Well the day finally arrived today when i got my new tattoo done. Regular readers may recall that at the start of 2016 Owner advised that She wanted me to get a new tattoo done BUT that i was to save up for it out of the monthly allowance that She allows me each month. That allowance restricts me to a tight monthly budget so i was only able to save the odd £10 or so a month towards the tattoo. However, just over a year on and i had enough money saved to pay to get it done. Yippee! You can see it below (it was only done an hour or so ago so is still wrapped up)

not the most glamorous of images!
The design is of a half moon to represent the moon goddess (which Owner states illustrates my feminine character) set as a pendant on a beautiful rosary style ankle chain. i can't wait to show it off this summer.

The tattoo was done at Good Times Tattoo in London, not a studio i have used before but one i would highly recommend.

Meanwhile, the weekend just gone saw a season of Women of the World (WOW) events taking place at the Southbank Centre in London. Owner and i went along to a discussion with Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel for the launch of their new book entitled 'We: A manifesto for women everywhere' which was interesting. And then last night (Sunday) we enjoyed an evening of Nordic inspired women's music, comedy and politics, all part of the same festival, hosted by Sandi Toksvig. It was an enjoyable and inspiring weekend and one in which i also got to wear my padded bra out in public too for our pre-event dinner at a restaurant and then to the book discussion on the Friday night.

On the Saturday Owner also treated me by taking me out for drinks and letting me have a few pints of cider - what a classy gurl i am :).

Hoping all is well with you.