My last post prompted a comment from Wifey, from the excellent Mistress and Wifey blog, asking whether i could do a post showing all of my current 'devotional' tattoos. This post is for Wifey but i hope others find it of interest to.

i currently have five 'devotional' tattoos, that is tattoos that have a special meaning for Owner and i and which symbolise an aspect of our relationship together. Next month, as i mentioned in my previous post, we will be adding an additional tattoo to mark the date that i became Her legal wife. i have two further existing tattoos but as these pre-date Owner and i getting together and my subsequent submission to Her i have not included them.

Anyway, working my way down my body the first 'devotional' tattoo can be found on my left shoulder. It is a tattoo of a cat and this is it:
Owner regularly refers to me as Her pet, the nickname She commonly calls me by is 'petunio', and this is tattoo is intended to symbolise this. She says that i am lucky and also that i live an easy life, characteristics often associated with cats, black ones especially when it comes to luck. The tattoo needs a bit of touching up in places.

Moving further down my body to my right hip you will find the first ever 'devotional' tattoo i had done. It is a Celtic serpent which both references Owner's Celtic heritage whilst the 'S' shape of the serpent refers to both my submission to Her and is also the first letter of Her forename.

On the opposite hip and buttock you will find this key. This was the second 'devotional' tattoo i had done and it symbolises my state of chastity and denial. In reality i spend as much time out of chastity as in, it has been quite a while since i was last locked up for example. However, whether in chastity or not Owner is in total control of our sex life and my orgasms and my clit. She has enforced a 'no penetration' rule for me (She can and does penetrate me but i can only penetrate Her with my fingers/tongue - not my penis/clit) for over ten years now. In that sense, whether i am in chastity or not Her control i am still effectively kept denied and locked-up, even if not always physically locked.
Descending down my right leg you will find my princess crown. It sits just above my ankle and so is visible if i wear shorts or skirts. It is intended to emphasise my femininity and my interest in things pretty and girly, my desire to be a little princess. It is an overtly feminine tattoo and i love it
The last, and most recent and even more obvious tattoo, is in the form of an anklet. This again symbolises my femininity and takes the form of a half-moon or crescent on an ankle chain. The half-moon symbol is commonly associated with womanhood and, as such, it speaks to and reveals my true self.
i can't wait to have the honour of adding Owner's design for my breast tattoo marking the occasion we married and my status as Her wife to my body.
Owner has come up with a wonderful idea, namely to have the date of our wedding and my status as Her 'wife' permanently etched around my left breast. Owner has always been interested in Roman history and the Latin language and so She has devised an outline idea for a tattoo which comprises the date we got married in Roman numerals, the Latin word for wife 'uxor' and laurel leafs to mark the achievement of my becoming Her legal wife. i think it is a wonderful idea! The plan is for me to have the tattoo around my left breast. We have made an appointment next month with the tattooist to discuss the design and agree a date to get it done.  What do you think of the design?
The tattoo will add to the those i already have that symbolise aspects of Owner and my relationship. These are as follows:
  • A serpent on my right hip in the shape of the initial of Owner's first name
  • An old fashioned key on my right hip indicating Her ownership of me and my state of enforced sexual denial (whether in chastity or not)
  • A cat on my left shoulder indicating that i am Her playful 'pet'
  • A princess crown on my right ankle as a symbol of my femininity
  • A half-moon ankle chain on my left ankle, again symbolising my femininity
i am really thrilled and honoured to have the opportunity to add my status as Owners wife to my body. i have two other old tattoos which date back to before Owner and i got together but the remainder all have great significance for us.

One day i would also love to add to my tattoo collection with a 'tramp stamp' above my buttocks, to mark my status as Owners' slut, two pretty bows at the back of my thighs - because i think such tattoos look pretty and beautiful, a permanent collar/necklace tattoo and something small and cute behind my ear that overtly marks me out as Her property.

i would also love to have permanent make-up tattoos done but that, as they say, is another story!
Owner and i spent a fantastic 48 hours in Dusseldorf last weekend. It is a city we have never previously visited and it makes for a great short city break from London. There are lots of nice walks you can do and shops to browse through, oh and of course beer to drink! We stayed in a lovely hotel in a residential area just outside the city centre called the Hotel Indigo.

We have both been super stressed and tired of late and so in truth i had forgotten to bring anything with me to pose in, it has become almost a tradition that when we go away that we do a short photoshoot with yours truly dressed up/looking like a slut or whatever takes our fancy. This time all i had with me was my nightie and so we made do with that, me on the balcony outside our room looking out across the park and flats opposite in my little red nightie

We're off to Milan shortly (yippee!) on our honeymoon, the argument being that as we got married in Vegas at the end of our short US road trip we hadn't technically had a honeymoon (and Dusseldorf was my belated birthday gift to Owner). i will try to ensure i bring something more 'appropriate' to wear with me.

Speaking of  Las Vegas, we're both super impressed by how fast we got all of the official paperwork sent over to us here in the UK. We now just need to get an appointment with the Spanish embassy and have our marriage registered with them too in order to get our family book and that is all the paperwork sorted. We officially become Husband and wife in the UK and in Spain, and no i am not the husband! Before the ceremony the minister actually asked which one of us was the 'husband' and so i had the honour of saying my vows as Owners' soon to be wife and of officially becoming Her wife.
Apologies first off for the death of posts of late. Work is super busy and stressful at the moment and both Owner and i have been otherwise preoccupied since we returned from our trip to the USA and there hasn't been much to write about (incidentally there are some more pictures from that trip below). We went to Spain for a long weekend to visit Owners' parents and also celebrate Her birthday, which was fun and this weekend i am taking Her to Dusseldorf on a belated birthday weekend break. But apart from that we haven't been doing much accept working long hours and yearning for the days when we were both a bit more relaxed and less stressed with life. Hopefully we will get back there again soon though.

We did, however, have an enjoyable day out yesterday. We visited the Photographers Gallery in London to see an excellent and fascinating exhibition about cross-dressing in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century. It was really, really interesting and is well worth visiting if you are in London. Particularly fascinating to me was the tradition of women's cross-dressing in the first US Universities to admit female students where it was commonplace for the students to dress-up for 'practice weddings'.

Anyway, after this we decided we would head to one of our favourite London pubs to indulge in one of our favourite activities, people watching. Owner and i can both spend hours observing and gossipping about others. The first pub we went to was unusually busy so we de-camped to another. There was a largish mixed group in the room and we settled down to drink and observe. Anyway, to cut a long story short (and at least an hour's guessing before we realised) it was apparent that we had sat down amongst a group of people out to attend one of London's many munches. This was a singles munch. We both found it amusing that we were a, now legally married, FLR/BDSM couple sat amongst a group of people looking for the same sort of relationship we have enjoyed for well over a decade now. It made me reflect how lucky i am to have met Owner all those years ago.

I got a number of curious looks from those attending (we were sat apart from the main group) as my collar (which i wear 24/7) always makes it obvious to anyone who is aware that i am submissive and Owned. However, that was all. Owner and i have never actually attended a munch but it was interesting to observe one and i hope that those who were there find themselves as lucky as i have been.

Last but not least, i promised some more pictures from our brief US road trip, so here you go.

overlooking Phoenix
Monument Valley
Owner looking out over the Grand Canyon
Mailboxes off Route 66
More Grand Canyon
Hope this finds all our readers well and sorry for the recent absence of posts, all is good with us.