We are now a two-tier punishment household. In our lounge there is a pot that Owner received as a gift and which, for quite some time, sat unused on the kitchen windowsill. It now has a new lease of life in our lounge as the 'instant punishment pot'. It contains about 20 or so hand written punishment cards each of which contains a single instant punishment. They are varied but comprise punishments such as being spanked X number of times, standing in a corner for X period, having X number of clamps attached for X period of time etc, etc. In short, short sharp punishments for minor misdemeanours on my part.

Owner recently also decided that a condition of me being permitted to sit and watch TV with Her in the evening (when i could instead be doing something useful) is that i need to ocassionally also pick and complete an instant punishment card. It is not that Owner does not enjoy having me watch TV  with Her, it is just a recognition that this is a treat for me and that i should thus be punished for the privilege. Last night, for example, i drew a card that required me to stand with my hands on my head facing the wall for 20 minutes. The other night the card i picked that required that my clit be decorated with 10 clamps for 20 minutes, as you can see below
Owner has now also introduced a second tier of punishments for those situations when i really annoy Her or piss Her off, which unfortunately can and does sometimes happen - most commonly when She finds some food that has expired that i have not dealt with. Well these punishments are different from the 'instant' ones. They have now been placed into a bag that hangs from our fridge and when/if (and sadly it will be a case of when) i have to complete one i will have to draw it at random from the bag. The list consists of 6 different punishments:
- recycle an item of my clothing
- give £20 from my monthly allowance to Owner (my allowance is £100 a month so that would make quite a dent)
- wear no make-up for a week (i wear make-up daily)
- wear no jewelry for a week (i do like my bling)
- wear men's underwear for a week (the horror - actually this would require me to buy some as i only have one emergency pair for use when i go to the doctors all the rest of my knickers are just that, pretty knickers)
- no alcoholic drinks for a month (i drink much less than i once did -now perhaps once/twice a month now that Owner decides whether i can drink or not)

More generally i am pleased to report that i have been getting back into my old groove the past few weeks and hopefully i am back to being the housewife/sub that Owner both desires and deserves. There is still a lot of shit going on here in the UK and the world at large but i am trying to just focus on my role as Owners submissive slut and to be less distracted or obsessed by politics and the news. i am still political but i had got the balance wrong and was not focussing enough on Owner or my submission to Her. i feel much happier in myself to being back doing the things Owner expects and deserves to get from me.

i leave you with a gratuitous shot taken today by Owner of me cleaning our kitchen (and yes i am always without panties at the end of the day :) )
Owner expects me to be many things for Her, a domestic diva, a sex kitten, a submissive pet and a multi-tasking ninja. She also expects me to behave and act like slut and whore whenever She requests and to fulfil such requests without question. Over the years She has had me complete a variety of different challenges to demonstrate both my submission to Her and to highlight my readiness to do whatever She asks, no matter how humiliating. It would seem She has decided She has been too easy on me to date and that She wants to push me harder.

Yesterday i suggested to Owner that maybe i could complete a challenge of some description. She quickly and rightly upbraided me by reminding me that it was not my place to suggest things to Her and that my suggesting a challenge automatically makes it non-challenging as i would already be mentally prepared for to complete something. The subject was dropped and i thought no more of it. Owner clearly had though.

Today i was working from home whereas She was in Her office. It wasn't long after i had returned from walking Her to the train station and i had changed into my regulation home working attire (skirt, blouse, stockings etc) that i received a message from Her. The message instructed me to plug my pussy from 10am-12pm. This obviously excited me greatly but there was more, much more to come.

Over a series of follow-up messages Owner instructed me to make a sign stating that my pussy was plugged, put on a jacket but be still be wearing my skirt and stockings etc, pin the sign to the jacket (ensuring the writing was legible), go out into the street outside our flat and take a selfie of myself with the sign clearly visible and send it to Her. The request left me very excited and nervous, for two reasons. First, our street is not the world's quietest. It's on a bus route, there are often people walking along. Second, i also knew that our downstairs neighbours were at home and i had already heard then come in and out of our communal entrance a few times. It would be pot luck whether or not i bumped into them wearing my sign or equally if there would be anyone in the street or passing in a bus etc that might see me.

