Owner nd i have just got back from a long weekend trip to Stockholm. It is the only Scandinavian capital that we had yet to visit and we have been wanting to go for a number of years.  It really is beautiful although when we visited it was experiencing something of a heatwave (high 20s) which meant that it was a bit too hot for Owner's liking. Still we managed to get out and about and explore a lot.

It was also the first holiday in a while that i have spent with my clit firmly locked away at all times.
To get past airport security i briefly switched devices at the airport - swapping my tiny metal Happygo device for my old plastic Holy Trainer- before swapping them back again when safely past the scanners. What i forgot though was that even though i had temporarily replaced the metal device with the plastic one, the former was obviously still clearly visible to the security staff inside my carry-on luggage as it passed through the bag scanner - to their evident amusement. That said, they at least did not ask for the bag to be opened-up! Anyway, safely through i swapped back into the Happygo where i remained until repeating the whole process for the flight back.

The trip itself was really enjoyable, even if a little too warm for Owner. For me it meant a chance to spend a few days in my shorts and try to get a bit of a tan on my legs. We walked a lot - the city is a delight to walk around and we ate, drank and saw the sights. i also got to spend my first vacation in a while with my clit securely locked away. We would definitely both love to go .back one day. Here are some pictures Owner took of me during the trip

in the hotel drying my hair before heading out
flashing my bra by the waterfront


becky said...

I enjoy reading your blog. After your post about going back into a chastity device, I showed your blog to my wife, she said I will not orgasm until after your next orgasm. I’m thinking that may not be until next year which would mean only one orgasm in 2018 for me!

Your new device looks like it is too tight,is it?. Do u find it difficult to pee? The happygo I have has an opening to allow room to pee.

Happy pet said...

Hi Becky - glad you enjoy the blog. i shall be thinking of you if, and when, i next get to cum. As you say it's been once only so far this year - you might be in for a wait! But i love the your wife's idea.

No the device isn't too tight. i got the smallest ring size but i find that is fine. There is a hole at the front which if you are aligned you can pee through, or else just pee between the bars. The fact the cage is so small means you inevitably dribble over your balls and so need to wipe them dry afterwards. To my mind that, combined with peeing sitting down (which i always do) just reinforces the whole effect. i will post a review in a while but so far, so good.