Owner and i both went to the theatre yesterday to watch a matinee performance of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' at the Barbican - which was excellent - before heading out for some drinks and then on for a meal. We haven't been to the theatre for a while and both really enjoyed the production and subsequent evening out.

Whilst we were out Owner decreed that we should spend today (Sunday) in our pyjamas all day doing nothing other than relaxing and watching films (we're going to watch some of the recent Star Wars films). We started the day in fine style. After breakfast i did my nails, using a colour of Owners choosing
my polished nails and silk dressing gown
As soon as the polish had dried Owner suggested we go back to bed. No sooner had She joined me than Her hands began to explore my body and strip me out of my gown and babydoll until i was completely naked next to Her. Owner then took my clitty and began to spank it, gently at first and then more firmly, starting with Her hand and then progressing to a leather swat, spreading my legs open to afford Her easier access.

It has been a while since She last spanked my clit this way and the pleasure was wonderful. Next She attached clamps to my nipples and asked draped Her fragrant panties across my face. My clitty throbbed in excitement as She spanked it further whilst i inhaled Her scent. My nipples throbbed painfully.

Owner asked if i would like to smell Her properly and after begging to inhale Her scent direct from Her perfumed pussy She positioned Herself above me and had me sniff and inhale Her. Owner teased me like that for a while, forbidding me to taste Her, simply inhale before then permitting me to lick Her clitoris and taste Her sex. She tasted divine.

Owner beat my clit further and tormented my throbbing nipples some more. Then She asked would i like to lick Her arsehole? i replied eagerly (i love having my tongue deep inside Her anus). Owner sat astride my face and then lowered Herself down directly onto my straining tongue which slipped inside Her. Taking Her vibrator Owner then pleasured Herself to orgasm whilst riding my tongue. As She came i felt the wonderful sensation of Her sphincter muscles contracting and spasming against my tongue.

Owner climbed off and tormented my clitty some more before bringing Herself to a further orgasm with Her toy whilst instructing me to keep my clit hard for Her. Then She straddled my waist and rubbed Herself up and down the length of my excited little clit, stroking it and caressing it until i could hold back no more and begged Her for permission to cum. Permission granted my back arched and muscles spasmed as i decorated my belly with mess.

As i write Owner is sat opposite researching strapons for Her to buy in the early seasonal sales.We are both working tomorrow (Christmas Eve) but it already feels like Christmas has arrived :)


Anonymous said...

Hi happypet,

Thank you for your comments in relation to having some tough times, much appreciated.

Your day sounds wonderful apart from starwars {not a fan].

I will be working over xmas including xmas day but come new year will be celebrating and will be having some wonderful champagne - the most wondderful liquid a slave will consume.



Kaaren Sissy said...

It all sounds so delightful and you were even allowed to cum....you are so lucky....I haven't been allowed in months and months....
Have a wonderful Christmas hope you get some pretty things!!!

Happy pet said...

Thankyou sissysteph. Beleive it or not neither Owner nor i had ever really watched Star Wars (i watched the first one Lucas released when i was a child but that is it) so we decided to see what all the fuss has been about. After sitting through the Phantom Meance we won't be bothering with any more. It was awful.

Have a quiet Xmas ay wor and an enjoyable New Year. We will be in Spain so will raise a glass of cider to you.

Hi Kaaren Sissy - i know i was lucky indeed! i hope you too get some delightful Xmas presents.


Odisseurp said...

Lindo conto, fico a imaginar a cena, você toda delicada sendo espancada pela sua dona.
Ela foi muito boa, pois deveria tem colocado em você um grande plug.
Parabéns pelos contos, muito obrigado por compartilhar com a gente.

Happy pet said...

Odisseurp - obrigado e estou satisfeito que você goste readign sobre nós