my bits spanked this way and was soon very excited, arching my back and spreading my thighs apart to provide Owner easier access (She is still very limited in movement due to Her frozen shoulder and i know Her treating me to such a spanking was not physically easy for Her). i was extremely thankful and grateful to receive such a wonderful spanking. By the time She dismissed me to go and prepare breakfast i was aching and throbbing most wonderfully in my loins and i know i probably will be for the rest of the day.

As stated in my last post i have now been continuously locked in my new tiny chastity device for a month. The combination of being locked up and having not been permitted to cum for six months is such an indescribably wonderfully exciting and arousing sensation. i also think it is making me a much better wife for Owner. i hope i am kept in such a state for many, many more months.

On a completely different subject, Owner permitted me to buy a new dress from my allowance the other day. Owner chose it for me after seeing it in the sales in an online shop called Yumi that we have bought items from previously and really recommend. What do you think?

It is great quality.

We're off to the cinema later today something we're really looking forward it as we haven't been for ages. The combination of my bad back in the autumn and then Owners ongoing issue with Her shoulder meant that comfortably sitting for long periods was not something we were able to do until quite recently. My back is now fully recovered, i even re-started my butt and abs workout regimen a few weeks ago to try and get back in shape. i am currently 148lbs and want to get back down to about 140lbs. Owners recovery is a much slower and more drawn out process but She is definitely no worse and Her shoulder is less painful but She has secondary problems with muscles in Her back and neck and is still far from recovered.

Since Owner started having problems with Her shoulder i have been giving Her daily massages to compliment the professional massages She receives once a week, i also now wash, dry and brush Her hair for Her. i love doing all these things and this morning (after my spanking) Owner remarked what a good and attentive wife i was. Her compliment made me want to burst with joy. i vowed that when She is fully recovered i will continue to offer Her daily massages and do Her hair for Her. i love doing them and, to be honest, i feel bad that i wasn't doing this before as they are exactly the sorts of things Owner ought to expect me to do for Her anyway. i am eager to incorporate providing these services to Owner into my usual domestic duties.

i remarked to Owner this morning that i have never felt happier in my own skin than i do now and how i only ever want to spend time with Her. i often get comments on this blog saying how lucky i am. They are spot on, i truly am the luckiest person in the world.
i have now been locked in my new Nano Xtra Small chastity device for exactly one month. The device has not been removed at all in that period and i must confess that it and i are getting along much better than i could have hoped for what is, after all, a budget device. So, what do Owner and i think of it?

Before continuing it is probably best to say a few words about me and what i was looking for/wanting from a device in the first instance. You may not want the same things so please bear this in mind when reading about my own experience with its use.

i have been a regular user of different chastity devices over the years, both metal ones like this (a Jailbird) together with silicone devices (such as the Holy Trainer, Birdlocked Pico, CB-3000 etc). i even tried a Prince Albert piercing special, the PA5000. Of these i would say the Holy Trainer and the Jailbird were my favourites. The silicone is great for passing through airport security, whereas the metal ones are much easier to keep clean and Owner likes to be able to see what i have locked away - which you can't do in a silicone device. But, the issue for me with all of them was their size, specifically the fact that they were not always easy to conceal under tight trousers, and i love wearing tight trousers.  i am not well endowed (max about 4 inches erect) and so thought that a solution would be to get the smallest possible metal device i could find. The answer that google provided to my search was the 'Nano Xtra Small'.

The device is cheap, much cheaper than many other devices (metal or silicone) and so i thought it would at least be worth a try. i ordered the second smallest ring size to go with it as in the past with some devices i have had issues with one of my testicles escaping through the ring - that testicle is smaller than the other.  A tighter base helps prevent any risk of this happening. The trick is to get a base that is not so tight fitting that it will leave you in pain every night when the inevitable involuntary erections try to occur.

Anyway, the upshot is that i love the device. Owner was worried at first that it was too small and might actually do some damage - i did find at first that the head of my penis rubbed a little against my knickers when wearing tight jeans, especially when combined with lace knickers, where the head protrudes a little past the metal bars at the end of the device. However, wearing the device a little off-centre and being careful quickly fixed that and it has not been an issue since.

Also, the base ring of the device is hinged (you can purchase some tubing to cover the hinge when ordering) rather than being a single piece of metal. The advantage is it is easier to put on and secure in situ. i worried in case the tubing slipped or moved whilst wearing it and i got skin caught in the hinge but it has never moved once, not even when i do my daily exercises.

