This past week has been a very positive one. Owner and i have discussed some of the performance issues that i need to address though we recognise that because my job has become much busier this past year, with more travel involved, it will inevitably have some impact upon my routines. However, it was a good and positive discussion to have had and it highlighted a number (an embarrassingly large number) of things that need doing about the house that i need to get back on top of.

i even got to work from home for two days in a row this week - something that i have not been able to do for many months now. It was so nice to be dressed-up and working in my home uniform of stockings, skirt and blouse again on the first day - made doubly thrilling as there were a couple of callers to the house and a delivery during the day who also got to see me in my feminine office attire. The second day working from home was 'dress down Friday'. This time Owner permitted me to wear a PVC skirt and semi-sheer top with padded bra, heeled trainers and ankle socks. There were no callers this time but i was permitted to wear my jewelled butt plug for part of the day.

i also asked Owner if i might be permitted to return to chastity again? i have been out of chastity for about a year now. i genuinely think that not being locked up negatively affects my performance, chastity helps me to focus my effort and attention and provides a constant motivator for me to maintain the level of submission Owner expects without Her having to directly reinforce that Herself. i would love to be locked permanently but Owner likes to have me free at times so that She can play with my clitty. Anyway, to cut a long story short She has graciously agreed to me returning to being locked up again. i am extremely grateful to Her and super happy about. She has also agreed to my replacing my existing, and still perfectly serviceable tiny metal chastity device, with an upgraded version of the same which has a solid base ring as opposed to a hinged one (which the version i have had). The original was fine but the hinge had to be covered by a small piece of rubber tubing to prevent it catching and pinching skin where you really don't want it to be caught and pinched! It was the only issue i had with it and, though it only did this once in all the time i wore it (off and on over a year) the new version avoids this risk completely.

The replacement device is due to be delivered next week. It is called the Happy Go Super Small Chastity device and is available from Amazon. This is what it looks like

It is inexpensive but then so too was the previous one, which apart from the risk of the hinge catching you, proved to be the most comfortable chastity device i have ever owned. i will post a full review of it after it has arrived. Needless to say though i am really happy to be returning to having my clitty locked up.

Finally, tonight it is the annual extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest - my personal TV highlight of the year. Owner is permitting me to watch it gain this year for which i am eternally grateful to Her. She has even suggested that we could make some cocktails with the bottle of Limoncello we brought back from Milan, perhaps even a 'special' cocktail for me. Life is good.


Mike Glen said...

I just read a blog on Fetlife, that had submissive's in chastity relating how uncomfortable they were when they were out of chastity.

Trepador said...

Muito gostosa,Delicia de bunda e cu linda,adoraria de te lamber todinha e socar essa pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,que tesão,estou peladão aqui e fiquei de pintão levantado de desejo,beijos…

Lucianathais said...

Hola amiga devuelta una espléndida publicación aumque me hubiera gustado verte bien en tus dos atuendos de trabajo de frente y de Espalda como soles subir
Reconozco muy linda la foto que subiste y muy linda tu joya tus piernas están bonitas y se nota te esmeras para estar atractiva para tu ama .. Felicidades como siempre un fuerte abrazo tqm me gustaría poder intateractuar más directo contigo si tu ama permite

Anonymous said...

Hello Happy Pet:

Nothing like being plugged as a reminder of what that hole can be used for. My jailbird arrived last week and I have been locked up since ( blog post about it to be coming soon ). I agree that it does enhance one's level of submission. Maybe we can go on our chastity and denial journey together. Off topic, Mistress is having me start dildo sucking training. I think I'm going to need your input and experience in order to take it down my throat without gagging.


Happy pet said...

Mike - thanks. i suspect it is comparatively common amongst people like me. It was i who first asked Owner if She would lock me up many years ago and of the two of us the urge to do for me to be locked is stronger with me than it is with Her. i know others will have different experiences but for us it has always been me that yearned to be locked away...perhaps indefinitely. p x

Trepador - Obrigado soa divertido p x

Lucianathais - gracias para tu pregunta pero piensa es no posible interactuar con me directo. Mi espanol is mal. Lo siento amiga. Besos p x

Wifey - ooh we i really look forward to hearing how you are getting on with the jailbird. i returned to chastity yesterday and my new micro device is due to arrive on Friday. Owner has devised a cunning chastity idea/game which i will blog about shortly. Needless to say i am super excited about it.

Great to hear that Mistress has you deep-throat training. It took me quite a while to train myself to get beyond the gag reflex but when you do it is joyously gooey fun. We began with having a dildo permanently attached to the end of the bed that i had to practoce regularly on, Bananas are also quite good to practice with (ensure they are unripened). Essentially, practice, practice, practice. Please do share how you get on and if i can help feel free to ask p x

Anonymous said...

Hi happy pet,

Glad life is good after getting married. You i envy the most in this world, a perfect Mistress and Owner who is considerate too. Hope you got a special cocktail and may you suffer for Mistress while in chastity. :}

all my love and admiration to you both



Happy pet said...

Hi Sissysteph - thank you and lovely to hear from you. Trust all is well?