Today it is my wonderful Owners birthday. The past year has not been the best She has ever enjoyed as a result of Her frozen shoulder, Brexit and the various other bits of nonsense we have collectively had to put up with. However, hopefully things can, as the song says 'only get better' and She will enjoy a wonderful year. i baked Her favourite cake (gluten free marble cake) and am taking Her out for dinner tonight and then next weekend we make a return visit to a hot-tub, which will hopefully be both fun and therapeutic for Her.

In the meantime, there is not much to report. i am nearly finished editing what started as a new Femdom short story and ended up as a bit of a novella! i have been writing it for the past couple of months in between my day job and my home duties and now am just editing etc. Owner keeps hoping that one day i will write a bonk buster that will enable Her to retire but i don't think i have the talent. Still, they are fun to write and any monies earnt do go straight to Her. When completed it will be on my short stories page (though it is quite long!) on this blog and available from the usual online outlets.

Last week Owner took what i think is this rather good 'action' shot of me cleaning the floor in our lounge
Check out my slippers!
Contrast the above outfit, me wearing one of my domestic cleaning ones, with this Fridays dress down Friday outfit which i wore whilst working from home
Hope you all have a great weekend and that your Spring or Autumn, depending on which half of the hemisphere you are in, is a great one.