This morning brought pleasure for Owner, for me and for one lucky reader. i should explain. i was still half-asleep in bed this morning when Owner reached across and began to caress and stroke my unlocked clitty. Before long She had clamped my nipples with the clover clamps and was spanking my hardening clit with Her favourite leather fly swat.

i was quick to become aroused having been locked away in chastity for over two long months and my excitement grew quickly. This state of arousal became even more heightened when Owner took off Her knickers and draped the crotch under my nose before taking out Her new vibrator, straddling my waist and starting to pleasure both Herself and the tip of my swollen clit with Her pulsating toy. i was forced to recourse to counting numbers in my head to stop myself getting too excited and exploding straight away without permission as Owner pleasured Herself and the tip of my gland. Thankfully, i was able to contain my excitement sufficiently to ensure that Owner was able to climax without any accidents or incidents on my part.

Then, and to my surprise, rather than calling a halt to proceedings Owner started to masturbate my clit. i was so excited and it had been so long since i was last pleasured by Her this way, on the rare occasions She does make me cum it is normally by spanking my balls or labia hard as opposed to masturbating my clit, that it was only a matter of seconds before i was asking Her if i was permitted to cum? 'Like a slut' She replied and so seconds later i did, orgasming loudly and copiously. It was a rare treat and one that i am most grateful to Owner for allowing me to experience.

My orgasm should also be welcome news to one of this blogs readers, Becky who commented a while ago that her wife had told her that she would not be allowed another orgasm until after i had my next one. Well Becky you have had to wait a few months but i hope you too get to enjoy an orgasm now. As for me, i will be locked back into chastity at the end of this weekend and don't know when i will next be let out.
As a nation tuned in to the World Cup semi-final last night,whilst whispering the opptomistic mantra 'it [football] is coming home' yours truly could be found with my mind on slightly different matters. It was the 11th of the moth therefore it was the day i would be rolling the dice that determined whether or not i would be spending another month or more in chastity or be unlocked or have to complete some forfeit that Owner had devised. All this the dice would decide as part of the monthly chastity game that now occurs on the on the same date each month.

But, i am getting ahead of myself. Back to the events of yesterday evening.

i missed the opening goal (England's one and only of the match) as i was in the kitchen finishing the washing-up. However, as soon as i was done i joined Owner in the lounge but before settling down to watch the remainder of the first half with Her there was something i first had to do. Being permitted to watch TV with Owner generally comes with consequences in the form of a jar full of punishments that is kept on the top of the coffee table in the lounge. At Owners request i have to pick out a punishment at random from the card as a consequence of being allowed to join Her in watching TV. Last night was no exception. In fact, She had already informed me that instead of the usual one punishment card She wanted me to take two, one at the start of each of the two halves of the match.

i picked up and shook the jar and extracted one of the cards at random inside and read my punishment '15 minutes on all fours with weighted nipple clamps'. And so that is how i then 'watched' some of the first half of the match, kneeling on all fours with clover clamps attached to each nipple and weights suspended from the metal chain between them. By the time the punishment was completed, and as i had missed the start of the match as i was finishing my chores, it was almost 30 minutes into the game before i finally got to sit down next to Owner to watch the remainder of the first half.

Come half time Owner instructed me to pick another card. As luck, or bad luck. would have it i drew the same card again! My nipples were now a little sensitive and so, perhaps feeling sorry for me [EDIT by Owner - I was not feeling sorry for you, just bored that it was similar], Owner stated that i was to put that card back and She would draw another one. The card She picked required that i receive '10 testicle spanks'. i asked what implement She wanted and She advised that She required the wooden spoon. And so, after fetching it from the kitchen, i presented my chastised clitty to Her and spread my legs and Owner administered 10 spanks to my bits, each blow causing me to flinch.

After completing this Owner then advised that it was time for me to roll Her chastity dice and determine whether i would be staying in chastity or not. As previously blogged about Owner has a new 'game' which involves me rolling a large toy dice on the 11th of each month to see whether or not i will be allowed out of chastity. Each face of the dice is blank and can be written on by Her and wiped clean. Owner kept the faces as She had written them last time except for one, which She wiped clean and replaced with a requirement that i remove my chastity device for a week and instead draw a panda face on my clitty and keep it there all week before returning to chastity - Owner loves pandas!

Anyway, i rolled the dice and .....this weekend i am permitted to come out of chastity until the end of the weekend when i will be locked up again. It will mark the end of 60 days of being continuously locked up but my release will be brief before i am locked down again until the 11th August when the dice will once again determine what happens next. It is, as they say, a beautiful game :)
Owner and i are just back from a short trip to the pretty and historic city of Chester. i have visited before but it was the first time for Owner. The city is an old Roman town and sits strategically on the banks of the River Dee just on the border between England Wales. It is a pretty place.

England is currently in the midst of a heatwave and so we were less inclined to spend time in the day exploring and more inclined to spend a long and lazy morning in our hotel room - which was exactly what we did this morning. The previous evening, after watching the World Cup, Owner took me shopping in an Ann Summers store where She picked out sleek a new vibrator for Herself and some crotchless lingerie for me - both of which were put to good use this morning.

Shortly after breakfast Owner began to spank the exposed 'labia' of my chastised clitty with Her hand and then with a leather fly swat before moving onto flog them with Her small metal chain flogger. Needless to say they were soon fully 'warmed' up and i was squirming with excited arousal and my clitty was swelling in its little cage. Owner then stopped and disappeared into the bathroom, returning a minute later with a near 3/4 full glass of Her delicious amber wine which She handed to me and i drank down with relish. i love drinking her urine.

Owner continued to spank and flog my bits before lubing my pussy and stretching it open with Her gloved hand. She worked Her digits inside me until i was loosened up and then had me roll over onto all fours (i had been on my back with my ankles draped over Her shoulders up until that point) as She took out Her black cock dildo and slipped it inside me. Once fully inserted She draped Her knickers over my head so that i could inhale Her sex and then had me start to fuck my pussy by thursting my hips back and forth, letting the dildo slide in and out.

As i picked up a rhythm Owner then got out Her new vibrator and set to work pleasuring Herself whilst i continued to enthusiastically fuck Her cock, only stopping when Owner had satiated Herself with Her toy whilst i was left aroused, frustrated and pulsing with unfulfilled yearning for release in my cage.

Later in the morning Owner took some photos of me in my new crotchless lingerie which you can see below:

ohh and i was even permitted to briefly fellate the 'cock' that earlier had been fucking my pussy

What a fun way to start a day!