Just a quick little post to wish everyone a belated (very) happy new year and that all of your dreams for 2018 come true. Owner and i had a relatively quiet time over the holidays. We were apart for Xmas with our respective families but then were reunited again shortly afterwards. On New Years eve we went to a pub we have recently discovered near Holborn in Central London and which we both like after having earlier hit the shops. But we were home in time for me to cook a roast dinner for us both and were in bed before midnight.

i got some vouchers for Xmas from my Dad which, with Owners permission, i used to invest in some fancy new knickers. We both like them a lot and you can see them (and my bum) below

i also have been wanting to get a new blazer to wear for work for some time now. Owner permitted me to buy one but it took ages to find a single breasted, non-fitted woman's blazer that might be appropriate. Seemingly double-breasted is all the fashion this year but i wanted a single-breasted. Anyway, after much searching on line by us both i eventually tracked down this one in Very It arrived super quick (the next day!) and we both really like it. You can see me modelling it below
Owner has also got me a special treat for my birthday (later this month). She has booked us a trip to Lille in France for a weekend which we are both looking forward to. Then the following month we are doing something super exciting which i can't wait to tell you all about - but not yet :)

Have a wonderful 2018!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year for 2018


Happy pet said...

Belated thank you Sissysteph


Lucianathais said...

Que bellas tus panties las odoro muy femininas y sexys .. Y te quedan super bien