It was a wonderful challenge to be set. To add a further layer of challenge. i had a morning of teleconferences so i knew that i would have to complete the challenge whilst also on a conference call. Thankfully the wonder of mobile phones made that possible.

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures i took of my challenge. The first shot i took i realised my arm wasn't long enough for the selfie to show i was wearing my skirt, as was part of Owners requirement. i then had to put the camera of the phone on the timer and balance the phone on a neighbours wall to take the second shot. i think you can tell from my face that i was a little apprehensive! :)

where i realise i need longer arms to show my skirt
note the headphones for my teleconference - how nervous am i?
Luckily no buses passed and our downstairs neighbours didn't come outside, but there were people about in the street.

When She set me this challenge Owner also wrote that 'challenges will change from now on'. She seemed pleased with the results i sent Her and i sense such challenges will become more difficult, or 'challenging' (ha, ha!) in future. Though i was apprehensive about completing the challenge it was a real thrill to do. After all at heart i am an exhibitionist slut. Thank you Owner.
Today has been a wonderfully relaxed day at home with Owner. i painted Her toenails and She painted mine, She helped me to choose a dress and heels for a special occasion (more about that in the future). Owner also made popcorn for us both before we sat down to watch a classic femme fatale movie together Bodyheat - which explains the popcorn i later found down my bra! It has been a lovely day.

Meanwhile, Owner has also been putting the new regime, of me having to pick a 'punishment' card at random for a jar in return for being permitted to watch TV with Her, into action. In addition to having to stand facing the wall with my nipples clamped for 20 minutes, and having 10 mini wooden and metal clothes pegs attached to my clitty, i have also enjoyed having my testicles spanked hard ten times by Her with a wooden spoon and had to lie across Her knees for a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. Move over TV dinners hello TV challenges!
pink cheeks from my over the knee spanking
Just to advise that i have a new story that has just been published on Lulu.com

It is longer than my previous stories, just shy of 100 pages, and tells the story of Terri, a submissive slut who is kept by his Mistress in her house where he serves both her, her 'friend' Hermione and Hermione's partner, Geoff. Each month Terri is given a chance to be released from his state of chastity and be permitted to orgasm, it all depends on the roll of a dice. It has been many years though since Terri was last allowed such a release and this time his Mistress, Hermione and Geoff have a series of challenges and humiliations in store for him that he must complete first.

The book can be purchased by clicking the link on the cover below:
I also have some other short stories that i have written which can be found on my short stories page
Readers will be pleased to learn that the new regime of me having to complete some random challenges/punishments in return for the pleasure of watching TV with Owner has now been instituted. Now when invited to settle down and watch telly alongside Her i must, on occasion, first take a card from a far of punishments/challenges that sits on the coffee table for this very purpose. So far this week i have had to spend twenty minutes stood facing the wall in our bedroom with my nipples clamped with Japanese clover clamps (once the programme had ended) and another time spent the first 10 minutes of the programme kneeling down with my hands on my head and my 'clitty' adorned with ten min-clothes peg clamps - a mix of vicious metal and ordinary wooden pegs.

This is a picture of me watching the start of the new series of 'Stranger Things' in my service apron with my clitty hidden from view but adorned with clamps.
Today i had a rare opportunity to work from home. As it is a Friday Owner permitted me to wear this dress-down outfit
and even to have my pussy plugged for an hour between 9-10am, which was especially fun as i had to insert it mid-teleconference
But the thrills did not end there. Shortly after 10am, and with the plug now removed, the front doorbell rang. i trooped downstairs in my heeled trainers, over-the-knee socks, knickers, skirt, padded bra and top and answered the door (i have long since lost any sense of embarrassment i once had at being seen dressed like this by delivery people). It was a lady who had come to read our gas meter - which is located in a cupboard inside our flat. She followed me back into our flat and up the stairs and along the corridor to the floor cupboard which contains the meter. i opened it for her and she took the reading then left, but not without first making a comment. Guess what she said? It was nothing to do with what i was wearing but rather she said how much she liked the banister we have on our staircase!

i recounted the tale straight after in a text to Owner, who thought the encounter hysterical. i can only assume one of two things. Either, a) the meter reader was quite used to seeing TVs in heels and short skirts or b) our banister really is more noteworthy than i am.