Aesthetically i love the device and love the fact that when i look down now i can no longer see anything that looks visibly cock-like. all i see is a tiny metal cage and the bulge of my testes below - about twice the size of the cage in comparison. Another advantage is that it holds your cock snug and nestled against your balls which in comparison are bigger in size. Owner likes to sometimes spank my testicles and i adore having them spanked, hard. The way the device encases your cock and holds it snug and petite against your balls leaves the latter as very easy targets.

One unexpected advantage of the device is that, possibly because of its small size, it never lets your cock goes completely flaccid - you know how when they can sometimes shrivel into almost nothingness. Instead, it seems to hold it in a state of slight arousal so that there is normally a slight bulge of flesh poking through the bars of the cage. The state of arousal is imperceptibly slight but just enough to ensure that there is always a very slight feeling of excitement and pleasure. To say being kept in chastity is sexually exciting sounds like a contradiction in terms but to me this is exactly how i feel about it, it is a wonderful state to be kept in and in the Nano XS that state seems to be heightened still further.

It is a device that i can readily imagine, and happily fantasise about, being locked in permanently, only having it removed when we are travelling and need to pass through airport security. It doesn't event need removing for cleaning. Providing you have a good nail brush and a powerful, hand-held shower head then it is perfectly easy to keep it and your anatomy clean and hygienic. You just need a bit of patience adjusting your foreskin through the bars. The same also applies to shaving. i keep myself shaved smooth and find that with some manipulation of my testes and base of my penis through in the device in the shower i can keep myself smooth.

In summary, this is the favourite of all the devices i have ever worn. It no longer looks or feels like i have a cock between my legs, it can be worn easily under tight clothing, is easy to maintain, leaves me in a state of semi-permanent very mild arousal and creates an easy and inviting target of my testes. i love it and Owner now seems reassured that, despite its tiny size, it isn't doing me any harm, and may even be doing me some good. i, at least, hope to be locked in it for a very long time to come (pun intended).
It may be winter outside but Owner and i have just returned from a wonderful hot, wet and steamy 24hours in the ever amazing city in which we live. Owner took me away for a belated birthday celebration to a hotel in Bermondsey in London, close to London Bridge and The Shard, called the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Owner booked us into a top floor suite which had an outdoor hottub which afforded fabulous views towards the London Eye and equally fabulous opportunities for yours truly to prance about in my heels and bikini.

If there is one thing that i really can't resist then that is an opportunity to wear not a lot outside, be photographed just wearing heels and lingerie in a hotel corridor, put on a dress or generally just try to act the tart that i am at heart. It was an absolutely wonderful 24hours. Owner also let me have an alcoholic drink when we out on Saturday evening and She chose a wonderful meal for me to have in the restaurant.

This morning She even permitted me to choose my own breakfast and we followed that off with another refreshing dip in the hottub before doing some more cultural activities in the Fashion and Textile Museum and then at the White Cube Gallery (wonderful exhibition entitled Walhalla by Anselm Kiefer).

This video by Owner (and what a great video editor She is) shows some of the highlights from our short stay.

The build-up to our trip was equally exciting. i was working from home on Friday and so was wearing this 'dress down Friday' outfit.
Shortly after this shot was taken our neighbour rang the doorbell and so she too got to see me in my tights and shorts with a blouse and my 'breasts' from my new padded bra. She seemed momentarily surprised by my outfit but she didn't say anything, neither did the supermarket delivery driver when he called came later to delivery our groceries - though he did offer to give me a hand up the stairs with them :) - they never normally do that. Owner also permitted me to wear my heavy metal butt plug in my 'pussy' for two hours in the day whilst i was working.

It was a wonderful prelude to the fun and games on the hotel balcony the following day. Readers will be relieved to know (ha, ha!) though that underneath all my various outfits i remained safely locked up in chastity. My new 'nano' device has been in situ without a break for almost a month now (i will post a review shortly) and it has now been almost six months since i last had an orgasm. i am genuinely loving my locked and denied life.

Hope you liked the video.

