i can't believe it has been a month since my last post, how time flies! Yesterday i got to roll the chastity dice again, and the result was that i will be remaining locked without release until September 11th when the dice will be rolled again. Owner was a little disappointed that the dice did not land on one of the more 'creative' faces that She had added- such as being released for a week but having to spend those seven days with my clit painted and decorated to look like a baby panda, Maybe next month.....

So, apart from being in chastity what else have we been up to? Well the heatwave that enveloped the South of England meant that we didn't go out (apart from to work) as much as we would have liked to. Owner doesn't like the heat at all and so we were both delighted yesterday when, with the temperatures now back to 'normal' for London we got to walk over to Greenwich and spend some time in one of our favourite pubs along the Thames.

i have also started to try and get myself back into shape by resuming a proper exercise regime. i always do some exercises every morning but i have now re-started doing some proper butt and abs focused workouts with weights (ankle and kettlebell) and some general routines to fit in around these. Some of these are ones that i have created myself and some are ones i have found on Youtube. i used to exercise like this very frequently but then stopped when some of my back problems flared-up again last year. However, so far this year my back has been trouble free and so i think i am safe to re-start. i am also being careful to ensure i do not overload myself by using too weights that are too heavy.
me and my leotard
'action' shot with my kettlebell and dumbells and the new sports bra and shorts Owner chose for me
Owner and i have a mini-hotel break coming up later this month which we are both looking forward. She also permitted me to buy a 1940s style dress and turban in which to do a 'film noir femme fatale' themed photoshoot. We may end-up doing the photoshoot at the hotel. i will post about in the future.

And that is about it, not masses to report. Hope you are all enjoying the summer/winter (for readers down under') wherever you are.


Vanessa Chaland said...

This might seem odd to some, but I still do "Buns of Steel" which can be found on YouTube. :)

Happy pet said...

I had to do a search for that Vanessa - love the outfits! i confess 'Buns of Steel' wasn't on my list but i may have to try one of these routines one day.