One final thing, Owner recently said two things that made me smile. The first was an observation on Her part that She is sure that my clitty has shrunk. i hope so, it genuinely serves no practical purpose other than as something She can torment and tease. It may be that periods of prolonged chastity and lack of use have helped achieve this i don't know but it also feels to me to be even less present than it was before, it was never much to start with!

Although Owner does enjoy rubbing Herself against it my clitty never actually goes inside Her and has not been allowed in Her for probably close to 9 or 10 years now. Provided there is something there for Her to rub against that is all She needs of it sexually. My nose and my tongue are just as effective in that regard, if not more so in that we both delight in my tongue in Her arse. Her second comment was that whilst my clitty seems to have shrunk my pussy remains as big, elastic and welcoming as ever - which is as things should be :)

Owner and i had my review meeting yesterday, but it was no ordinary meeting. Owner booked us both into a hotel near the Tower of London we stayed at a few years ago, the Apex London City. It is a wonderful hotel and we were upgraded to a junior suite. Owner also suggested that as we were staying close to The Shard it would be fun to go there later in the evening and watch the fireworks over London, it being bonfire weekend, from Europe's tallest building.

Owner had booked the hotel so that we would discuss how She wanted to shape my future development and assess where we were with our Femdom relationship away from any distractions. As it turned out our conversation started in the hotel room and then continued downstairs in the hotel bar and later at the restaurant She had booked for dinner (a delicious Thai place on Tooley St).

We talked, drank. talked and ate and then headed up, up. up to the 72nd floor of the Shard to watch the fireworks. Here are some photos from the evening;

The Shard at night
Tower Bridge and City Hall
The view from the 72nd floor - with a  firework exploding over Alexander Palace
But what of the review outcome? i hear you ask. Well, Owner was very fair. We agreed that this past 12 months has seen my performance and drop-off but there have been a number of mitigating factors. My work has become very busy and i am less able to work from home that i was, we have both been distracted by the political uncertainty in the UK caused by Brexit and Owner has not been well. AS a consequence, neither of us has been able to focus 100%. Life has got in the way.

However, we have agreed that we need to re-focus on my development and that i especially need to perform better but that there also need to be some adjustments made to my routines to recognise that i have less  time available to me than i did. Both of us have also got into the habit of spending evening watching TV series together after dinner - something we rarely ever did in the past, we used to rarely watch TV at all. So from now on, though Owner has said She still wants to watch TV with me and 'chill out' together, in future there will be consequences for me for doing so. Every so often when i sit down with Her i will have to select a punishment at random to be completed for the pleasure of enjoying some relaxed time with Her. These punishments have all been written on cards and placed in a pot on the lounge coffee table and they range from canings, to having multiple clamps attached to my nipples and/or clitty or sitting naked with just knickers on my head on our staircase, and various others to boot.

In fact clamps, in the form of electricians clamps, put in an appearance this morning. After returning to our room after breakfast - which of course Owner chose for me, as She later did my lunch - we headed straight back to bed. Owner soon started to rub Herself against me and soon i found that my clitty and my nipples had electricians clamps attached to them and i was greedily sucking on Owners perfect breasts - my excitement fast growing. Owner then instructed me to lie on my back, She grabbed Her vibrator and then adopted Her favourite (and mine) position. Namely, She straddled my head and whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator i eagerly licked and probed Her anus with my tongue. Owner rode my face this way to a number of climaxes whilst i was granted the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite taste of Her anus. Truly, if their is a food of the Gods that is it (sorry we have been watching a number of Viking series of late!).

However, it soon transpired that Owner had more pleasure in store for me. After satiating Herself on my face She then had me get onto all fours and, with my clitty and nipples still clamped, She proceeded to first fuck my 'pussy' with Her lubed fingers and then inserted a dildo and fuck me with it until i pleaded for permission to cum. It was granted and two seconds later Owner was feeding me a handful of my own mess that She had scooped up from the sheets. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

After showering we then had time to do a quick photo shoot in the hotel room before we checked out and headed off for lunch and then home. We haven't done a weekend away like this in our home city for a while and we both had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures from the photo shoot to end with