Readers will be pleased to learn that the new regime of me having to complete some random challenges/punishments in return for the pleasure of watching TV with Owner has now been instituted. Now when invited to settle down and watch telly alongside Her i must, on occasion, first take a card from a far of punishments/challenges that sits on the coffee table for this very purpose. So far this week i have had to spend twenty minutes stood facing the wall in our bedroom with my nipples clamped with Japanese clover clamps (once the programme had ended) and another time spent the first 10 minutes of the programme kneeling down with my hands on my head and my 'clitty' adorned with ten min-clothes peg clamps - a mix of vicious metal and ordinary wooden pegs.

This is a picture of me watching the start of the new series of 'Stranger Things' in my service apron with my clitty hidden from view but adorned with clamps.
Today i had a rare opportunity to work from home. As it is a Friday Owner permitted me to wear this dress-down outfit
and even to have my pussy plugged for an hour between 9-10am, which was especially fun as i had to insert it mid-teleconference
But the thrills did not end there. Shortly after 10am, and with the plug now removed, the front doorbell rang. i trooped downstairs in my heeled trainers, over-the-knee socks, knickers, skirt, padded bra and top and answered the door (i have long since lost any sense of embarrassment i once had at being seen dressed like this by delivery people). It was a lady who had come to read our gas meter - which is located in a cupboard inside our flat. She followed me back into our flat and up the stairs and along the corridor to the floor cupboard which contains the meter. i opened it for her and she took the reading then left, but not without first making a comment. Guess what she said? It was nothing to do with what i was wearing but rather she said how much she liked the banister we have on our staircase!

i recounted the tale straight after in a text to Owner, who thought the encounter hysterical. i can only assume one of two things. Either, a) the meter reader was quite used to seeing TVs in heels and short skirts or b) our banister really is more noteworthy than i am.

One final thing, Owner recently said two things that made me smile. The first was an observation on Her part that She is sure that my clitty has shrunk. i hope so, it genuinely serves no practical purpose other than as something She can torment and tease. It may be that periods of prolonged chastity and lack of use have helped achieve this i don't know but it also feels to me to be even less present than it was before, it was never much to start with!

Although Owner does enjoy rubbing Herself against it my clitty never actually goes inside Her and has not been allowed in Her for probably close to 9 or 10 years now. Provided there is something there for Her to rub against that is all She needs of it sexually. My nose and my tongue are just as effective in that regard, if not more so in that we both delight in my tongue in Her arse. Her second comment was that whilst my clitty seems to have shrunk my pussy remains as big, elastic and welcoming as ever - which is as things should be :)


Anonymous said...


Nice to see and hear the play/punishment details for the pleasure of watching tv with your great Owner. Always about Owner's needs and pleasure and dominance.

I admire your nerve when it comes to being seen feminised in public but as indicated over a period of time you have become comfortable or just do not care what others think, bravo!




Happy pet said...

Thank you sissysteph. i have always been a bit of an exhibitionist but it took me a long time to even start to feel comfortable being seen feminised in public. i still recall the first bus trip i took wearing makeup with Owner, i was completely mortified.

i guess it's one of those things that gets easier each time you do it and so the more i am pushed to do things the easier it becomes. Being a slut at heart probably helps though!