Owners review of my performance got a little delayed but has now been completed and She has started to identify some new tasks, behaviours and areas of learning for me to complete. Overall, She adjudged that all that i could do, from my previous review, had been done. There were a couple of outstanding items but these have gone on hold as they will not be possible to fully implement until Her shoulder is fully recovered (such as receiving weekly canings).

Meanwhile, Owner has started to identify some new things for me to undertake, including to book myself onto a course from a list of suggested options She provided. These included a lingerie making workshop, a dress making workshop and a handbag making workshop amongst others. i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of doing another course as it has been a while since i last did one (flower arranging back in the autumn). They are always good fun to do and they help build up my portfolio of useful and practical skills. i will, of course, keep you posted on which course i end up doing and report back on how it goes.

Owner had also requested that i make a flower arranging tutorial-style video and has also stipulated that She would like me to put on a monthly show for Her, which She may video. These shows are to be varied and not all should be stripteases. i used to put on shows for Her in the past but then rather got out of the habit, it will be fun putting them on again.

Owner is still adding items of learning/development for me for this next stage of Her 'housewife academy' as She describes it and i look forward to seeing what these might be as they are revealed to me.

Meanwhile, i was the lucky recipient of a lovely treat this morning. Owner used the leather fly swat to spank my breasts and then repeatedly spank my testicles (or labia). My little locked up clit got very excited by this and i eagerly spread my thighs wide open and lifted my hips  to afford Her an easier target. Owner then had  me rub myself against Her foot with my pussy. i was soon on all fours eagerly spreading my cheeks and rubbing my pussy all over Her wonderful foot whilst Her toes pushed hard against and pleasured the entrance of my sex. All the while Owner continued to spank my dangling labia with the fly swat. At one point i was told to suck and lick Her foot and i revelled in taking it completely inside my mouth and moistening it thoroughly before She once again explored the entrance of my pussy with it whilst continuing to spank me hard on my bits. By this point i was starting to really get excited and, sensing this, Owner brought proceedings to a halt, having me lick and suck Her foot and toes clean before dispatching me to prepare breakfast. It was wonderful to be aroused and denied this way and my little clit bulged happily in its cage.

It's now been well over six months since i last had an orgasm and i have been locked away in my xtra small nano chastity device continuously since the early January. It may sound an odd thing to say but the longer i am denied and kept locked up the happier and more focused on my daily duties i become, and with that hopefully i continue to become a better wife to Owner as well.