In what are increasingly dark and disturbing times in the world there has been one small and positive little development for me. i have now finally saved up (after a year of squirrelling away a small amount each month from my monthly allowance) just about enough money to pay for the ankle tattoo Owner told me to get. Monday this week saw me having a short consultation with the tattooist to discuss the design of the tattoo Owner wants and to book an appointment to have the work carried out.  Owner had already decided that She wanted me to get a pretty ankle bracelet tattoo on my left ankle. She has now also decided that, to highlight my femininity, She wants the ankle chain tattoo to incorporate a half moon pendant design. The moon being the symbol of the female goddess. i discussed these requirements with the tattoo artist, paid my deposit and set a date of March 13th for the work to be carried out.

This will be my 7th tattoo. Four of my current six tattoos are designs requested by Owner and which symbolise something about me and my relationship to Her (the other 2 were done before we were in a relationship). The tattoos i currently have that She chose for me are as follows:

  • a princess crown on my right ankle - also to symbolise my femininity
  • a Celtic snake on my right hip - the 'S' being the initial of Her name and the 's' of my submission to Her
  • a key on my left hip - to symbolise my state of chastity/denial
  • a cat on my left shoulder - my role as Owners sex kitten
i am really excited at the prospect of having my new tattoo and can't wait to be able to show it off this summer! i am also quite proud of the fact that i was able to save-up for it from my monthly allowance. i started saving a year ago and finally have enough to get it done. i would love one day to also be permitted to have a 'tramp stamp' done :) - tattoos are quite addictive!

This coming weekend is also when Owner is taking me on my belated birthday treat to a night in a hotel in London with a rooftop hot tub. It may be the middle of winter here but i will be packing my bikini and can't wait to pose in it above the streets amongst the buildings of this fabulous city. We plan to have lots of fun splashing about. i will, of course, share the details when we get back.

In the meantime, stay safe and sane in what are troubling times and stand up for your rights and those of your neighbours.
With Owner's encouragement i write the odd short story. All are related to Femdom. Most of the ones i write end up in the bin but very occasionally one goes up on to see if anyone is interested in them. i have always assumed nobody has ever bought one but upon checking the other day i discovered a few people actually have! Not in any great quantities, certainly not enough for Owner to retire on (monies go to Her). Anyway, to cut a long story (ha, ha) short i have published another little story called 'Dancing Dave' .

They are my legs on the cover but nothing else in the story is about me. If you would like to read it you can get it from by clicking on the cover above or on the button below.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
Love this picture taken by Owner of me giving Her a foot massage last night, it says everything. Her on the sofa receiving a massage, me knelt before Her on the floor and locked safely away. Incidentally, the touch of Her feet on my thighs was delicioulsy and frustratingly arousing
i have blogged previously about how Owner controls my finances. My main bank card and my credit cards may only be accessed and used by me with Her permission. Instead i am permitted a monthly allowance of £100 a month - which is transferred from my main account into a separate account each month so that i have a bank card i can use to access my 'allowance'. However, in addition to this allowance we also agreed that i would start setting aside a small set amount each month from my salary specifically for Owner to use as She sees fit - it is Her money, earnt by me to be spent by Her on Her.

Today marked a little milestone in that, at Her request, i transferred across to Owner's account the balance of these savings to date. She is going to use the money to pay for some massages for Herself. It is a real thrill and privilege to see Owner use this money. i hope one day we can reach a point where every penny i earn is handed to Owner to keep and administer as She sees fit. Owner's parents are an inspiration to me in this regard, Her mother is in complete control of Her fathers money and always has been. As Her submissive wife it feels right that Owner should control our purse strings and treat what i earn as Hers.

Meanwhile, this past week has also seen the arrival of a couple of new outfits for me and a new bra. The first outfit i got was a new domestic cleaning tunic to add to my other household cleaning uniforms. It was paid for out of my allowance and purchased on eBay. We think it looks really good with leggings, how about you?

my new housework top
i was also allowed to purchase a new cheap and tarty nightie, again from eBay. Not sure about my pose though
My new bra also arrived, it's super pretty
And finally, this morning before getting up for work Owner administered a wonderful spanking to my chastised clitty with the palm of Her hand. My new little nano chastity device ensures that my little clit head stays locked and out of the way but my dangly bits are fully exposed, and accessible to Owner. They make for easy and inviting targets. The spanking did not last long but it left a lasting impression as i was throbbing and aching deliciously 'down there' all day. It is now over five months since i was last permitted an orgasm, i hope Owner keeps me denied this way indefinitely :)