Just to advise that i have a new story that has just been published on Lulu.com

It is longer than my previous stories, just shy of 100 pages, and tells the story of Terri, a submissive slut who is kept by his Mistress in her house where he serves both her, her 'friend' Hermione and Hermione's partner, Geoff. Each month Terri is given a chance to be released from his state of chastity and be permitted to orgasm, it all depends on the roll of a dice. It has been many years though since Terri was last allowed such a release and this time his Mistress, Hermione and Geoff have a series of challenges and humiliations in store for him that he must complete first.

The book can be purchased by clicking the link on the cover below:
I also have some other short stories that i have written which can be found on my short stories page